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Hi owo


Rainbow Dash brings Tank to his first Pet Play Date. However, the rest of the pets may not get along very well. And if they do, it probably won't last long. Opal is a snob and has a short temper, Angel is picky about everything, Winona is too hyper, Owlawicious is boring,and Gummy is just plain wierd and creepy. Can Tank survive his first day? Can he make new friends, or fail?

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Perhaps you should indent the paragraphs?
Other than that, this seems like it may be a fun read.

Bluh wall o' text bluh

Well looking at how the pets interact is an interesting change. There are some spelling errors and punctuations problems (it's/its for example), and there are missing spaces in some spaces, but it doesn't seem too bad otherwise. Just separate the paragraphs before they burn everyone's eyes, if you would.

Hah! Interesting idea. But let me reiterate what those above me said about wall-o-text. :applejackconfused:

Really, it's not bad, the only thing I'd change is the wall o text format. I'd like to see more. I mean everyone seems to like your fic, it just needs some small fixes other than that It's a decent read.

Thanks, guys! :pinkiehappy: And yes... I will try harder to make my fics easier to read :twilightsheepish: I was in a bit of a rush, but I'll be more than happy to fix those mistakes :yay:

I second that. Both statements.

This is interesting and good. Tumpup and favorit.

Interesting fic, looking forward to seeing more and how you write Gummy

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