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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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Questions and answers

Because curiosity is killing cats everywhere

After the freak out between myself and Gilda over the bovine turning into a small dragon, she looked at me. "That never happened."


An awkward silence followed before Gilda said,"So... Girlfriend, huh?" referring to when I beat the shit out of the dragon.

"Shit, I said that out loud?" She nodded and nuzzled my neck.

"Indeed you did Mr. Badass."

"Hehe..he... Yeaahh.."

"So what was that with you eyes and the 'fuck shit up' attitude?"

"Remember how I said I was in three major battles... That was from Operation Dawn..."

````````````````Flashback: warning minor dark and sad`````````````````
*One year after badger has completed training, two years before Everfree, some stuff for the mood here *

I sat with the flamethrowers on my back, both barrels hanging off my right and left side. Shadow across from me, doing the same. He had a cigarette lit, looking at a scroll wit statistics and maps. He spit out his cigarette and stood up.

"Alright ladies, we have ourselves a long day. It is currently 0300, the Diamond Dogs have gotten locations along the route hunkered down and heavily defended, here, here, and here." He pointed to the positions in turn. "We have fifty hippogriffs coming along with us on the raid, and about a thousand griffons and ponies mixed. Griffons, speaking of you, your job is to protect the griffons with the flamethrowers, at all costs. ALL of them, myself, Badger, and Valor included. We will be on the main strike force. Speaking of which, get ready. We're going in."

Just as he finished the last word the entire carriage shook heavily, and Valor got up tot he door and kicked it out, knocking it off its hinges and nailing a Diamond Dog with a crossbow. I heard Shadow yell out, "BURN 'EM OUT!" I jumped out after five griffons, and lit the front of the flamethrowers. I looked to the still dark skies and saw carriages everywhere, coming down and landing, as some more moved as far up as they could. Some had been hit with catapults, and shattered in mid air, killing most inside. One of the carriages exploded in a violent explosion of fire. Forty nine, with flamethrowers. And arrow whizzed by my head. I ran forward along with Valor and Shadow, as well with about fifty griffons and ponies, all clad in armor.

We made it to a steep hill below a bunker, and stayed there as the others moved up, some getting hit by arrows and screaming out in pain, or instantly killed. I looked to shadow, who said one word. "Go." All three of us stood up, fires blazing with a loud whissshhhh of the gases inside, and then an even louder WHOOOSHH as fire leaped from the metal tubes, straight into the bunker in front of us. We were rewarded with screams of diamond dogs, and wood popping form the fire.

Valor and Shadow stopped with the streams of fire when the screaming stopped, while i continued, just staring at the fire, until they poked my side. I looked over to them and back to the stream, and stopped it. "Lets go." I said darkly. A arrow once again whizzed by my head, and another hit my armor covering my shoulder, leaving a dent. Shadow, Valor, and myself pushed forward along with some unicorns in golden armor, burning any diamond dogs in our wake, the unicorns leading the fire away with their magic. Every now and again the fire will be shot, turning into a ball, and sent into the distance with a large explosion killing multiple diamond dogs at once.

We finally got to the next bunker, that was having arrows shot out fast then I thought possible. Three of the unicorns from the group we met had teamed up with us, had landed next to us three. "Ready? GO!" Shadow yelled, and all of us jumped up. The unicorn meant to cover me instantly got shot five times, two in the head and three in the chest. We let loose the streams of living flame, Mine went off of course, but I willed the fire to move a little, hitting the right side of the bunker.

After a minute of streaming the flame, Valor and Shadow looked at me happily. "Do you know what you did?" Valor asked.

"No, what?"

"You controlled the flame. You found your Rage."

We made our way to the last bunker, that had been emptied of its inhabitants, who were sitting on the ground on their knees, hands over their heads. Shadow made his way to some more high ranking officials and asked, "Where are the other 'throwers?"

"Dead or MIA." replied the older who was looking at map with tacks and flags on it.

"What about the captives?"

"Do as you wish."

He made his way back and looked at the ten or so diamond dogs. "Burn 'em. For the Dominion."

"For the Dominion." Myself and valor responded, carrying out our orders.

After the battle I sent out a letter to my mother;

Mom, I'm awake and alive. I know why they call you Flame Star now. I found my Rage.

Any news on Dad's whereabouts?


"Did you do it?"

"Yes. Orders are orders."

"Oh... So whats a 'Rage'?"

"A rage is... Is when you... The equivalent of a Cutie Mark for ponies. It's our specialty, what we were experts at. Mine was fire. I got control over the fire, from my mom's side of the family. She was a unicorn, my father a griffon or hippogriff."

"Where was your father?"

"I don't know, no one does. No one has seen him since I got drafted."

She got pissed at that. "What!? How could he just do that? We have mates too! We may not have bond-mates but we have mates! We wouldn't leave them unless it was a good cause!" she leaned her side against mine and huffed loudly.

"So now what?"

"Soo.. girlfriend huh?" She asked again, looking up to me.

"May have been only a couple of day's we've known each other, but it feels longer. Like I've known you a lot longer then just a couple of days."

"I agree. So.. We're together now?"

I smiled. "If you think you can handle being with a solider... A hippogriff."

"Challenge accepted.." She leaned up and kissed me. "So now what?" She asked looking at the darkening horizon.

"Better head home, before others start to ask questions" I said taking off with her beside me, flapping our wing's in unison.

```````````````Back at the school ten hours later``````````````

We landed outside of the dorm rooms, where a group of griffons stopped us. The group of Scum, and villainy. The female I fought on the first day was at the front, beside Pete. In the back I saw a pegasus, but not clearly enough to discern color or gender

"What are you doing here, Ivy?" Gilda said, her eyes not leaving the female.

"Why, just wondering where my friend Gilda has gone, and why the lone ranger was gone as well. Maybe a thought crossed that the two were having some alone time in one of their beds."

"Leave us alone."

"Or what?" Ivy said, taking a step up.

"Or I'll cut you down like the vermin you are. I already had to kill a dragon today and I'm not wanting to kill anything else until tomorrow. However, i wouldn't mind ridding the world of you..." I said, taking a step forward, bringing my right talon up, and inspecting it casually.

"Ok, fine. I'll have a talk with you tomorrow Gilda."

"No you won't." Gilda said, leaning softly against me again. Ivy looked at us as she put two and two together (over a span of five minutes. She's not very bright...), and flew off in a huff, followed by her group of of scum and villainy.

I looked over to Gilda, and nodded. "Well done."

"I told you. I chose you."

Heya readers, how did you like tonight's chapter? Yesterdays chapter? Let me know! Anyways, next chapter is going to be a little introduction on how the 'group of scum and villainy' works. Who is the mysterious pegasus that was with them this chapter?

Still looking for OC's.

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~Solar Eclipse / Badger