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Actual trash.


All his life, he was just an assistant. Nothing more, nothing less. He was just, used. He was used to get what they want, and throw him away when they're done. Spike is sick of it, and now his life is hanging by a thread when he has to make a decision whether or not he wants to keep going.

InsertUserBronyNameHeres story, "The Life Of Spike" gave me the inspiration.

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FIRST :rainbowlaugh: either way im going to enjoy this series.:heart:

Nice short story.


*grabs gun*


3769011 *Grabs Assault Rifle*

Mind if I join? :pinkiecrazy:

4209989 It's never too late for parties like this.

Does that mean I did good or...:unsuresweetie:

Yeah. Now that I've been looking at my old writing, it's not great.

Comment posted by spike the mustache deleted Apr 30th, 2014

His subconscious was scared of dieing:rainbowlaugh:
But really good cant wait for next short story in this series:pinkiehappy:

"BELCH" The Emerald fire ball grew " Sweet Celestia , Celestia how could you!?" As smoke & flames erupted Rarity leaped & painfully 'Danced' around beating the fire out on her mane & muzzle "Oh Darn that's going to leave a mark!" :raritydespair:
Spike looked at the damage done " Rarity?" His eyes tearing up continued "I love toasted marsh mellows too"
"Spikey Wikey your such a dear" she cooed:duck:

Is this a series or? It feels kinda incomplete.

Letter from Twilight:

Dear Spike,

Get to work! Purchase more quills and reorganize the whole library again. Also, make my favorite dish for dinner tonight.

From your master,
Twilight Sparkle

7965932 :rainbowlaugh: if that was the letter i would be laughing for hours

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