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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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Help me.. And classes

HELP MEEE.... oh and classes, yea yea yea, blah blah blah...

Okay.. Nothing to panic about.. Its not like hippogriff's mate for life or anything.. No, never, of course not...FUCK ME!!

My mind raced, going over possibilities of something happening last night. All I could remember was showing up and drinking a single drink. This is not good.. This cannot be happening!! I looked over to Gilda, who was sleeping snugly, a smile on her beak. She was breathing deeply, obviously in a good dream. WAIT! THAT'S IT!! This is all a dream... Yeah. that's it.. Alllll a dream.. Alll in my head... I looked to the ceiling. As soon as I close my eyes, I'll actually wake up, in my bed, in my dorm, alone. Yeah. Okay. Here we go. I closed my eyes for a moment, and then opened them back up. I looked to my right. SHE WAS STILL THERE. No nononononoo....Sweet Celestia.. I looked back to the ceiling. PINCHING! YES!! MAYBE THAT'LL WAKE ME UP! I used my left talon, and pinched myself, feeling the pain. NOTHING HAPPENED.

I looked back to Gilda. Ok. I'll go to sleep. Into a light sleep. She'll wake up first. No problem. No trouble. All her fault. Yes.My eye twitched at that last part. I soon as I thought that I saw that her eyes starting to flutter, and she opened them, looking at me before I had a chance to even close mine. NO CELESTIA. NO, CELESTIA PLEASE, NO. NO. NO. NOOOOOO. She blinked in confusion for a second, then her eyes widened in horror.

"Before you say anything I-"


"I think I can explain-"


"First calm down!"

She put her talon on my wing, digging into it. "Tell me to calm down, ONE GODDAMN MORE TIME!"

"OKAY. HERE. I KNOW NOTHING OF WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT. MY MIND IS BLANK!!" I leaned up a little bit, looking at the the covers of my bed. No stains. THANK YOU CELESTIA. "OKAY. No stains. We didn't do anything here... QUICKLY! CHECK THE OTHER ROOMS AND FURNITURE!" She looked at me skeptical, then understood why. She shot of faster then anything I've seen. She was back before I even stretched out the pain in my right talon and wing.

"Nothing.. Save for two mares in a puddle." She shuddered. "And another griffon drooling on the couch."

"Okay, thank Celestia almighty.. Okay. We didn't do anything." I sat down, relief coming over me. I looked back to her. She was obviously relieved as well, but also showed... What was that... Disappointment? Fuck it, I don't care right now. I don't have a bond with her, THAT is what I care about... I took this time to actually look at her.

She's not that bad looking.. Bad attitude, and chose the wrong group to hang out with... But she's still not that bad...... Wait what the hell am I thinking!? NO. NO NO NO. BAD MIND. That is NOT okay. It is NOT okay to be with other species.. No. Nope never. But maybe the rules can be bent- NO. FUCK! WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME, OF ALL HIPPOGRIFFS!?!

"Why are you looking at me?" Her voice cut through my thoughts like a blade.

"Just happy."

"Why? That we didn't do it?"

"Well... To put bluntly, yes. But really because one as young as yourself doesn't need a bond-mate."

"What's a bond mate?" She asked, head tilting to the side a little.

"Shit.. Um... I guess it's just a hippogriff thing then. A bond mate is.. Is when you... Do the nasty, and your bonded with them. For life. And once you bond, your body doesn't respond to any advances of the opposite gender the way it did before you bonded. It's.. Complicated... what I learned in Basic is that no matter what race, unicorn to griffon, to hippogriff, we all have magic. Some, like the unicorns, have ways of focusing their magic. Pegasi, griffons, and hippogriffs use their magic to decrease the weight of their bones, hollow out their bones, walk on clouds, or control weather. Hippogriffs are very... Peculiar... When we do the nasty... We stay with that one. When we get called to war, we fight for that one. When we come back, we stay with that one. It compels our bodies to do what ever we can for 'the one', and to the survival of our species."

"Huh... that seem's kind of useful."

"Not always. Though I have not bonded, from what I hear, if your away from your bond-mate it feels like your heart is breaking. Saddening.. Painfull.. Depressing. And from what I hear, if the one bond-mate dies, the other can feel them missing.. It usual ends in suicide."

"Well fuck my opinion then."

I laughed,"We have to get to class... Do you know where.." I looked on my wall, at a schedule, and read off it "Mr. Shadow's History class is?"

"Yeah, I have him first too."

````````````````````After a short flight to the ground and into a building on the ground school`````````
``````````````````````Cause fuck breakfast. Breakfast is to mainstream.`````````````````````

We walked into the class with at least 6 minutes to spare. There were two chairs, one near the middle, and one in the far back, with the group of Scum and Villainy. Needless to say I took the middle chair. The teacher wasn't in the room apparently, as a paper pegasus was flying around the room, covered in a light-blue aura.

Two unicorn students make their way in and close the door after themselves. They both grabbed a table from the side of the room, and using their magic, conjured seats out of thin air.ALLLLL RIGHTY THEN- The door busted in with an extremely loud crash, and was flung across the room.

"HOLY HELL!"A student behind me yelled out.

"Okay class, today's lesson will be-" In walked in the body of a griffon, then the rest, a horse.ANOTHER HIPPOGRIFF! "Equestrian Military and the Great War." He was all black, save for his head, which was a peachy sort of color. He had a scar running up from his beak to his eye, and had a two star pin hanging on to one of his chest feathers. He looked out at the thirty or so students gathered in his class. Wait.. That rank... That scar...

"BRIGADIER SHADOW!?!?!?" I yelled out loudly.

He smiled. "Hello Staff Sergeant Badger."

A/N: SHOUT OUTS: my little broney (MLB) for the OC Shadow, and for The Diabolic Gnome, for he is epic and because he was the first one to comment and the first to actually give a damn about anything I wrote. I demand you read his fic World of Pony: Warcraft is Magic.

How did you like todays chapter? I know I kinda rushed when they were waking up, but it was mainly for comedy, hell maybe even foreshadow if the possible ship gets enough likes or comments. Anything wrong or grammatically incorrect? Tell me!

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Solar Eclipse / Badger