• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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Nom Nom's Time

Cleverly walking through the now gaping hole that the door once covered, I looked around. The tables were widespread from each other, judging by the distance it was so that when griffons landed or took off, the bursts of air doesn't bother the others, at all. Just like at basic training. I looked to my right, wondering if Gilda was still there. Nope. Typical. No one wants to be seen near an hippogriff, let alone a new student. I made my way to the small line in front of a large counter at the far side of the room, only getting a couple of glances my way. And I waited, for about ten minutes.

In said time, I kept looking around the large room, taking into count its populous. More females then males of course. There was a large group of griffons, maybe about six or so, making their way across the mess hall (sorry for the terminology, basic training had a 'mess hall' not a 'cafeteria') and started to mess with others. In particular, they messed with four other griffons who had textbooks out studying for something. They threw around the books, and ended up just throwing one of them off the cloud, and laughed when the owner jumped off to get it. And that is the wretched group, of scum and villainy. When the owner returned with the book, he calmly sat down where he was in the first place, and started back to studying. the group left them alone in search for their next victims. In the far corner of the room, there were about six or so more griffons, but had their feathers dyed multiple colors, they didn't even bother sitting at a table, so they either flew or sat on the cloud itself. Tables are too mainstream, dude.

Finally I was next. About damn time. My stomach rumbled in agreement. Turning back to the counter, I noticed only one thing, from the huge selection of meat. Venison. Glorious and holy venison!

"Which is your choice?" The griffon behind the counter asked, obviously bored and hateful of his job.

"Venison. All of it. The entire slab." My voice was in the 'if i don't have the entire thing I'll kill you myself' zone. Super serious.

"That'll be thirty bits-"

"Shut up and take my money!" I threw the thirty bits at him, and flew off with the huge slab of cooked deer in my talons excitedly. I made my way to an empty table, and instantly sank my razor sharp beak and claws into the meal. Slicing it up as easily as scissors cut through silk. After about three minutes of eating it, there was only a third left. It was at this time I heard softly behind me "Hey look... a mutt." Then almost directly behind me, a male voice,"Hey big guy, care to share?" A talon reached over my shoulder for the remaining third. I stopped eating and reached up with my own talon, gripping his wrist. I turned my head around slowly, emphasizing that I meant business. "My food. Touch it. You die."

I let go of him, and turned back to my meal. I knew what was going to happen next already. His talon shot out reaching for the meat. I reached up again, and used his momentum against him. I flipped him over the table and through the cloud-wall, sending him flying off the cloud. I calmly finished the rest, as the entire mess hall shut up and stared at me. He poked his head up through the hole I made by throwing him, and he was pissed.

"That's it!" He flapped his wings to gain some air, and dived at me, his claws aimed at me. I waited for the last moment, then casually stepped to the left, and watched as he flew by me and into the Group of Scum and Villainy, knocking most of them down. Huh... I was wondering where they went.... He got back up a little dazed, and shook his head to clear his mind. "Don't let the dweeb win! This is our place, not his! Show him that, Pete!" I heard Gilda say, as she was picking herself up. Oh, that's where she went...

"I would prefer not to fight. I've done enough in four years to be set for life and I don't think that you would want to-" I started, only to be interrupted at another charge by 'Pete'. For the love of Celestia... Fine. If it's a fight you want. I'll make it quick as I can for you.he approached, and once again I waited till the last second. I grabbed his talons in mine again, fell onto my back, put myhooves on his underside, and, using his momentum again, kicked him, tumbling off the cloud. Again. Making a larger hole in the clouds' wall. I got back up and dusted myself off, as well as stretch my wings. I looked to the group.

"Who's next in line?"

"C'mon Gilda! Let's show him we mean business!" Yelled out another female voice, and a griffon in the back of the group had took to the air.

"Ok fine, but your have to fight with me this time. I am not soloing this guy, he is freaking huge!"


"I don't fight females."

"Good, makes our job a whole lot easier." The female in the back said, eyes gleaming evilly. She charged, quickly. And I did as I did before. I waited until the last moment and moved out of the way. As she flew past me I kicked her with my hind leg, making her spin out of control and off the cloud. I went over to the side and watched her gain control, a few hundred feet above the ground. Then a force hit me in the side, hard.Fuck, I forgot about Gilda. I was knocked off the cloud through the gargantuan sized hole on the side.

She was raking her talons across my left thigh and entire left leg, before she gripped had and a loud snap! Needless to say it hurt like hell, and she did indeed break my leg. Thank you, adrenaline. Still falling, I flapped my large wings as much as i could, trying to right myself and gain control. I flapped again hard, one last time, and accidentally hit Gilda on the beak, forcing her to let go. The male and other female were back, and started circling me. The entire cafeteria was outside now, watching us form a distance (binocular vision is great).

"I do not want to fight" I said, motioning to my broken leg.

"But we do." The male and female said, still circling me, Gilda was back up but the look in her eyes said she didn't want to. She charged regardless. As she neared, and instead of dodging to the sides, I flapped my wings hard, and went straight up by six feet, the gust of wind from my wings throwing her off course and into the female behind me. After a second or two of uncontrolled falling, they shook their heads and watched, as the male charged me alone. I kepet flapping my wings, time slowed down a little as the adrenaline entered my system again. We were outside of the cafeteria, surronded by at least 40 griffons who watched. Time for some fun.

As always, I waited till the last second, but I strafed around him, and caught the back of his head in my talon, stopping all momentum. He started to struggle, flapping his wings and flailing his limbs, hopeful to hit me in the beak. Thankfully i was out of his range by a couple of inches. My grip tightened a little, causing him to suddenly struggle more. "Let me go!"

It looks like this Skip to 3:25

"No." I tightened my grip further. He let out a small squeak and stopped flailing his limbs. "Do you give up?" I asked, voice calm.

"Yes." His voice full of defeat.

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