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When new princess Twilight becomes curious of Celestia's history, the elder princess reveals to her a story older than time, and with it surprising secrets and details of their world's past.

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Congratulations, your first like on this story. :yay: I do say though I have a liking for speculative histories and hidden pasts. My own first two works involve threading speculative history through the tales without bumping into cannon too badly. The past history of Equestria is a top tease for season 4 with drop lines of Starswirl the Bearded, time travel, and Celestia and Luna as fillies being dropped in Twilight Sparkle's Hot Minute.

Given that Faust stated that Celestia and Luna were born alicorns :twilightoops: , you may find some small gripes :duck: , also given that the two were referred to as unicorns in the prologue of the first episode. I won't care if you don't. :ajsmug:

Watching for next chapter.:eeyup:

Thank you very much :pinkiehappy: I was unaware Faust had announced they were born as alicorns, I was looking more into the approach that the two of them became alicorns the same way that Twilight did, through achieving a high level of magic and using it in a situation that unlocked the alicorn potential in her and allowed her to become a princess. That little bit of information certainly causes a major complication in the story then :twilightblush: I'll keep it like this for now but if someone else points it out or complains I'll probably have to give it an Alternate Universe tag or something. Again, thank you so very very much :rainbowkiss:


By all means keep it as is :twilightsmile: the story is in all aspects more important than occasionally treading on the toes of some cannon you weren't aware of. :pinkiehappy:


Thank you for that :pinkiesmile: I'll be sure to do more work on it today!


Thank you for telling me about the opening paragraphs, I'll be sure to break them up!

And thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it so far, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of the story to come.

I have to say, you have me hooked.

I need MOAAAAAAARRRRRR.......It's so gooood....:pinkiesad2::yay:


AH thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it!! I'll definitely be working on it more often than I used to. I don't expect this project to be very short either, so there's a lot more to look forward to!

Will Celestia and Luna be badass in this story? When and where does Discord first appear?

5622297 What anime is the guy in your avatar from?

7063395 that's not relevant to the story and people don't like it when you do that.

7063394 also discord does not appear until after the two filly's are princesses you have to get through hearths warming first

It's a good Cutie mark story for Luna, thank you. Will there be more soon? :twilightsheepish:

Thank you!! Yes, I'm almost done planning the next chapter now. I know I've been very VERY slow with updates but I want to try to make them a little more frequent :twilightblush:

I'm reminded of the whimsy of Adventure Time in the tone this has.

Aw thank you!!! It's very inspired by the tone of cartoons, especially ones like Adventure Time and OTGW
I really do want to continue writing it soon

I hope you do too! An unfinished story is only half as fun as a complete one. (Also, Over the Garden Wall is a sign of good taste. That single season was an absolute delight.)

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