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Twilight Sparkle has a new pair of wings, and she's about to learn that flying isn't quite as easy as Rainbow Dash makes it seem, even after the Pegasus volunteers to help.

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Guess I happened to stumble across this just after you posted it. Also looks like it's your first story. Congrats!

It's short, simple, and admittedly one-dimensional, but still good. A brief escape from the worries of life. I'll keep an eye out for future stuff, but a little encouragement to a new (as far as I can tell) writer never goes wrong.

I liked this story.

It was nice and simple, I can't wait to see Twilight use her new set of limbs in Season 4.

Short, sweet and fun to read. Well done!

Good story. The jokes where genuinely funny and got me to laugh, and the interaction between Twilight and Rainbow was very good, show accurate, and touching.

Very good job!

I can see this as an episode.

Really a RD story more than anything else. How did one of the most brilliant natural flying talents in recent history get the fillyhood nickname "Rainbow Crash"? In some ways, this is one of the better answers I've seen offered here on FIMFiction.

I'm still hoping that we get at least one "Twilight in Flying School" story... possibly with Scootaloo and Derpy too.

*laughs softly* Good old RD, she might not be the most mature but her heart is almost always in the right place. She just needs to mature a little more.

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