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Harmonious Tempest

I have been a fan of the show for a little while now, and have really wanted to add something to the community. This is my first attempt at being a writer, and I have had a lot of fun along the way.


After the death of Pinkie's beloved Gummy, Twilight discovers a spell long forgotten. With the goal of resurrection on their minds the two ponies unleash an evil upon Ponyville the likes of which have never been seen. Facing the undead hordes of what use to be their friends the mane 6 must fight their ways through the town in order to survive what is sure to be the longest night of their lives.

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Why did it have to be gummy? Why would you kill gummy?!?!?!?

Comment posted by Harmonious Tempest deleted Mar 28th, 2014
Comment posted by Harmonious Tempest deleted Mar 28th, 2014

It was the only way I could quickly spread the virus. Plus we all know he was the true source of evil all along.

This was a fun read. Needs some serious editing but other than That a really good zombpony story.

-This level of magic would take every ounce of energy she could possible mustard.-
LOL! This is my favorite line. :D
Good story. ^^

You know, now I can't fix it right. I hope your happy.

I haven't read anything yet, but something that immediately turns me away (this isn't horrible, just a little scary) is the massive number of words in one chapter.
I would be much more willing to read this if the story was broken into smaller segments over multiple chapters. Good points to do this are during points where the two ponies get a slight reprieve in the story. Another good point to break the story is where a new horde of zomponies comes at them, a cliffhanger so to say.
I'll give it my best try to read in one sitting.

Oh, god. This was tremendous.

Someone told me that, if you didn't learn the lessons about life at first. Life wil assure you will learn it no matter what. So this is a lesson
about life and death; that you must not forgive. Live your life like if it was the last day, let go and move one.

Nothing more to say but 'cliches'.:pinkiehappy:

That is one of the coolest comments that could be said. Thank you

Dudedudedude this story. . .I don't even have the right words. . .It's it's. . . Beautimus!

Meh story, could have been spookier, more gore and such, but I love the cover image! You are talented!

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