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I write stories cuz I either A: bored out of my mind B: cuz I need happiness cuz of bullies or C: cuz I feel like it


Loyalty...it's a funny thing isn't it? Sometimes our Loyalty wavers when we have to decide something that cannot be undone..Rainbow Dash..Element of Loyalty has died...but in a brave way...by sacraficing herself to save Fluttershy...

This her story....The endless Loyal Pegasus...who will forever lighten our lives...

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ok and i believe you

Hey stop killing off ponies now please :heart:

Hey stop killing off ponies now please :heart:


I'm sorry...I'm only doing RD and AJ...:raritycry: sorry for killing them,...this is just my perspective of how they should die...

I almost seem heartless :rainbowderp:...

Shit...Changelings got to me again :facehoof:

3114827 Hey it ok but please stop kill ok.


Ok :twilightsmile: besides I only did AJ and RD because they are badass :moustache:


Oh and remind me not to eat Panckes for breakfast tomorrow....I get all worked up and write this beautiful and sad pair of stories...:rainbowderp:

Wow...never knew Discord messed up my reaction to Pancakes :facehoof:

3114864 yes they are i miss you a lot AJ here is my heart :heart:


...FlutterShy/Pinkie Pie best princess ever :pinkiecrazy:


Because Changelings and writing in my Computer!

Kljsohwbfivbj wdjfigbviwuhdbfvuihadbfvuhadbfuvhvd

DAMN IT:facehoof::facehoof:

3114887 ok let it my gun i will kill them all:flutterrage:


Nah too late...they insulted Rainbow Dash and Applejack...

*Shows thousands of dead bodies of changelings...*

Nopony Insults the badass ponies :moustache:

Nice story :twilightsmile:

The only problem i see is you use "Rainbow Dash" too much.
Use "Dash" or "Rainbow" sometimes.
Otherwise, HOW DARE YOU FOR KILLING RD! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:


I am Damn sorry :raritydespair: I just couldn't get the images out of my mind next thing I knew I wrote and submitted the story :facehoof:

Would it be alright if I did a reading of this story on YouTube? :pinkiehappy:


Alright, Ill do it eventually, I just found another story with rainbowdash that I want to do :rainbowdetermined2: (Yes, it has goggles even, haha)


Send me a link once your finished with the reading :rainbowdetermined2:


Thanks :twilightsmile: oh and just so you know I'm a Girl :twilightsmile:


Right, for the record, this one kinda got away from me with the intense amount of narration, But its better and worse then my previous grimdark reading, this one is a happy story, so here it is: /watch?v=tUapirbwato (Just put that in the youtube thingy, I don't know how this site handles links)

This was so good! The only flaws were some grammar issues here and there... Otherwise, it was really good :twilightsmile:


Well, I did your story, Want the link?


Alright, Here it is, this one is my best one so far in how I read it
(Well, except my singing may be crap)

Link: /watch?v=92rHkNjZVDk
Thank you for making this story :derpytongue2:

Am I the only one who was reminded of the Hunger Games by RD's final request?


At least someone got the idea of it :trixieshiftright::moustache::trollestia::moustache:

Nope, I remembered from the movie... so sad Katniss sang and... :fluttercry: it... WAAAAHHH :raritycry:

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can someone please make this story into a mini movie

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