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Losing the defining thing that makes you who you are would be hard for anypony. Where do you go from there? How do you cope? How do your friends? How hard is it to start from scratch? Rainbow Dash never had to worry about these things. Not until the worst storm in Equestrian history. Now she has to cling to that which she still has, and discover for herself that there is much more out there to live for than she originally believed.

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Wow. This is one of the most emotionally moving fanfics I've ever read. I can hardly wait to see more.

This is so sad/awesome/cute/beautiful

The community needs more like this. I require more like this.



Amazing story. You captured the mannerisms of the characters, the scenery of the town, and managed to create a very well-paced story that manages to be serious without being overly dramatic or cheap. And realistic, though not too happy or too depressing. Probably the best FiM fic I've read, up there with The Party Hasn't Ended. Can't wait to read more! :D

Also...though it was likely unintentional, I couldn't help but think of the tornadoes that raged through the southern US a while ago when reading about Applejack's farm. As someone actually from one of the towns that was hit by a tornado (though fortunately with no loss of life), I appreciated the heart-felt detail to Applejack's situation, even though, like I said, this is likely a huge coincidence.

But yeah, awesome story *bro-hoof*

This is amazing!!! The anonymous wasn't kidding when they said this wad up their in the top fic list. It's so emotionally moving and compelling. By the end of chapter four, I felt the pure rage of AJvApplebloom, the utter despair Aj felt (trying not to spoil anything), Twi's panic, and the heart wrenching saddness from AJ when she had that talk with Rainbow! It is in all honestly, truly beautiful.

I also like how descriptive you are. Every scene is throughly images in my brain in ultra vivid awesome because of your writing.

Recap: You my friend are an amazing author, and please please please! keep writing!

I honestly wasn't expecting this story to expand quite as much as it has in this last chapter (5). I was expecting you to stick to telling the story from RD and Twi's perspective and now we have a how lot more thrust into this story. I am quite interested to see how you end up mixing the two together because the story prior to expansion was very nearly perfect in pacing as well as in its scope. I'm a little worried that the smaller scale, but more emotionally interesting story may get lost, but you've certainly demonstrated some writing chops so I'm not too worried.

Awesome, awesome, awesome little fic (that's about to be a bigger fic soon.)

Nice work.

^ What he said

What he said

Alright, reviewer-mode, engage!

First, the bad stuff. I keep catching a few grammatical errors here and there, nothing major though. It pulls me out of the story slightly, but not enough that it's annoying. I also find the shipping here a little off-putting. Again, not a big deal, as you handle the relationship remarkably well. I just don't typically care for shipping.

Now, the good stuff. First, amazing writing style. You drew me in with the wonderful descriptions, and held my interest steadily throughout the story. Second, love the way you handle the characters. It seems like most stories I read alter the cast in a few ways; nothing major, but I do notice it. But in this case, I think that your characters are perfect! (With the exception of the shipping.) I can actually see the characters from the show acting this way; there's no feeling like you've forced them to do something. Very well done. Finally, the emotional attachment. I don't know if I'm just a sucker for a sad story, but you managed to bring tears to my eyes. That is not something that has happened often. I actually care about these characters and their problems. You made me care about cartoon ponies who live in a magical fairy-land, enough to actually cry.

In conclusion, I love this story. Believable characters, engaging plot, and shipping that I'm not being repelled by. I eagerly await the next chapter! Please produce it post-haste!

...Or, whenever's good for you, I guess.

I really enjoyed this. It's well plotted, the characters are pretty spot on, and some of the emotional scenes get you right there. I'm looking forward to reading more! I do have one small critique. From the moment I read word one I knew what was going to happen to Rainbow Dash, because your description talks about her struggling with losing flight. It's honestly a bit of a spoiler, and I would have preferred not knowing that right away. You go to so much effort to create tension when she's battling the tornado and later in the hospital, but there is no tension, I already know what the end result is going to be.

Perhaps the description should be changed to something about the tornado and dealing with its aftermath, rather than telling us specifically that Rainbow Dash is going to lose her ability to fly?

I also noticed a number of places where your spell-checker seems to have found the wrong word. "tomb" when it should be "tome" for example. If you can get somebody who's good with words to edit it for you, it would improve things.

But really I VERY much enjoyed reading this, it was amazingly well told and emotional. A truly excellent story.

Please don't stop writing this story.
Everything about it is absolutely amazing.
I can't wait to read more!

This is SO AWESOME!:rainbowkiss:

Why did you stop? :(

I'm bound to agree with HeirApparent. I've read allot of things in my days. Be it books by various authors and in different genres, or be it various fan fics.
This is by far one of the most well written things I have read, and it is something I would expect in a book rather than a fanfic.
I truly hope the above comments are incorrect and you have not stopped working on this.
I'd feel fairly dumb since I've been checking this stories site on ED, here and on ff.net every morning and evening just to see if there has been an update. I think my refresh button is starting to hate me.

Just out of curiosity. Is this a dead story or are there updates planned down the line?

dang, this chapter was posted on july 15th, the story is awesome, i'm really hoping that there is gonna be an update.

Yeah. This has been on my watchlist forever now. And I don't think I'll ever take it off in the hopes that he continues work on it. I'm hoping it's a being busy with school thing :P But any update from the author would be great.

I love this story, I really hope it's not dead. It May be the best fanfiction I've Ever Read. Truthfully.

It needs to continue, it's getting really good now!


Agreed, I really hope this isn't dead.

I almost skipped past this in the listings as stories marked both dark and tragic (and sad)seem to be such downers to me. I'm terribly glad I didn't.

And if the previous posters weren't enough, you need to finish this story, for all our sakes, please.

Damn it, why is it always the best stories that seem to randomly die?
I was very much enjoying this story, to the extent that I had to force myself to stop reading at 3am in order to get some sleep for school. Would love to see it continue.

A Subplot??!!!:pinkiegasp:
And here i thought it was a traditional shipping fic where the only problem is rainbow adjusting to the lack of wings and thus gets together with applejack. though I must admit is it my imagination or do I actually detect an underlying twidash?

Beautifully done. I love your pacing, the plot, and the way you've built a vivid, exciting, and emotionally intense world. Will there be updates?

Oh great story! wait a second... latest update was that long ago?!?



I must agree, I was incredibly put out when i came upon this in my tracking list and saw it was cancelled.
The writing was great, the build up too, and to just cliffhanger end it, well that sucked. Though the story is not finished, I will be rating this 5 stars. It earned it.

this is such an amazing fic and it's would absolutely be a tragedy to cut it off here.(SPOILER ALERT) we haven't even found out if she's paralyzed for sure. As a lyricist, I understand when things just get busy and you realize u don't know where to go. But man, when you have a masterpiece, u got go all the way
hope we'll see more and glad to know ur all good

I remember reading this a while back, but feel like i should reread it again. The appledash tag makes me curious too. I do hope you'll update this again, I remember this being quite good :) (i see you, active 5 days ago! you can't hide! >.>)

3205533 Thing is, we never saw her answer for AJ's actions and her wings are still a mystery.

One of the first stories I ever read in the fandom. Still one of the best. Still one of the most powerful. Still, I hope.

My sentiments exactly. This was the story that inspired me to try my own hand at writing. Hopefully Tarath hasn't stopped writing, whether pony or not. He has talent:twilightsmile:


That's a really good story ! But I feel like it's not finished.. What about her wings? And about her relationship with AJ? I want more ! :p

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