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I only like Straight Dash shipping (I am immediately turned off when people mention lesbian dash). I love gays, but lesbian dash is a little stereotypical.


Trixie visits Twilight's library. When Twilight goes to sleep, she has a nightmare, and wakes up in New York as a human. This isn't the New York or the Twilight you'd expect. There are some tiny little problems, though. She's taken residence in another girl's body and life, and that must mean another girl is going around as Twilight! Also, the human is not exactly what you would find in the books back in Equestria.

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Dat Plot...

Its a shame this kind of idea was thought up by someone who
writes 800 word long chapters.

Im disappointed


364295 I don't understand your comment, sorry. What exactly do you want me to do? If you don't give constructive criticism then I'm deleting you comment.

I can't give any criticism that isnt already given
by the lack of comments and the rating system...


368519 You don't have to be an asshole about it. You really don't.

*pats on the head*
Poor guy can't take criticism.

Tis a shame.


370856 I'm a girl. And you DIDN'T give criticism

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