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Actual trash.


Spike has been depressed for the past few months, and after a suicide attempt, he must attend a Suicide Prevention Group for 3 months.

Trigger Warning: Suicide

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 14 )

Nice, there's actual realism to this unlike the usual drama that most stories of this nature have. Can't wait for the next update.

Oh and great thing you're doing in the authors notes, hope it helps someone.

Really enjoying this so far, can't wait to have the next update and chapter as this one was great. :twilightsmile:

Capitalize the "I" at the start of the very last sentence, okay?

All fixed!

Thank you!

Great job so far, I am eagerly awaiting your next chapter!

I loved it! Having been suicidal for five years (not anymore, thank Celestia), I can understand how Spike is feeling, and can imagine the thoughts/feelings of him and everyone else afterwords. I am also eagerly awaiting the next chapter! Good job!

Nice. I liked it, and was VERY surprised to see Silver Spoon! Scoots, I can understand, kind of, but Silver? I can't wait to see where this is going!

I like it reminds me of my friend who went to one just to help others.

Has this been cancelled?

Can you write about why and how his body was found

Not to be rude, but you should continue/finish this story, I know others and myself would love to see where it goes.

I seriously hope you continue on with this one. I was in a mental ward for suicide and had to do group therapy. This reminds me of it and is actually helping me deal with some past demons. I would love to see how you write this story out.

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