• Published 7th Apr 2012
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Badger, the Hippogriff - Solar Eclipse

a hippogriff joins in the school right after his military service. randomness ensures.

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what REALLY happened

`````The following takes place during the party in 'Healing and... parties?'````````

Gilda had chugged down the two alcoholic drinks faster then I have ever seen in my life. Faster then Shadow did, or even myself. She got two more and handed me one saying,"Hey, loosen up some, some of the guests might not want to see their host as a loser!" She wandered off. The famous DJ was playing some good tunes. the best was pulsating throughout the entire dorm room, shaking kegs and cans alike. I guess I could loosen up a little... What could possibly go wrong?

I opened up the Applejack Daniels, and took a couple of sips. Wow, that's.. Actually kind of good.. I took a swig. Very good.... As i took another swig from my 3/4 full drink, a random Griffon ran up to me, his drink only a fourth full. "Ever hear of the game?" He asked.


"Well the rules are simple. Cheers." He help up his drink, and I tapped my own against his. "On the table." He tapped the bottom of his drink on a nearby table, I followed suit. "Over the head." He circled his head with his drink once, and I followed.

"Now finish your drink." He started drinking his AJ Daniels. I followed suit, taking more gulps then he did.


He walked away all casual. I took another full drink from a nearby table, that had been unopened. I opened it and drank half of it in one go. Really good... I saw a nearby pegasus mare with a full drink, and I walked up to her. "Ever hear of the game?"

```````` an hour later, along with 5 AJD's later````````````

"So me and my squad entered the Everfree forest on the South Eastern side, while bravo was on the North Eastern...


I was travelling through the damp foliage that was the ground of the Everfree forest, along with two other hippogriffs and two griffons. Shadow was in the lead and turned back to us. "Remember, stay low, keep quiet, and stay calm. The bandits have us more then heavily out numbered. Watch your sectors, and keep close with your blood-brothers. Understood?"

"Yes, sir." The entire squad including myself replied.

We had been in the forest for three days, making slow progress, only moving at night. the time was 0500 Hours, and we had gotten wind that the bandits that had been fucking around with Las Pegasus and Manehatten were moving camp sites. We had to be in our destined locations in five minutes. The griffons were carrying crossbows on their backs, as well as a smaller single shot strapped onto their talons, for close quarters, and for silence. I was carrying the newest prototype weapon created, CODENAMED Minigun. It was a six barrel weapon that spun up and then fired projectiles specifically made for it. It was thought powered. I wore it strapped onto me, the weapon aimed from my right shoulder, the ammo on the other side to balance the weight of it.

We made out way out into an open field. the destination. I turned to the two griffons. "you two, head up into the tallest trees, and fire only on my mark." they flew off to the two tallest trees surrounding the field, and aimed their larger crossbows at the other side.

The combat paint the rest of us wore covered all of our feathers in black, as if the night itself engulfed us. And not two minutes later, came a cautious pony, a pegasus. He poked his head out and looked around the large field. Senseing nothing was amiss, he stepped out. As well did about fifty griffons and ponies. This is not good, our sources were wrong.. There should only be fifteen! why are... Then I saw the two griffons with the crossbows land, and hug some of the griffons like they were family... FUCK! NO! My eyes darted around, looking for Shadow, and I saw him on the other side of the clearing. He was looking at the display as well. Then gave me the signal. Orders are orders... I trusted them...WE trusted them... The thought powered minigun powered up, clicking as all six barrels started to spin. i jumped out of my cover, and let the bullets fly. The weapon's noise was deafening to be so close, it was like a stick of dynamite exploded and oneself was way to close to it.

The two traitors were instantly filled, blood flying away from them in ways i never even seen before. Shadow had run up and flanked them from the side, tearing out throats like as if he was hunting the damn enemy. Valor (the other hippogriff) attack from the other flank, as I laid down fire on the middle. It wasn't long until the 'click click click click" of the gun did I realize I wasted more ammo on two griffons then I did on twenty. I unstrapped the weapon, and dived talon-first- into the still oncoming horde of enemies. I was slicing and dicing any that came my way that were not pitch black and were about three times the size of any pony.

Then, a searing pain hit my left eye. I stopped my fighting, and stared at the attacker. It was a male griffon, backed by three more. In the background I could see shadow was up against the same circumstances. I tried to open my left eye, but i couldn't see from it. My talon reached up, and i felt a large wound going down from my eye. OO a battle scar... Let me give you something in return... "Now listen here, we can do dis da easy way, or da hard way." The griffon said, with an extremely heavy Manehatten accent. Stop saying words. I charged, digging my talons into his chest as deep as I could go. then i spun around, yanking my razor blades out of him, and sliced the one's neck who was behind him. i used my powerful hind legs to kick me into the air, and landed on the one on his other side, and impaled the back of his neck with my beak, instantly killing him.

I heard a loud screech. The screech of a dying hippogriff. I looked back to Shadow. He was still standing. I looked for Valor, but couldn't find him. I heard him though... "TELL MY BOND MATE I-" and then silence. There was a group of about eight griffons starting to laugh. Shadow made his way to me. "Kill them all." We both flew up a couple hundred feet, and dived. I hit two of them hard. I broke ones wings, and then silenced his pleas of mercy with a quick cut to the neck. The other i beat senseless into a bleeding mess. I looked at Shadow, who was covered in blood. He killed the remaining six with his beak only. Then..

We ran.

```````````````````````````Back to the party````````````````

It was about seven hours into the party, and many were heading home. I made my way to my bed which was occupied by some unknown person. i just climbed in next to them and stared at the calendar. There was something written on it.. About the present day...


````````````````````````````````````````Back to present````````


A/N: AND THAT IS WHY GILDA IS FORCING HERSELF ON HIM ONE DAY IN! Is'nt it good to pester the author so that he'll make a quick chapter in under 3 hours before he goes to sleep?


Keep calm and read on

~Solar Eclipse / Badger