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Pitch Black


In the year 1605 of Celestias renewed rule, centuries after the great war with the gryphons, Equestria has rebuilt its self: new technological advances, sturdier and better architecturally designed buildings, more advanced medicine, to name a few. But not everything is perfect. In the last couple of years a strange disease has appeared. There still isn't a permanent cure for it, just a potion that can cure you, but there is still the same chance of getting infected by it again. This caused an uproar with the residents of Equestria, and the formation of many conspiracy groups against Celestia. The most successful one was the `Black Sun' organisation. They sprang their trap into action on the day Celestia's personal guard,Shining Armor, returned from his journey to the other countries; to see if they have found a cure for the disease. Thanks to the element of surprise they were successful. They banished Celestia to the sun and trapped her there, whilst putting the blame on Shining Armor. The new rulers of Equestria start to focus on developing weapons and war technology. Shadow Forge,an Earth pony and the lead engineer and inventor of non magical technology department, is offered the ability to use magic by and unlikeliest of ponies, one of whose knowledge of existence was kept a secret. Will he accept the power and for what purpose will he use it?

Sorry for the long description, it's mostly for people that have never heard of Dishonored and need a brief introduction to it. Technically this will be a blend of Fallout and Dishonored, taking the story-line of Dishonored and the perk, leveling, and skill attributes of Fallout. The reason for this is that I feel that Dishonored has a great potential to be made in to a story, but lacks a more complex leveling system, specialization of some skill and a lot more components that Fallout has.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Up vote if you like the story and if you don't please tell me what is it that make you dislike it( so I can see if I can do something about it).

Coverart by CrosmisrSketch

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 11 )

I am such a Dishonored nerd. Cool story!

Well, it's certainly an interesting start.

Ohh,:pinkiegasp: this looks promising. I'll read it later.

You like Dishonored? Well I have a group for that. and im the founder. so if you join, I saw Welcome!

Definitely want to see where this goes.

Celestia's real name is Tatiana? :applejackconfused:


Just felt like it suited her, Tatiana Celestina Cosmo.

4778213 And I see where the mortal ponies got 'Celestia' from, great job.

Many errors in this one.

It's not easy to spot all the errors in a chapter alone, and this one is 10.000 words long.

4824640 You know Shining Armor has a character tag right?

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