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Space Wizard Novablast

A currently 15 year old Danish kid who writes fan fiction and plays video games


The overlord is a powerful figure. He commands entire legions of devious and menacing imps who obey his commands without question. His age old deal with Beelzebub having granted him untold power, there's just one problem.

He's already conquered earth.

So when he gets his glowing red eyes on Equestria he travels there immediately.

Things could've gone better.

Featured on the 5/1/2015
Even though it was a fleeting moment, and lasted about five minuted, we did it, and I am so happy for it. Thank you to everybody who favourited and liked and decided to keep reading it!

Chapters (21)
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I like the story so far. I look forward to more chapters.

"This," he pointed towards yet another map, this time one with several different countries labelled with different names. He caught sight of names like Lordaeron, or Dun Morogh. "Is Azeroth, but that place is kind of a mess. It's constantly terrorized by weird evils, and recently some ancient panda race was rediscovered there."
The overlord shuddered, if there was one thing he hated it was pandas. They went completely against everything he stood for. They were cute and cuddly, not frightening and deadly like a bear should be. The only good thing was that he had slaughtered every last one of them as his number one priority. But taking on an entire race of the cuddly bastard did seem like too much of a trudge.

Yay WoW!

"Of course, of course!" Corvernus pointed one bony finger towards what looked to be huge green plains, "this one is called Hyrule. But I would not personally recommend going there, they have this sort of eternal conflict between light and darkness going on. So you'd have competition." The overlord nodded, while a challenge was fun he never desired to fight colleagues, unless it was necessary.

Yay Zelda!

"It would please me immensely my dear servant." The overlord said, empty voice completely contrasting the childlike glee he was feeling. A new world, new places to explore, new races to murder, new methods of torture to be attempted, new lords to corrupt, it was almost too good to be true.

Yay insanity!

The overlord tapped his armored chin thoughtfully, shining red orbs completing the visage of a 'Dark lord' as it was. Although he actually preferred the name Dark Magician.

Yay Yu-Gi-Oh!

YAY REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a cookie, you deserve it after this many references! :heart:


3914121 Damn, just realized I didnt put a signature. Welp, here: ~Xylinthian


Oh, hell to the fuck yeah!


Okay, I'm going to add this in somewhere. That quote is too awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

3915900 If you actually do that, I will be contractually obligated to follow you.
Remind me, why do you have rules like that?
Because f*ck you, that's why!


Then a follow is coming, because that line will be used!

This is... oddly fitting for the overlord...

Will the Overlord be able to use his magic? I I hope he will, that will be so hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

"If you do not unhand me this very moment I will tear your wings off and stuff them up your bum!"

Even evil Overlords who plan to take over the entire galaxy by murdering every last breathing piece of -BOOP- in existence must watch their language, you know.

This is it the Overlord thought to himself. With all the titles he had used, surely his name would be threatening, it would strike fear into the hearts of those who dared even whisper it.
oh hell to the fuck yeah
"You have exactly five second to change that before I pull your rectum out with a rusty pizza slicer."

"What has been heard cannot be unheard..."
*Moves into fetal position and starts rocking*


You crazy bastard, you actually did it. Don't you know how excitable Serefin can get?!
...Case in point.

I'm sincerely looking forward to the next chapter. I see this story going one of two ways: either the Overlord destroys them before they can teach about the 'magic of friendship', or they end up destroying him BY teaching about the 'magic of friendship'.


youll have to wait until a later chapter.

*puts on sunglasses and walks out the room*

3920643 Damn you and your coolness! So have a mustache :trollestia: Whoops, that's not a mustache. :moustache: Much better.


an evil overlord will have to be rude to be evil you silly goose.

also, i find those sentences to be hilarious


i have a bit of a........ different direction

3920700 Let me guess: The destroyer of worlds, annihilator of pandas, the all-consuming overlord, or Ollie, if you wish, will learn the magic of friendshit and become the Element Bearer of the All-consuming Panda?


i wish that was what i had planned. but unfortunately, no

3920863 I can't tell if you're calling ME a great mind, or calling yourself the overlord, but whatever, sounds like a party to me! :pinkiehappy:


How do you not know that I'm the overlord living out some self-insert fanfic?:duck:

3920915 Well, maybe you are. Or maybe, just maybe, you're a giant tentacle monster bent on world domination through fanfiction.

Maybe. Possibly.

Not likely...

Not possible.




Try and make sense of that, I dare you

3920973 So it's likely that it's not possible for you to most likely be a tentacle monster.

Because logic.


It's not meant to be insulting. Just a laugh at a stereotype.

Also a bit of a reference for those who've watched the NC

So is he getting interrogated by Celestia?


Well, that's from a web-series called Zero Punctuation


I actually can't remember.

But it's either: guild wars 2, overlord 2, or some other rpg.

Wait, it's a bad thing to show your bare arse to a bunch of children?

Well, shit.


Dungeon Keeper?! Oh hell to the fuck yes!


The original, mind you. Not the bullshit EA has decided to put out recently:facehoof:

kill things, torture things, rape things, conquer things, punish things. Basically I do loads of evil things involving 'things,'

Most accurate description of what the Overlord does EVER.

3926374 Aw shit... You're here...


Ay, no discrimination in da comments. Das just rude!

3930772 Nova, you don't understand. Uber Death Ninja is-
Guy's an asshole! He's a frikkin' hater of all of bronydom!
...Yeah, what Red said.

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