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A currently 15 year old Danish kid who writes fan fiction and plays video games


Twilight sparkle, esteemed protege of princess Celestia herself. She has read countless books and could answer any question of yours that should come to mind.

But she hates the night.

Not so much the night itself, moreso the fact that she has sleep problems. Most nights falling asleep is easy, but tonight she has one of those nights, were no matter what you do, you just can't go to sleep.

What will she do to pass the time? Read this one-shot fic to find out.

Colossal thanks to both of my proof-readers, Onyx bronie and The sentimentalism brony. Both of you are amazing and I could not have completed this project without your help.

Also, Onyx, thanks for the editing.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 14 )

Good comedy idea for a story :scootangel:
Will read.


Wasn't actually intended for comedy, but there you go.

Indeed. I can't sleep, either.

This is pretty much me right now (I've been up all night and now my wake up alarm is just about to go off). Perfect timing for posting this. Also it's extemely accurate. Good job!

3748706 FunNY fact, I mostly proof-read it during midnight. :twilightblush:
Ahh, I'm right on glad to be of help to ya Nova. :pinkiesmile:

True story: I started reading this a couple hours ago, but got distracted talking to friends on BerryTube. I finally came back to finish it, and read that last segment at 6:50am.

Thanks a lot, Sun Butt.

Very emphatic +1.

Huh. I like. It's cute. :twilightsmile:

I was glad to be of assistance, as the story came out awesome. Also, I love how you modified the toast line. Genius.


i can't take credit for that. Onyx bronie came up with that:pinkiesad2:

3755802 Nevertheless, the line was great. So I'll praise him, as well as you. Him for an awesome editing job; and you for coming up with a cute story.


well thank you, if he doesnt reply then consider my thank you from him aswell:twilightsmile:

Pretty good short story, I can definitely relate to it as well.

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