Going to sleep

by Space Wizard Novablast

Passing the time

"Good night Twilight." Spike said as he placed his scaly head down onto the pillow, his muscles relaxing as the blanket with a pale lavender glow was telepathically wrapping around his small form.

"Good night to you too, Spike," Twilight replied, smiling at her little brother, for that was what he was, her little brother. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Spike unfortunately, heard nothing. His snoring already loud enough to shake his tiny bed. Twilight smiled tiredly at her companion, friend, and assistant. Today had been long and tiring. She couldn't wait to get to sleep.

Twilight almost jumped onto her bed, feeling the mattress bounce her back up before she was lying stock still. Her duvet wrapped tight around her as she started counting sheep.

She thought about the day that had passed. The apple harvesting with Applejack, preparing for cider season. The urgent look on Dash's face as she pestered the others to work faster, because this was Celestia damned cider season! And she'd be damned if she was to get nothing yet another year.

Twilight gave a chuckle at that, her friend was so silly, but she did feel a bit sorry that she always was left with no cider every year and even if she didn't like it so much, she could appreciate how good it tasted and why Dash would go so crazy.... Twilight just hoped she wouldn't go too crazy one day.

She remembered how the cutie mark crusaders had tried getting their cutie marks as librarians, finding different books on shelves, categorizing them, or even just reading them. Resulting in a destroyed copy of 'Star Constellation' written by Typo Writer, her copy of 'Fractions of Magic' now being found under the letter Z, and her pristine first edition of 'Lord of the Elements' now having a mark on it that bore very close resemblance to a toffee apple....

Twilight's train of thought immediately slowed to a stop, realizing that her thinking so much about things and past events wouldn't help her sleep. She turned her head up to the clock, it was 12:30 AM

She shifted in her bed, trying to find the best sleeping spot. She eventually settled when she was lying on her right side, now looking directly towards one of the bookshelves.

For some reason her eyes just wouldn't grow tired. It's one of those occasions when you feel tired but your body just didn't understand that it's supposed to be tired and sleeping.

Twilight sat up in her bed with a frustrated sigh, hastily rubbing her eyes with her hoof and resulting in her eyes tearing up, and removing any kind of tiredness from them.

She sat on the side of her bed, muttering under her breath about why she never tried learning a sleeping spell.
She looked over at Spike, noticing how his breath was still stable. His snoring had stopped though, which in Twilight's book was both a good and a bad thing. But soon her eyes caught onto something else close to the dragon.

His comic book.

She hopped off the bed, landing with a soft thud and whipping her head over to look at Spike again, luckily the noise hadn't woken him up.

She walked over and picked up the magazine with her magic, almost immediately after that chastising herself for not picking it up while she was in the bed. She walked back to said bed and turned on her night lamp, flipping open the magazine.

At first the garish color was a bit much. She found the constant action to be annoying, and the text bubbles that constantly got in the way certainly didn't help. But the more pages she turned the more hyped she got about the power ponies and their incredible attempt at defeating the mane-iac.

It came to the point where she was holding up the comic book while jabbing at the empty air with her hooves, saying things like, "Take That, you evil fiend!" or, "You're going down!" excitedly, as if she were there with the characters, beating up those evil doers, and so very wrapped up in Spike's comic book.

But unfortunately every good thing has to reach an end. Just as the power ponies had been strapped to a bomb, looking panicked at the thought of facing their very doom, Twilight turned to the next page, only to find a 'To be continued' speech bubble taunting her.

She threw the magazine away, the sleek covering making a squeaking noise as it skidded along the floor as she seethed in annoyance, angered that somepony, somewhere had ruined her excitement with such a horrid cliffhanger ending.

She once again jumped off the bed, this time heading for the kitchen. Deciding that if she were to be up all night, she might as well do it on full stomach.

She found a few slices of toast, un-toasted ironically.... Duh! it was just plain bread, how silly of her, she gave herself a facehoof and shook her head. Maybe the lack of sleep was messing up with her mind too much.

She found some salad and tomatoes in the fridge. She placed the salad on the bottom with the tomato on top. Finally she sealed it with the second piece of bread, and then the sandwich was complete.

She took one bite, feeling the watery part of the salad fusing with the bread to create a slightly mushy sensation. The tomato added the flavor, and mixed with the salads sweetness it created a wonderful bitter-sweet taste.

But, just like the comic, the sandwich came to an end.

"At least I'm not hungry anymore," she said, looking up at the clock, as it said 03:35.

She went and got herself a soda, deciding on a colt cola in stead of her normal filly fanta. She popped the bottle open by hitting the cap against her horn. She gulped it down in a few quick swigs, the bubbly sensation in her stomach making the food she had eaten before seem all the more pleasant.

She threw the bottle into the recycling bin, hearing the glass hit the bottom and smashing. For now she didn't care, she could take care of it in the morning.

But now she had nothing to do.

She looked up at the clock, it was now 03:45. If she was going to get some sleep, she had to do something boring.
She went to her desk, finding a quill and some ink, deciding to make an attempt at writing a letter. But to who? She thought.

"I've got it," she suddenly exclaimed, "I'll write a letter to the princess!"

But it would have to be a casual letter. She had nothing important to write about.

She gave a quick rub to the tip of the quill with her tongue before dipping it in the bottle of ink. The black liquid dripping onto the table and creating small pools, causing the purple unicorn to give a small curse, grabbing a small cloth she kept around for cleaning up such messes.

She placed the quill on the parchment thinking of something to write about. But then it struck her.

Dear Princess Celestia

Recently I have been thinking of a topic that I hope you could help me with. The topic of which I speak, is that of casual writing. As you know Princess, I personally am not one to delve into casual things. Not casual clothing, not casual talk, and certainly not casual writing, I only send letters if I deem them to be of the utmost importance for either me or the pony receiving it. So I wanted to hear about your opinion and personal experience. Do you think casual writing is to be encouraged? Have you ever indulged in casual writing?
Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

She went over to Spike, holding the quill with her lavender colored magic and used the feather to tickle the young dragon on the nose, causing him to sneeze out a particularly big burst of green flames. The flame enveloped the letter, and the magical parchment was sent directly to Celestia.

Twilight went back to her bed, confident that her teacher and ruler would look upon her with more pride and acceptance than ever. She gave a squeal as she got comfortable under her duvet.

A short minute after she received a letter with the royal seal.
"That was fast." Twilight said in a curious and slightly dry voice, coughing and clearing her throat a bit. She would need to get some water after this, her throat was killing her. Discord Damn it! She shouldn't have drank that soda so late at night!

With a tired sigh, she removed the seal and rolled open the parchment.

Dearest Twilight Sparkle

Twilight chuckled, that was the way Celestia started all her letters, it seemed a bit stuck in place for someone who constantly monologues about the value of doing something different and learning new things.

For the love of all that is good In Equestria!
Go. To. Bed.

Twilight dropped the scroll onto the ground, staring blankly at the wall before going back to the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of water which she drank greedily, feeling the tasteless liquid loosen her throat.

She glanced at the clock, it said 06:55

She went back to her bed, suddenly feeling very tired. She dropped down onto the bed, not even taking the time to cover herself with a blanket as felt the tight drape of welcome darkness that was unconsciousness, overcome her.

"Good morning, Twilight." Came a drowsy voice. Spike gave a stretch and yawned, getting out of his basket bed while rubbing his young, still sleepy, eyes. "I'll go and make breakfast."