• Published 25th Mar 2012
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Legs - oOSlowMotionOo

Twilight is sent to New York, but not the New York you'd expect nor the girl you'd expect either.

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Where am I?

"Savannah! God, put on some clothes!" The two creatures ran out of the room, throwing a robe at her.

Twilight sat down on the floor, panting. After a while she silently kicked herself. Why didn't she act natural? This was a great learning opportunity. Nothing in the books could give her the knowledge she could learn firsthand.

She opened the drawer beside her. It was a weird one, made of mirrors. Twilight got a better look at what she became. She could see clearly, now that her panic was over.

Milk chocolate brown skin; shoulder length, straight, dark brown hair; two long legs; short torso with the two hills on it. She was wearing a triangle shaped garment on her lower half and another garment was covering the two hills on her chest. The torso was shaped like an hourglass she had seen in the Canterlot Libraries.

That was all Twilight needed to see. The book was a lie and a fraud. This was the opposite of what the book said. "Savannah" was not short or fat, and she didn't have white, pasty skin. She also did not have a tail.

"Savannah! Hurry up! Put on your dress, we're leaving in an hour!" A feminine voice called.

Where are we going? Where could I possibly be? Twilight thought. She opened the drawer. It was filled with clothes. I wish Rarity were here to tell me what to wear!

Twilight picked up a black piece of fabric shaped like a flowy tube with two big holes. She dropped it and picked up another piece with one huge hole and 2 long tubes. She had no idea where to put it or how to put it on. These clothes were foreign to her. Twilight dropped to the floor again and covered her eyes, trying to block out the incoming panic. This would be harder than she thought.

Twilight walked around Savannah's room, looking for a clue as to what she should be wearing. As she passed the desk, her eye caught a wall of pictures. How could I have missed that?

She walked over. The pictures featured a girl who looked like Savannah in cute picture frames. Twilight even saw one that resembled Zecora's coat.

In each picture Savannah was with one or more other girls. Most of the other girls were pale skinned, which surprised Twilight. Some had an hourglass figure like Savannah while others were shaped like sticks. Some were tall while others were short. Most had short legs while Savannah had long ones. Why do all of these humans look so different from one another? Ponies usually look the same in different colors. Twilight wondered.

"Savannah!" The voice called again. "We're leaving in 30 minutes. You better get out here if you want breakfast before we leave."

Twilight pried her eyes away from the picture. She noticed in half of the pictures, Savannah was wearing short dresses. One of her dresses was the black tube she saw. She found the tube shaped object and held it in her hands. She took a deep breath.

"You can do this Twilight." She studied the dress intently before finding the zipper. Her hands fumbled as she controlled fingers for the first time. The dress unzipped quickly. Twilight cheered to herself as he put one foot into the dress. She lost her balance and crashed to the floor.