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Space Wizard Novablast

A currently 15 year old Danish kid who writes fan fiction and plays video games


Being an inventor, isn't easy.

Being an inventor that's an earth pony, is even harder.

Being and inventor, that's an earth pony, and who also happens to live in Trottingham, would seem impossible.

But somehow Gearhead managed to pull it off.

Let the story of how his life became what it was today, what he faced, what he overcame, and what he gained as an inventor gone teacher unfold before you.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 36 )

The storyline is interesting, and so are the characters.
There are a few mistakes, but nothing big enough to kill the story.
I'll be watching this to see where it goes.


It's always nice to know that I've moved away from killing a story with my mistakes.

Thank you

Looks intriguing. Gotta take a look at this.

...Can't wait to see that 'Wonders' of yours...

...And, between inventors, What's your favouring self-creation? -Thoose pills are excluded, they're just too awesome.


I'm sorry, I really don't understand what you're trying to say (no offense)

Try to make it more simple for the dirty peasants :rainbowlaugh:


...You know that I can't. But I meant, of all your creations, what's your favourite.

-Excuse my faulty grammar :rainbowwild:


I'm not an inventor, it was once a childhood dream, that's were the inspiration came from.

But if you're asking about fictional inventions, then just you wait until the next chapter comes out:raritywink:


Sorry, but as a fan of game of thrones, I must say......

.......dem cliffhangers create dat suspension :raritywink:


Time to play the waiting game... Again.
...Meanwhile... I'll stalk you till' you end this. :pinkiecrazy:


Yeah, i saw it in my feed.

"Axlgx commented on your story shining gears"

"Axlgl is watching you"

That was a dramatic change.
Still both funny, and interesting.

I noticed some of these, though;

He held great thrusts in his students, but he didn't want them to get hurt.

...Great thrusts?


Anyway, story's still going great, and I'm looking forward to chapter... uh... which chapter are we on now? 5?
So chapter 6.

...I can finnaly stop playing the 'Waiting Game'... For now. Looking up for your next 'Twist'...

...Still watching you... From the shadows... :pinkiecrazy:


omg that misspell :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you, though, I remain vigilant and thrusting (did you see what I did there? *snicker*) in, what personally believe, to be my best story yet


I don't understand how you people didn't notice Sun as the romantic interest, I tried to make it as bleeding obvious as possible:rainbowlaugh:


I knew it from the very first moment they crossed their first 'drunken adventure', but i'm always...

"Playing the game of waiting".

...:pinkiecrazy:! (I'm starting to think that i'm overusing the crazy pinkie...But she's just lovely... And mad...)


Is this where I need to break out "the old swittcheroo," meme?


...If you want, but i'll still use her, untill I find something better.

(This time, I skipped her use... Now I feel empty... :raritydespair:)


I have to ask, why do you always start a post with punctuations? I've got nothing against it, I've just been wondering why



...I talk slowly...

...With little silences between my phrases... Mostly.

...Intrigued? :trixieshiftright:

(And, because it's my personal way to starts posts. I dunno, it looks... 'Different'. At least, in my own opinion.)


That first part almost sounds (you can say that about written words right?) seductive :rainbowderp:


...Both. I do talk slow, because if not, i'm not understood if I talk. :ajbemused:

...Seductive? Seems that I have a new power now... :trixieshiftright:


...Well, iv'e got that crossbow, and vampires aren't my think...

...So you're right! :pinkiecrazy:


...I'm sure that I will, as so does everypony reading this :pinkiehappy:

...If not, iv'e got a nice crossbow waiting... :pinkiecrazy:


I guess I'll have to look back over my shoulder from now on then? :trixieshiftright:


It's a sad state of affairs when the amount of comments on the story exceeds my view count :rainbowlaugh:


Well, then this'll be my last 'spamming' your comments. Welp, i'll wait till you keep this going. Untill then! :twilightblush:

More stories, you say?
...I'll be right back.

Finnaly! :pinkiecrazy:

...Flank Sinatra. Heh.

Good job, mate. Let's see if that relationship works.

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