• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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Insanity comes in Griffons And Hippogriffs




The need to hurt something.

The need for blood to be shed.

Honor to be regained.

That was all I felt, as I gave Rage complete control over everything, my thoughts, my emotions, my breathing, everything. I heard in my head, a sudden song. I felt my body change back to male, I ...er Rage looked into a nearby mirror. My entire body was black, even the once white feathers on my head. My eyes were pitch black with two glowing circles in the middle that were my iris's. I smiled, as I admired myself for a moment. I looked back to Gilda, and put my beak next to her ear. I let out a screech that sounded not only like my own, but dozens of hippogriffs at once. She jumped up, looking around frantically, until her eyes rested on me.

"Do tell who Thal is before-" I saw him emerge from the kitchen, a griffon, withe lightning blue feathers, about a foot taller then Gilda.He had one gold eye and one brown eye. His wings were strapped to his body, and he had what seemed to be a loosened straight jacket on. Yet he strangely looked familiar..."-And there is the griffon of the hour!" Myself and Rage were in perfect harmony, same thoughts, same plan, same goal. We were one. Moving as one, not as a team. I was Rage, and Rage was me. Pure darkness radiated from my wings, falling to the ground in slow droves. I shot across the small space between us and picked him up by the throat.

"Any last words weakling, before I have to put you down?"

He just smiled. Literally, just smiled. There was a visibly change in his eyes, almost like as if they had gotten a little bit smaller. His left wing twitched in its harnesses, as did his right. I brought back my talon behind me, my claws pointed out for a death blow. I threw my claw through the air straight to him.

He violently kicked out, hitting me in my stomach, his lion's paw claws dug into me. ~[Pain is an illusion.]~ I let go, eager for a good fight for once. I jumped back, using my wings to take me a bit farther. I landed about ten feet away from him by the time he landed on the ground, my wings flared out. His wings started to twitch again, until they violently shot out of their harnesses. He broke out of his loosened straight jacket, and pulled two knives from the inside. He had a crazy look on his face, not that of homicidal, but looking as if it was all a game, and he was just there for the fun.

He charged at me, and I did what I always did, wait till the last second to move. This was a mistake. As I moved to the left, his claw shot out with a knife and sliced across my right shoulder. I turned around to get him in front of me, and i tackled him through the side of the cloud, slicing and punching him as we fell. I stabbed my beak down, getting a large beak full of blue feathers on his chest. He retaliated by stabbing my sides a couple of times. He threw me off before we reached the ground, both of us flapping our wing as hard a we could, and hovered a foot about the welcoming earth.

I felt nothing, no pain, I didn't even feel the blood coming out of the cuts he gave me. He was just as bad, only of his wing was somewhat damaged by a buck i gave it, and he had a new cut going down the length of his beak. His jacket was torn open in several places, and I could see from each tear there was another knife

He started to talk, laughing a little between words, "You fight like someone I used to know... Hippogriff. You also fight like a pureblooded Hippogriff.... Was your father one as well, or do you not know? Were you a member of the ERA? LSO?"

"Stop saying words." I readied to charge again, tensing my wings. I tensed the muscles in my neck, to have it form the stereotypical predatory 'S' shape. Only to have Gilda hover between us.

"Guys, stop! Your both being dweebs! Thal, stand down. And you!" She looked directly at me. "Calm down!" She gave each of us a glare, a glare that would instantly kill butterflies and all that was good in the world.

"He attacked me first!" Thal said, gaining some of his previous, more sane look.

"An unknown male griffon in my room, let alone with my girlfriend in my room. I have damn good reason to kill." I said, not leaving my tensed up body to relax even in the slightest. ~[I dare you to try something 'Thal'. I would love to just rip out - ]~

"Badger, calm down! Brother, I don't care who attacked who first, I'm ending it."

That took the wind out of my sails. ~[Brother?]~

"You have a brother!?" I yelled to her, at the same time as Thal screamed out, "THAT'S BADGER!?"

"Yes, you two numb-skulls! Now cut it out!!" She looked to her brother. "Not literally... But stop fighting."

I felt Rage and my mind disconnect, loosing all of my little 'perks'. My wings stopped dropped darkness like it was fog, my eyes changed back to their normal golden color, and my white feathers returned to the top of my head. Thal simply muttered a few things and sheathed his knives.

"Now both of you, to the damned infirmary, before I have to kill both of you personally!"

"Fine. Come on, Badger." That said my name like he was still contemplating on killing me.

"I'll lead the way." I said, flapping my wings every now and again to hove over the ground, while at the same time cruising on a draft of wind to go to ground infirmary, with Thal five meters away, doing the same. We were close the forest, where the drafts were a bit easier to sail in.

[Uh, my head.... Wait, were we just pussy-whipped into submission by Gilda?!]
~So it would seem.~

Thal was looking at me weirdly, head cocked to the side.

"What?" I asked, looking at him.

"I didn't know you have another you on your shoulder."

"Wait, what? I don't?"

"Yes you do, It calls itself Rage.. It seems to argue with itself alot... Maybe I can.." He reached out to my houlder and touched air. Next thing I know, I suddenly have a horrible migraine. A migraine so bad I fell out of the sky and face-planted on the ground, leaving a small skid-mark. I couldn't tell at the time, due to horrible suicide causing headache, but Thal landed next to me, watching.


It felt like my mind was being split in two, that someone literally cut my head in half and I didn't die. Suddenly, the pain stopped, and I opened my eyes. I saw two little versions of myself in front of me, though see through. The one on the right was pitch black, with not a single white feather on him. the other one was the opposite, pure white. I blinked a couple of times, trying to see if it was my imagination. The one of the left moved its beak, as if talking.

There was a loud ringing in my ears, and I finally heard it.

{Hello, Badger. It's about dang time you heard me.}
~Who the hell are you?~
[A pansy who doesn't have the honor to fight.]
{That was mean, War. There is no need for name calling!}
[There is always a need for name calling, Peace!]
~WAIT!!! So what the fuck happened to Rage?~
{[We are him, but now we are just... separate.]}
[I'm the part of Rage -and you- that wants to watch the world burn to ashes].
{I'm the part of Rage, and yourself, that doesn't want to kill, or hurt others, I'm also the part of you that's holding you back from doing so, though sometimes I may agree with War over there..
~So, now what?~
{[We get you healed.]}

And just when I thought today couldn't get any worse... A motherfucking manticore ran out of the forest, and stood right in front of Thal and me.