• Published 22nd Mar 2012
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Epona - TankFodder

When several humans survivors of a battle show up in Equestria, they must try to survive.

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Update on Epona

Hey folks, TankFodder here.
It's been a very *interesting* summer here so far, and I haven't had the time or motivation to continue Epona. I haven't even been on Fimfiction since April. Also, I got a new computer, and due to my little sister getting to my old pc before I finished transferring files, I lost what I had written for the next few chapters. Fortunately, things have stabilized now, and I feel a bit of motivation to pick it up again. So I should have new chapter up within a week or two. Just letting y'all know it's not dead, and that I'm sorry for stopping it so abruptly.

Edit: in hindsight, I should've posted this when I had the chapter ready. Oh well.

Comments ( 10 )

thank god this story sitll alive

The wait was worth it.

Oh I can't wait. Especially for the soon to be Legion/elements meeting/battle.:pinkiecrazy:

Imagine my surprise when I found this out! Rooting for ya! :rainbowkiss:

Finally some word of the story not dying! Talk about leaving the people hanging.

Senatus Populus Que Romanus!

7+ years since this was posted. :(

Because they either lost or gave up. It's change what's the saddening of all, Don't worry. It isn't about bad things -though mostly is- You have to focus on the positive side, not just the bad of it.

New chapters ????

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