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>Analyzing Lifesigns: Subject Codename: "Harvest"
>Lifesigns Of Subject Codename: "Harvest" Read: Deceased
>Project: Reflection Activating For Subject Codename: "Harvest" Read: Deceased
>Project: Reflection Activating for Subject Codename: "Harvest"

Kkat is the author of the original Fallout: Equestria. Go read his/her story first if by some fluke you haven't. If you find any inconsistencies with Kkat's original story or within this story by itself, feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Same goes for any other grammatical or spelling mistakes.

New tags will be added as they become necessary.

Note: Accidentally hit publish for Chapter 3 on 9/1/2013. Say sorry.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 24 )

A FE story that starts out before the war. Intriguing, :)

Good luck with the story. Have fun writing! :twilightsmile:

(And don't let the downvotes dissuade you. Every FoE author gets them just for writing Fallout: Equestria stories. :ajsmug: )

3092640 Thanks for the kind words! I was wondering why I was getting such a high ratio of downvotes, I didn't think it was that bad.

Also, it's an honor to hear from the original author. I read your story over the last couple of weeks, and I swear, it's like a drug. It ought to be regulated.

Why is everyone down voting this? It's really good. :yay:

This looks promising! Keep up the good work!

They raped a filly, I hope they get what's coming to them :flutterrage:. Hopefully they find a way to get those collars off so they can free the rest of the slaves.

Well at least he saved Wick and hopefully soon they find a way to save the rest of them from being raped again :yay: and free all the slaves. Good chapter again

Well at least they are free now, good chapter :twilightsmile:

hah, swiss is a changeling, at-least i think so

I'll just say I'm really eager to find out what this "Everfree Project" is.......

Oh god my eyes, they burn from the caps. I mean I'm sure it's a decent story, but please do us all a favor and use regular case?

looks cool, should probably finish my essay and lab report(s) before reading it tho :derpytongue2:

I remembered my Eyes Forward Sparkle just in time. I was a shitty shot.

actually that's SATS, EFS is more or less the HUD and FoF thing.





That's.... interesting. Also, Flagg.... is that a Stephen King reference? Or am I just being overly nerdy again?

There was another beep.

>( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

"What'd it say now?"

"I'm not sure, but I'm kinda scared."

I just died.:rainbowlaugh:

the pipbuck kind of reminds me of the Wayward Vagabond in Homestuck with the random allcaps comments.

This should have more thumbs-ups. Honestly, I can't tell if Jonah's an obvious States expat or you're trying to pull a fast one.

Also, the foreshadowing up to Swiss being a changeling was GLORIOUS. I got it at the species detector, and after looking more closely at the pages afterwards I saw a lot of hints. The priming you did with the Changeling Espionage poster was REALLY good.



This is a hint to Jonah's origin.


oh right

Well I can try and reason it out but at the very least he knows things about other dimensions. I wasn't entirely sure how to take "man you should've seen them kicking edgar allen poe" because of various Wild Wasteland stuff (yes I realize the head swimming), but it would be interesting to know how Bert knows Hey Jude. Maybe he's also an earth expat. A lot of them, it seems.

Also I'm thinking about running a campaign soon and the Pink Chip gave me the idea for the "main" NPC, since there always is at least a couple, as an A.I. the players acquire early on and it learns from them. Yeah, only a tangential relation but I figured I should say thanks. I would like to see more of the Pink Chip though.

Man, good stuff, this. Really looking forward to, and hoping for, more.

Can I have Revamp and Wick show up in Fallout: Equestria - The Happy Moon Chronicles?

Jeez... isn't 12mm almost a .50?

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