• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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One week later

Kicking ass and chewing bubblegum... but I'm all out of gum.

The group of scum and villainy led by Ivy had me and Gilda cornered in the forest. They had followed us to our hunting spot, in a large number of maybe twenty or so griffons, half oh which were from rival schools in the area. The first words out of Ivy's mouth was, "Who dies first?"

"You don't want to do this, Ivy. I wasn't lying when I said I killed a dragon, even if I had help, I dealt the death blow to it."

"I really think your bluffing. Your only witness is you girlfriend, and she would choose your side regardless. So, yet again, who dies first? How about you Gilda?" Ivy took a step forward and placed her talon under Gilda's beak, looking at her thoughtfully. "Or maybe the 'soldier'?"

"You're starting to piss me off Ivy. You don't want to piss me off... Things tend to get killed when I'm pissed off." I could feel my pulse starting to increase, adrenaline pumping im my system, and the Rage building up inside of me. I wonder if I can do that yet...I only told Gilda a third of what really happened... I thought, thinking of another time in Operation Dawn.

"When I'M pissed off, griffons and friends tend to disappear."

I started to laugh, maniacally, the rage causing me to do so. I could feel my left talon start to twitch, itching for blood. "One more warning, Ivy, call off your goons, an no one gets hurt. Got it?"

Her and the party around us started to laugh. I mean, whats the odds of a single hippogriff beating the tar out of twenty griffons? 33.33(repeating of course)% "Lets start with the solider then."

[Let me take over.]

What the fuck? Who are you?

[I'm Rage. Your Rage to be exact. I'm the part of you that wants to kill everybody in the world]

So I have your voice in my head?

[Yes. Now, let me take care of this bitch and her friends. Give me control. Let me show them why they should fear us.]

Fine. But you must protect Gilda.

[Protecting her is how I got into your head, not Operation Dawn or Eclipse. I'm not going to let shit touch her.

Ivy was approaching me, reaching out with her talons

Do it.

[I am assuming direct control.]

Just as Ivy's talon touched me, time slowed down as Rage took over, then I (my body, controlled by Rage) moved with amazing speed. I reach up, grabbed her talon and launched her over me, throwing her at a group of five lackeys, knocking them down in a gaze. I zoomed over to where the knocked down group was, picked up two of them and spun them around, knocking a charging five more to the ground.

I picked up Ivy, who was currently holding onto another griffon for dear life, and slammed both of them beak first into the ground. The rest had already gotten up and flew around me, and diving in coordinated waves. I dodged a female griffon, jumped up and grabbed onto Pete's legs, and swung him at the ground, smashing his head and beak into the rock in the middle, instantly knocking him out.

[Now for some fun] Rage said in my head, and I opened my beak, and breathed in. What I expected as a screech, came out both a screech and a wave of fire, leaving my beak. It engulfed three of the griffons,who screamed and stop-dropped-and-rolled on the ground putting themselves out, then ran the fuck away.

What the fuck was that!?!?!?

[Your magic. Don't tell me I have to explain this to you when you explained it to Gilda twice already. Point is, only can happen when I'm in charge, and can only be done when your pissed off enough. Happy?]

I'm so confused, I'm not even going to ask.

I took to the air, my wings surrounded in black flames, in turn any griffons that got close got burned, letting out a screech. Rage was enjoying it, the screams feeding his happiness like a wildfire engulfs a dry forest. Closing my beak, Rage grabbed a flying griffon, and flew up. As the griffon fought back I punched him in the face a couple of times, stopping his fighting. I kept flying up until normal clouds were well below me, and I turned in the air, and flew down. My wings ignited again, leaving a trail of black flames in the sky. As the griffon in my talons realized what was about to happen, he started to panic, wriggling to get free.

I held on, as the ground came closer and closer. It wasn't until I saw Gilda's eyes that I let go and pulled up, slamming the griffon into the ground at what would be about 300 miles per hour. I landed on the rock, where Pete was still k.o. I looked around at the chaos Rage had cause. You are horrible...

[You were to weak to do it yourself. So i beat them all senseless for you.]

Any griffons that hadn't ran away were flying away now, save for Ivy and the k.oed Pete. Ivy limped her way to Pete, who was laying beside me. She gently picked him up slowly, then flew off faster then I've seen her move. Gilda made her way to the rock, staring at me with her jaw dropped. Rage gave me control and retreated to the back of my mind. I turned my head and looked at myself, and saw that the feathers all over my body had been smoldering, and was finally put out. It was a quick fight, not as long as I hoped it would be, how Rage hoped it would be. Are you still there?


So.. How does this work?

[I'll be here when you need me, and vice versa. I'll be watching everything you do from the sidelines.]

"I don't know what just happened.." I said, looking to the ground

"Don't ask me.. I don't know either."

'We're... Going to be late to class." I said dumbly.

"Class can wait. I need to know what the flying fuck just happened. You went all ape-shit and kicked all of their asses, had fire sprouting from your mouth, and wings, and slammed that griffon so hard on the ground, I think he might be dead."

"He's fine." I said dismissing the thought entirely."

"How do you know?"

"He's moving." I said, motioning to the coughing form on the ground.

A/N: Not sure if I did enough or not enough. Any comments of wtf i just typed? this was all spur of the moment lmao. I Hopw i didnt overkill the fire thingy... maybe I did, if so I'll just edit out some of the parts. Any comments on Rage? Who likes the music? Music sent in by MLB

Keep calm and read on

~Solar Eclipse / Badger