by oOSlowMotionOo

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Twilight is sent to New York, but not the New York you'd expect nor the girl you'd expect either.

Trixie visits Twilight's library. When Twilight goes to sleep, she has a nightmare, and wakes up in New York as a human. This isn't the New York or the Twilight you'd expect. There are some tiny little problems, though. She's taken residence in another girl's body and life, and that must mean another girl is going around as Twilight! Also, the human is not exactly what you would find in the books back in Equestria.

What happened?

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Thunder clapped outside. There was a knock on the door. Twilight looked up from her book, The Mysterious Creatures from Across the Portal. She ran to the door. Her eyes widened in surprise when Trixie was standing there in the rain.

"Trixie?" Twilight said in surprise. She rushed to the coffee maker and got a cup for Trixie. "Come inside. I wasn't expecting you."

"I just came by for a book." The blue pony replied, stepping inside. "I've been looking all over Equestria for this one book, but they all directed me to the castle."

Twilight paused, the spoon with sugar hanging above the coffee.

"So why are you here?" She said.

"Princess Celestia told me that if I didn't find the book there, it must be here. She sent 1/5 of her books here." Trixie glanced at her from the couch. "You did know that, right?"

Twilight blushed and said, "Yeah, of course I knew. You know, Celestia's favorite student and all..." She passed the coffee to Trixie. "So what book do you need?"

"Um..." Trixie looked around until she saw the book on the couch. She pointed to it, "This one."

"Oh, I wasn't done reading it, but okay." Twilight fetched the book and gave it to Trixie. Trixie smirked.

"Well, I guess I better get going." When Twilight turned away to get more sugar, Trixie sprinkled something into the coffee.

"Don't you want to stay and finish your coffee?" Twilight asked, praying she said no.

"Oh, no thanks. You can have it." Trixie walked out the door. Twilight picked up the coffee. Maybe I should drink it...

Twilight kicks the monster, but it's too late. It's sharp teeth gnash and chomp and bite, sending Twilight closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. She tries magic, but it's no use. The monster had snapped her horn off.
She screamed. The monster's slimy tentacle inched closer to her body, ready to eat her. She took a tiny step back. A rock under her foot slipped off the cliff. She was next.

Suddenly, the monster started thrashing around. The rock under her broke, causing her to fall into the cliff, landing with a thud.

"Wow, Spike" Twilight yawned. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and opened them. "I just had the wor-- YAAAAGH!"

This was totally not Twilight's bed, and not her room. The bedspread was pink, the floor was purple, and the desk was a mess. She had fallen off of the bed and was hanging upside down by her legs, tangled in the sheets.

She was scared to look down at herself. She took her hand and felt her neck. No fur. She felt her face. No snout. She rubbed her hand lower and found two soft hills on her chest. She looked down and bit her lip. Twilight was starting to freak out.

What were these creatures called again? Humans? Blumans? Something like that. But the book said that Humans had white skin. This body has chocolate brown skin...

She pushed the covers off of herself and noticed her hoofs had turned to hands and feet. She grabbed frantically around, searching for something to pull her up. She grabbed a desk and steadied herself on two feet, surprised at how easy it was. She took a cautious step, holding on to the desk for dear life, then discovered that she knew how to walk and run already.

Twilight walked to a mirror and when she saw what had happened to her, her scream could be heard all over town.

Suddenly, more of these strange creatures ran into the room after hearing the scream.

"Savannah! Savannah! What's wrong?" They said. Upon seeing them, Twilight screamed again.

Where am I?

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"Savannah! God, put on some clothes!" The two creatures ran out of the room, throwing a robe at her.

Twilight sat down on the floor, panting. After a while she silently kicked herself. Why didn't she act natural? This was a great learning opportunity. Nothing in the books could give her the knowledge she could learn firsthand.

She opened the drawer beside her. It was a weird one, made of mirrors. Twilight got a better look at what she became. She could see clearly, now that her panic was over.

Milk chocolate brown skin; shoulder length, straight, dark brown hair; two long legs; short torso with the two hills on it. She was wearing a triangle shaped garment on her lower half and another garment was covering the two hills on her chest. The torso was shaped like an hourglass she had seen in the Canterlot Libraries.

That was all Twilight needed to see. The book was a lie and a fraud. This was the opposite of what the book said. "Savannah" was not short or fat, and she didn't have white, pasty skin. She also did not have a tail.

"Savannah! Hurry up! Put on your dress, we're leaving in an hour!" A feminine voice called.

Where are we going? Where could I possibly be? Twilight thought. She opened the drawer. It was filled with clothes. I wish Rarity were here to tell me what to wear!

Twilight picked up a black piece of fabric shaped like a flowy tube with two big holes. She dropped it and picked up another piece with one huge hole and 2 long tubes. She had no idea where to put it or how to put it on. These clothes were foreign to her. Twilight dropped to the floor again and covered her eyes, trying to block out the incoming panic. This would be harder than she thought.

Twilight walked around Savannah's room, looking for a clue as to what she should be wearing. As she passed the desk, her eye caught a wall of pictures. How could I have missed that?

She walked over. The pictures featured a girl who looked like Savannah in cute picture frames. Twilight even saw one that resembled Zecora's coat.

In each picture Savannah was with one or more other girls. Most of the other girls were pale skinned, which surprised Twilight. Some had an hourglass figure like Savannah while others were shaped like sticks. Some were tall while others were short. Most had short legs while Savannah had long ones. Why do all of these humans look so different from one another? Ponies usually look the same in different colors. Twilight wondered.

"Savannah!" The voice called again. "We're leaving in 30 minutes. You better get out here if you want breakfast before we leave."

Twilight pried her eyes away from the picture. She noticed in half of the pictures, Savannah was wearing short dresses. One of her dresses was the black tube she saw. She found the tube shaped object and held it in her hands. She took a deep breath.

"You can do this Twilight." She studied the dress intently before finding the zipper. Her hands fumbled as she controlled fingers for the first time. The dress unzipped quickly. Twilight cheered to herself as he put one foot into the dress. She lost her balance and crashed to the floor.

How am I getting back?

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"Great, Savannah!" The woman- who Twilight suspected to be her mother- exclaimed. They were sitting at an island in a beautiful open kitchen. "I love that dress on you. And those shoes look nice on you honey."

"Thanks." Twilight said. She had so many questions she wanted to ask, but kept the to herself. Act natural... She thought.

"So we are just waiting on Sabrina and Sienna..." The woman continued. "So, how's school? Is the 8th grade treating you well?"

8th grade!? School!? Back in Ponyville, Twilight was considered an adult. How was she in school? Act natural...

"It's fine." Twilight said.

"Are your friends good?" The woman asked.

"Yeah. They are."

"Hear from Ben lately?" The woman smirked. Savannah's body blushed. Twilight discovered that Savannah's brain was still in control of Savannah's emotions and reactions, the same way it remembered how to get dressed and walk. Ben's name was a trigger.

"No, not yet." Twilight responded.

"Ha ha, I knew it from the way you look at him! I know my daughters." The woman, now confirmed to be Savannah's mother, replied.

So a few things were certain. Twilight wasn't a pony in Ponyville anymore, obviously. Savannah had at least one sister, maybe they were Sienna and Sabrina. Twilight had complete control of Savannah's body, and Savannah most likely had control of Twilight's body back in Ponyville.

Then it hit her. Savannah had full control of Twilight's magic. She had the horn. She could wreak havoc on Ponyville any time she felt like it. She also decided when she would allow Twilight to return home. Twilight realized that she had a limited time on Earth as a human. She needed to make the most of it, and learn from this experience. She could write her own book, to replace the one they Dr. Sandstone had destroyed with his wrong information.

"So... Where exactly are we going again?" Twilight asked.

"You asked me this a billion times yesterday. We're going to Joni and Bri's B'nai Mitzvah."

"Why so early?"

"We're going to their service too. I thought you liked going to the service..."

"Yeah, I do." Twilight hoped it wasn't a trick question.

Two girls walked into the room at that point. One girl was taller and had darker skin. She was wearing a short red dress. The other one was slightly shorter and had the lightest skin of all of the siblings. She was wearing a dress that resembled a cheetah's coat.

"Okay, let's go.

It was hard to navigate in high heels, but Twilight got the skill down quick. They stepped outside. A warm breeze pushed her hair back as they walked towards a large black metal object. It reminded her of something Pinkie Pie owned, but she couldn't remember what. She had seen Pinkie crash it into a fence.

They approached the object, and Twilight walked around it, getting a better view. She saw a symbol on the back, a black circle with a blue checkerboard-looking design. The white letters B.M.W were pressed into the black circle.

"Hurry up and get in the car!" The taller sister said.

So it's a car... Twilight imitated the movements that she had seen Pinkie do when she showed her the car for the first time.

"We all strapped in?" Savannah's mother said.

"Yeah." They all responded. Savannah's mother began to drive

"Ma, why are we even going to the service. We aren't even Jewish." The shorter sister said.

"Sabrina, we have to go. We've been family friends since you were babies." Savannah's mother said. "We have to support them. This is a major milestone in their lives!"

Sienna rolled her eyes. "But it's boring, Ma. They speak in Hebrew the entire time."

"It wont be so long. All we have to do is show up and make an appearance." Savannah's mother said. Twilight decided she was going to call her Ma from now on. "Besides, it's slightly better than being confused at that new church, isn't it?"

"Yeah... Uh, can't we go back to the old church?" Twilight improvised. Human religion? That would help make an awesome book. "I liked the... music better."

"Savannah, you've been saying that since we switched to the new church." Sabrina laughed. "Besides, I don't wanna wake up at 5 a.m and sit in a car to drive all the way to Queens and struggle to find parking. I like the church here in Dix Hills." Twilight sighed.

A few minutes later, they pulled into the Synagogue. They got out of the car, and Twilight gripped the walls of the car for dear life. As soon as she stood up, girls she recognized from the pictures ran towards her. They grabbed Sienna, Sabrina, and Savannah in a huge hug. Mental note, girl humans are very huggy. Like ponies.

"You staying for the whole service?" A short, skinny, light skinned girl with long black hair asked.

"I already told you, Molly. I texted you." Sienna shrieked.

"I don't have my phone." Molly replied. "So answer my question."

"I said maybe." Sienna replied. "You know I only like the party part."

"Yeah, I know. We all know." Molly rolled her eyes. "Let's go inside."