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A reimaging of DBZ with ponies! and my own personal view

Edited chapter 1 by Stardust
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Re-re-edit: 1-11

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im telling you right now, i am probably the biggest DBZ buff their is, and i have read several thousand fanfics in both the mlp and dbz area

i will, however, give you an accurate and dedicated review after i read the 1st chapter. lets put it this way, if i like it, and i hope i do, i will be following

ok, grammar aside, this was a decent adaptation of the 1st few dbz episodes in pony form. lol rainbow dash as piccolo, and twilight sparkle is goku huh? that..well let me tell you, that was a good choice, as they are friends, but revere each other as rivals. i wouldnt be surprised if you wrote in later on having Trixie as vegeta. would be nice. im kinda fanboying this a bit...i loved it all in all. grammar wasnt too bad. i give it a like and a follow

Seems like Rainbow Dash would better suited as Vegeta. Oh well! :rainbowkiss:


I REALLY like Trixie as Vegeta. lol I may have drawn inspiration from Vegeta when writing for Trixie in my fic XD.


The funny thing about this is some of the voice actors on FiM actually did work on DBZ. Like Scott McNeil (Flam) voiced Piccolo and Jeice. Cathy Weseluck, who voices Spike, actually voiced Chaozu. Also, Tabitha St. Germain, Rarity, voiced Dende and Gotenks.

That aside, I couldn't help but think about Dragonball Z Abridged the whole time. I can just see Rainbow Dash yelling "DOOOOODGE!" And... Snails is Nappa?

Wow, gotten much more comments than my first story, quite a big deal for me :)

Yeah, I'll admit some of my choices were weird. I chose to focus on the roles depending on races over who would most likely fit. For example I've replaced the Namekians with the Pegasi and the Saiyans with the Unicorns. Which is why you have Rainbow Dash replacing Piccolo and such and Snails as Nappa (I will admit though I did consider to replace him with an OC, but I decided against it and needed a canon character instead). I will warn though that I will probably need to hacksaw Rarity's horn off to avoid complications with the Unicorns being near instinct, but I might keep it since having it isn't too big a deal.

I will also admit that I almost used some DBZ abridged dialogue... but you have to admit it wouldn't work.


Hmmm, while this does work I think it would have been better if you made the pagsus the sayians while the unicorns the namekians. When you tihnk about the namekians use ki to a much more mystic extent than the sayians who only use it for combat. Also things to point out while I see your trying to contrast personalites between the ponies and the characters you'd be better off judt sticking to the one.228983 I take that title.


hahaha....yea.....ok. you think that


I do see your point and probably would've done that more if I thought about it more. But at the same time, though it did start off with me imaging Twilight as Goku and Spike as Gohan and it's really were it worked from. Plus you have more unicorns for there to be saiyans. So I admit it does criticise that I was looking at handing out roles depending on races. But I guess it was more of a mix.

And yeah, it's just that some characters I find difficult, like Pinkie Pie and also it doesn't get the re-enactment of the story moving unless I borrow some of the original character traits, in my opinion.

But thanks for your comment (Wish other people would comment to be honest, some are just rating and don't tell me why they like it, though I will admit its probably just because its a re-enactment of the DBZ story, with ponies!)


Not bad but you keep making mistakes with wording for example Regained consciousness, Spike woke up. Regained is past tense and you should be using words like that in presence tense. For example you could have said "Reganing consciousness, Spike began to wake up. Also “Oh, well, to be honest. I didn’t really teach, Twilight anything?” the question mark was probably a keystroke mistake but it's good to watch out for these thing.


231725 Yheah, I'll understand why people don't say why they like or don't like because it means we're just going to change the stuff they like and add stuff they don't.

Wait, so, who are Tien Shinhan, Krillin, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu specifically supposed to be in this?


Tien is Applejack/Big Macintosh and Chiaotzu is Applejack/Big Macintosh (Take your pick really), Yamcha is Rarity and Pinkie Pie is Krillin.

But oh darn I've gotten a boo, from someone. I'd like to know why though to be honest. Sorry but although I don't really pay attention to ratings unless the person justified it with a comment, it drives me nuts when someone says they just don't like it (And yes I know not everyone can like a story)... I must know :twilightangry2:


still loving this.. it makes me wonder though, did you make rarity and sweetie belle earth ponies, because of the whole "unicorns are sayans" thing? and for that matter, how are you going to explain other pegasi.?? going off to read chapter 3 now lelol

Angel: Hi, maggots. I'm training you. I'm also horrifying and a potential rapist, but I'm not gonna say that flat out...

Everypony else: :rainbowderp::twilightoops::derpyderp1::applejackunsure:

Angel: YAH! *everypony screams*

Sorry, I couldn't help it when I noticed Angel was Mr. Popo :rainbowlaugh:


....Wait a second....nobody has died yet....intresting...


Yeah, I was never one for Yamcha's death, which DBZ abridged made good fun out of :ajbemused: . But it's also because I thought it be a great waste of Rarity and I want to add my own spin to this story. So yeah the death count won't be as predictable (I'm sure you know some deaths that will have to happen) and may alter the course of the story, especially when we get to the Pegasus saga (Yes, I might keep on writing this pass that point). But hope it might not tiff too many people about keeping it true to DBZ and little more MLP.


257629 Hmm but the thing is Yamcha's death was so that there was an even number with the Ginyu force and Rarity is a unicorn so........yheah, how your gonna play that one out I have no idea.

So what are Trixie's and Snail's power levels? :trixieshiftright:

Also, :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

OVER 9000!!!!! haha i kid, this was good, getting better.

also, shameless plug time
a friend of mine is selling a COMPLETE MLP:FiM blind bag box of all 24 figures on ebay, it DOES have all 24 unique



If you're referring to when the Ginyu force appeared on Kai's planet, (I don't mean to sound like a total nerd when I say this) but I belief it was a filler and doesn't really contribute to the story, if you don't mind me saying. Although I will admit that I'm switching between the Manga and Anime, I can really just ask that you trust me:ajsmug:

And thanks everyone else for commenting and you to Ice.


258401 I'm not entirley sure myself if it was but I'll trust you.


Oh yeah, also forgot to re-mention that I hack-sawed Rarity's horn off to avoid confusion. So she's an Earth pony in this universe instead of a unicorn... she won't miss that horn.


259285 That'd be important to mention.


Sorry, I'll probably try and highlight it a little more in me story.



????: Dude, they let her go.

????: So?

????:....Good point.

I can only wonder who freeza is:rainbowkiss:


Okay, I know the time things are off but that's probably for the best when you think about it. Also since alicorn can''#t be super sayian anymore would it just be Twilight's flame style?


Yeah the time things are intentionality way off for the purposes that they aren't space travelling for one and I find it crazy if they waited for either months or weeks personally. But that is a good suggestion I will admit that I may even go with that, thanks Ice.


Dude, if anything increase the power levels PLEASE.


Sorry, because I decided not to have unicorns share the same ability as saiyans, which was to heal after every battle, mostly because their unicorns, not saiyans to start with. But also even when I watched Dragonball Z when I was 12, I could never get along with how easily Vegeta could abuse that ability and never understand how they got that powerful. I know it was probably for convenience and keep up the suspense, but honestly, Goku when from 90,000 to 3,000,000, now that's abusive.

I don't really mind you disagreeing that. Admittingly what I'm doing is probably an insult to the DBZ story, but just keep in mind its a reimage with my little pony.

Glad though that your still reading Ice, shows I ain't doing too bad that I've still got a few readers and not just writing this for fun.


348772 Fair enough but come on Goku's power level while fighting ginyu matched Frieza's base form and since Nightmare is an alicorn and I hope your going with the transformations.


Yeah, the shadowbolts didn't finish measuring her and Twilight didn't go into Kaio-Ken/Spirit element form, so I was intentionally trying to get away with trying to put an accurate power level measurement. But yeah you have a point on the whole Alicorn thing, but don't worry, I'm keeping the transformation thing, but Nightmare uses magic as an excuse. (Spoiler!) I'm not sure if you've noticed from how I've described her, but Night Mare Moon is still technically Luna or at least in her form, the form that Night Mare Moon real form, is her final form. Hope that's understandable anyways.


The cat is Porunga...BRILLIANT!


Oops, that's how I've always spelled it. My bad.

Hi i like this story so please more Chapters if ylike it ok.

Comment posted by Thy Obsessive Freak deleted Dec 25th, 2012


Thank you, glad you like, I've been considering on continuing it, but I've been editting through it first after acquiring new gramma skills. Thanks for the comment anyways :pinkiehappy:


Ah, nice to see your back.


Thank you, just started working on the next chapter.

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