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Rainbow sat in her workshop going over the designs of a new armor. The MK-III had been too damaged to bother repairing so she moved on to another design. The new design was made from a denser metal and had a few extra tricks in it.

Rainbow's stomach growled in protest to her continued work. "Okay time for a break," she told herself. She made her way upstairs and to the kitchen where she started making herself a sandwich. Just as she was about to take the first bite the lights turned off.

Rainbow put her sandwich back on the plate and looked around suspiciously. "T.A.N.K.?" she called out. She grew more concerned when there was no response. Rainbow got up and edited the kitchen. As soon as she rounded the corner to her living room a voice called out.

"I am Iron Mare," the cultured voice spoke. Rainbow whipped her head towards the living room where she could just barely make out the silhouette of a stallion standing at the window in the far side of the room. "That's a very powerful statement. And very dangerous," the stallion said.

"Do I know you?" Rainbow asked, glaring at the stranger.

The stallion, wearing a trench coat and black pants, turned to her and walked around her couch slowly. A horn lit up on his head and Rainbow could see a mustache on the stallion. I am Director Fancy Pants of S.H.I.E.L.D.," the stallion said with authority, the name of the organization sparking Rainbow's interest. "And I'm here to talk to you about the Harmony Initiative."

Author's Note:

And Boom. Okay show of hands who saw that coming? Anyways its been great writing this story and I'm really happy you guts are a little more vocal than a lit of other authors seem to get. I really appreciate the support.

And now a word from my co writer, General Soarin:

Hello, General Soarin’ here. I just wanted to say thank you to Iron Brony for offering the spot on this story. It was great to edit, and I hope it was great for you guys to read. You see, I’m not as interested in superhero fics as most people. However, this fic changed that view, and I truly enjoyed it. Enough of me, I hope you enjoyed!

And now...

Coming soon to a Fimfiction near you...

Spider-Mare: Cat's Claws. A short story pitting our favorite web head against the new thief in Manehattan... The Black Cat.


The Incredible Flutterage. Fluttershy is a young biological researcher trying to find out why a population of rabbits near Dogder City is fading away. An fellow researcher comes to her with a solution to the problem. Gamma Radiation. Unwilling to test on the rabbits Fluttershy tests the experiment in herself first. The results are catastrophic. Years later the timid pegasus is on the run and searching for a cure. Can she find a way out before General Hurricane finds her?

Stay tuned.

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Comments ( 21 )

BOO-YAH! Also like I said I'll try and available for the Spider-Mare story okay?

3572907thabk you. I'll send you the first chapter soon. Please tell me you have a gmail. If so I need your account name.

3574862. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

no no no ugh:facehoof: you got the characters all wrong rainbow would be a better thor and twilight would be iron mare because out of the two who do you think would actually have the knowledge to build an ironman suit the flight school dropout:rainbowhuh: or the genius unicorn:twilightblush: also with rainbow as iron mare she doesn't need the rocket boots to fly she has wings and they need to be uncovered to work a fundamental weakness to the suit:facehoof:

anyway i said my piece i shall read this later after i get through twilight thor because twi best pony :twilightblush:

5077665 You are judging a story you haven't even read. You have no idea what happens and you're giving me baseless criticism. Read the story then tell me what I did wrong.

5099485 Thanks. I tried to keep everyone pretty balanced. Had to make sure the supporting characters were relevant without overshadowing Rainbow. Happy to know I did a good job.

5490976 It's supposed to be hand. I made the story anthro. I apologize if it seems like I jump back and forth. The story started as regular ponies, but it was hard to visualize four legged creatures doing all these things so I made a change.

loved the story but to me fancy pants does not make a good nick fury but other then that good story what do you think Akuma.

AkumaTH:ehh not enough violence

DS:well your a violent guy

AKuma:at least i'm not a tg

DS:you still bitching about that

Rouge:he is I thought he stop complaining about it

DS:any way give this a A rank so close to being a S rank

wonderful story! although I think shining armor would have made a great nick furry. in my own opinion of course

6483241 Shining is busy with other things. Check out Twilight's story for more info. Admittedly there are other characters that could have filled the role Shining is, but I wanted to challenge myself. Try something I don't see very often.

fair enough u are the writer. still wonderful story loved the details and the closeness to the movies

most welcomed my friend

7215122 Iron Mare is teaming up with Spider Mare in another story.



Well I better go catch up on your Spider-Mare stories! :pinkiehappy:

7273752 Not totally required, but I appreciate your support.


I was gonna read it either way. Figured I might was well read it now. NP and CANT WAIT!!!

7332611 The story is anthro as the tag says. When I first wrote it it was just normal ponies, but While writing Flutterage, I changed to Anthro cause I liked the idea of that more. There are some spots in this story and probably others where it still says hooves and such. Just things that escaped my notice when making the changes. If you tell me specifically where these mistakes are I will fix them. otherwise they will remain.

What did Comet Dash mean by "mistake"?

maybe it was something about the extra vibranium in the ARC reactor?

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