• Published 11th Dec 2013
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Kingdom Hearts: Memory Recovery - Duelist96

Roxas was a reincarnation of the legendary keyblade wielding Sora. But due to his apparent death the Organization lost the only asset they had. But unknown to them is that death gave Roxas another chance in a different world.

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There are elite warriors that work in a secret society known as Organization XIII. Behind those warriors were a few special ones that are able to take down heartless and obtain hearts. Their names were Roxas and Xion. Their goal was to collect hearts for Organization XIII to prepare for Kingdom Hearts. Zexion explains to Roxas and Xion that by completing Kingdom Hearts, the Organization members will become whole again.

After Roxas and Xion collect many hearts, Xemnas shows the other Organization members the Kingdom Hearts that has appeared over the Castle That Never Was and how close they are to finishing it. But Xemnax’s real plan was to take the Kingdom Hearts for his own to finally take over the Organization. For that task to succeed, he brainwashed Xion and turned her into an evil version of herself by becoming a towering titan. Seeing that there was no other way to save Xion, Roxas had no choice but to defeat his best friend who was like a sister to him.

When Roxas defeats Xion, and she begins fading away, she asks him to make sure Xemnas does not achieve his goal of obtaining Kingdom Hearts, and to free the hearts they captured. Now it is was up to Roxas to defeat Xemnas. He fought valiantly and defeated Xemnas, but lost his life at his hand as well. Organization XIII lost its two great assets to the group and was forced to disband. Unknown to them was then was that Roxas was given a second chance in live in another world.

“Where am I?” Roxas asked as he looks around the deep darkness
"You're in limbo young nobody." A mysterious voice said to Roxas.
“Who are you?”
“My name is Death and you are currently in Limbo.”
“Yes. It is where spirits goes because they refuse to depart from the world of the living, or are given a second chance in the world.”
“So am I here because my spirit can’t part from the world?”
“No. you are here because you have been given another chance to live, but not in this world.”

Roxas was confused by this point. Death wasn’t really making any sense. What did death mean by that Roxas was still needed?
“What do you mean by I’m still needed? I thought that I completed my journey when I stopped Xemnas’s plan to take kingdom hearts for hisself.”
“There is but another world that requires your assistance Roxas.”
“Okay, I understand.”
“But in order to resurrect you, it must require me to erase your memory.”
“But I thought you said that this other world needed my help. Why does it involve you to erase my memory?”
“Do not take that tone with me Roxas. I am an eternal being!”

Roxas jolted away from death when his voice roared through this dimension.
“Ahem, just let me explain. You will find allies in this world that will help you restore your memory, but this world isn’t the human world. That is the reason why I am required to do this. You will be given a new body to help adapt in this new world.”
“I see. So what is this new world?”
“This world is known as the land of Equestria. You will find your allies there. Do you accept?”

Roxas had gained another chance in life. He thought about this until finally;
“I accept.”

As Roxas accepted his offer, Death now chants his incantation to revive Roxas in the new world.
“A tragic ending isn't in your future. You are something unique and you have been given a new form and unique magic now go and do not die as I will have to keep your soul next time.”

When the incantation was done, Death swung his scythe and opened a portal that sucked Roxas into the new world. As Roxas passed through however, he felt his body changing entirely from head to toe. He felt his bones change and rearrange in several areas until finally;
“Uh my head what happened?” Roxas groaned.
“I found you outside of the hospital kiddo. You’re very lucky to be alive” A voice stated from across the room.

Roxas turns his head to the right to see a doctor and a few nurses were looking after Roxas.
“WH-Where am I? Ow!” His felt a sharp pain emit from his head.
“Whoa, be careful. When I found you, you’ve seem to have gotten a very nasty blow to the head.”
“How did that even happen?”
“I’m not really sure. I was making my mourning rounds when I suddenly heard a loud thud outside. I then went outside to find you. I’m surprised you are still alive. But tell me, what is your name?”
“It’s Roxas mister…”
“Oh pardon me, my name is Quick Fix.”
“Well thank you for helping me Mr. Fix.”
“Where are you from exactly? I’ve never really seen a young colt like you around here.”
“I-I can’t remember.”
“Do you have any relatives?”
“I don’t know. The last thing I remember is talking to someone about an incantation, and then I was sucked into a portal. Everything else after that is nothing but a blur.”
“I see. Do you at least know your special talent?”
“Well when I found you, you seem to have a cutie mark on your flank that is only a black cross.”

Roxas look where his flank was and saw that the doctor was right. But he really couldn’t remember much of anything.
“I don’t really know what this is.”
“My, my, you really don’t remember anything? Then maybe someone in this town can help you.”
“What’s the name of that town?”
“Ponyville. It may be a small town but everypony knows everypony.”
“You think maybe somepony saw me their?”
“All I can say is that I hope so sonny, otherwise you’re out of luck.”

So Roxas was finally able to leave the hospital and find the train station. His next destination was to ponyville to find his memory.