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Kingdom Hearts: Memory Recovery - Duelist96

Roxas was a reincarnation of the legendary keyblade wielding Sora. But due to his apparent death the Organization lost the only asset they had. But unknown to them is that death gave Roxas another chance in a different world.

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Chapter 2 pt:2

Roxas and everypony he was with got off the train and made it to Canterlot. Roxas saw that it was a lot bigger than it was when it was far away on a mountain. As he stepped out of the train car, he took some time to check out the scenery.

"This is Amazing. Twilight do you live here?" Asked Roxas.

"I used to actually." Twilight pointed out.

"Why did you move?"

"Well before I became a princess, I was Princess Celestia's student at a school for gifted unicorns. She said that I needed to make some friends so she sent me to Ponyville. I've made very wonderful friends and I've been living there since then." She finished.

"That's amazing. So when does this show start for Octavia?"

"I start's in two hours. That should give us enough time to have a decent lunch before my performance starts." Said Octavia.

"I'd wish they let me perform here. I could really liven things up with my wubs." Said Vinyl.

"Uh Vinyl, this here towns' sophisticated so I highly doubt they let ya perform here." AppleJack pointed out.

"Hey let's not fight okay? Were all here to support Octavia at her performance today." Roxas cut in.

"Aw he's right. We're all here for her." Said Pinkie Pie.

"Well what are we waiting for? Lets go support her already." Said Rainbow Dash.

The group was on their way to the music orchestra until they were stopped by a certain celestial princess.

"It's good to see you again Twilight Sparkle." Said Princess Celestia.

"Princess Celestia. it's good to see you too." Said Twilight.

"This is Princess Celestia?" Said Roxas.

"Who is this?"

"Oh I almost forgot. His name is Roxas. He's new here."

"Oh where are you from then?"

"I'm not really sure. A doctor found me in ManeHatten." Roxas answered truthfully.

"He told us that he can't remember anything, but he did talk to us about a dream he had. Almost as if it meant something" Vinyl Pointed out.

"So he has amnesia?" Celestia Blankly pointed out.

"Yes. At least that is what the doctor told me."

"I'll see what I can do to help you Roxas, but in the meantime you said that you have a friend to support."

Everypony, realizing what Princess Celestia said, had to get ready for the concert.

Five minutes before the big performance, Octavia and her band were getting ready to perform. Her friends were already in the front row. For some reason she had a slight crush on Roxas. He is so kind, modest, caring and she was hoping to confess her love to him. But that was going to have to wait. Roxas and the others were ready for Octavia and her band to perform.

"Fillies and Gentlecolts, we like to present to you Octavia and the Canterlot Corset." Said the announcer.

Just as Octavia and her band were about to play, a very low growl that later turned into a very loud roar coming from outside.

"Wut in tarnation was that?" Said AppleJack.

"I-it s-s-sounded -sc-scary." FlutterShy cringed.

"Uh FlutterShy, what's up with your shadow? said Rainbow Dash.

"Wh-what do you...Fluttershy's voice trailed off to her horror to find her shadow was moving away from her and to a black spot.

It wasn't just her shadow that moved away from her, it was everyone's shadows from throughout the opera house.

"Hey what's going on with everyponies shadow?" said Roxas to his horror.

The shadow's then stopped moving and gathered into hideous shadow monsters. Everypony had fear in their eyes but it only made things worse. The shadow creatures feed on negative emotions such as fear. They started attacking ponies causing everypony to flee the opera house.

"If these creeps are here for a fight then they got one." Yelled Rainbow dash as she tried to attack one.

As Rainbow attacked one though, she fazed right through it surprising her and the creature later knocked her to the wall. Her friends later returned with the Elements Of Harmony to try and defeat him.

"Okay girls, get ready." Said Twilight as the elements powered up.

The energy blast passed through the creature proving that even the elements were ineffective against them. They later had to run away from them only for Twilight to trip and fall on the floor. The monster was about to kill her but then Roxas charged at the creature and when he did, his keyblade appeared and struck the creature defeating it. Twilight, and the other were just awestruck at what just happened. The elements couldn't stop what attacked them, but Roxas and his keyblade did.

"H-how did you do that?" Said Twilight.

"I-I'm not sure. I just didn't want to see you get hurt and then-" He trailed off at this point when he saw his weapon.

"Is everypony alright?" Celestia said when she came inside.

"We're alright Princess Celestia."

"Wait. What's happening to the elements of harmony?" Said Twilight as she notice them resonating.

They removed themselves from their holsters and reformed into keyblades similar to the one Roxas was holding in his hand. While that was happening Roxas felt another memory surge inside his brain.

"What the hay just happened?" said Rainbow Dash

"They turned into keys darling" said Rarity.

"They're actually keyblades, and those creatures I defeated were called heartless." Roxas said surprising everypony.

"They're call wut now?" Asked AppleJack.

Roxas then explains his memory surge he had while the elements were resonating with his keyblade.

"So you fight these so called heartless, and now they are here in Equestria?" Asked Celestia.

"Yes and I need to stop them before they do anymore harm."

"Twilight Sparkle; it appears the fate of Equestria doesn't just rest on your shoulders, but on Roxas's shoulders as well. He will have to accompany you and your friends to fight this new threat."

"We will do what we can Princess."

"Roxas, what I don't understand is that why did our elements resonate around your keyblade?" Twilight asked.

"I'm not really sure. Maybe if I can find more of my memory then we may be able to find out why." Roxas stated.

Now Roxas and the Mane Six go on a quest not just to search for a way to stop this new threat but to search for Roxas's memory.


"This blonde pony may be a problem. I was finally going to be rid of those accursed Elements of Harmony, and then he shows up and ruins every thing" Said a voice in the darkness.

"Don't worry he may be a problem now but he won't be for long." said a dark feminine voice in the shadows.

Author's Note:

I'm sorry if this story was rushed but I had to time myself to get it released on new years day. But here's the other half

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:facehoof:The ponies are anthro and they have to tell by their hands.

AWESOME:rainbowkiss: I can't wait for your next chapters I hope you end your Hiatus soon I REALLY want to know what happens next. Try not to stop this story I love it:raritystarry:

OK I like this plz do your best with more chapters:pinkiehappy: no rush.

So far no character development or anything even remotely similliar to a harmonic Story.
It's just poof and Octavia is in love. like you wat to say "who cares, deal with it!"
i do NOT like this AT ALL!:facehoof::twilightangry2::pinkiesick::flutterrage::applejackconfused::fluttershysad::fluttercry:

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