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Darling Shepherd, take us away,
from our nightmares, from the day.
May royal sister chase the sun,
and Luna dear from shadows run.

Looking for some editing. I will trade art for a good sturdy edit. Ask me in the comments.
Cover art is from http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Princess_Luna/Gallery

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As someone who is currently writing a story with Luna as a main character, I personally really enjoy the way you've brought her personality out. Great job! +1, I'll be watching!

Wow... The Dark/Sad stuff isn't my cup of tea (I forgot to check the tags, again :facehoof: ) but this is some amazing writing. Here have a like.

Okay, so...

Why is this story not more popular, again?

I'm glad to have found someone such as yourself that has had the similar thought that Luna can also escort souls into the afterlife. What more, so profoundly while keeping it simple and not so over bearing as to be the main point of the entry.

The Night was not to be like this... There is something very powerful in that statement, bit of a new angle to regard how Luna's development into Nightmare Moon occurred. I've noticed that the placement of these events in the timeline isn't established, keeps a nice touch of mystery to where this all leads, and certainly the journey in between.


Thank you so much. :) I think Luna is a fascinating character to explore considering how much of a mystery the creators left her. (Though that seems to be due for a change in season 4)

I am enjoying writing this and it brings me gladness that so many people (way more than I thought! Over 100! Wow!!!! :D ) have read and enjoyed it as well!!! :twilightsmile:


Thank you so much!

Weep not dear children
For life is this way
Murdering beuty and passion.

We all must go gently into that dark night eventually, but always remember that the sun will rise again, if not for you, then another.

The true tragedy occurs when they cannot see that blessed sunrise, hidden behind dark clouds and passing storms.

Not everybody passes calmly.

Something great starts must be bright in their final moments before sputtering with naught but a whimper of smoke.

Candles may glow in all the night,
But fires radiate glory for but a blink of the eye.
A true artist is not measured in talent, but in the love they put into their work...till the very end.

Man. Celestia is an ass here.

The needs of the many may indeed outwiegh the needs of the few, but when the few make make s world of difference, is it not right to sacrifice the many?

Not all stars shine bright. The brightest ones last the least, but their light reaches farthest.

It's slightly amusing to see this interaction.

One more facet of Luna's glorious night, and her element of darkness. A faithful servant no more malevolent nor benevolent than the purest lake rock.
Darkness, one must wonder, contains more than gentleness and calm. It can be a vessel for cold frigid enough to freeze the soul over.

I feel there is still much to be told here.

A night court and a further growing corruption.

It's true, she is only curing the symptoms, but the cause...the cause grows darker with each passing day.

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