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Round Two

Rainbow landed inside her workshop as soon as Glory had told her the suits power was dropping below fifty percent. "That was amazing!" she exclaimed as she landed.

"You aren't the only one who thinks so," Glory said, indicating a monitor behind Rainbow's desk. Rainbow looked at the screen and smiled inside her helmet. The news was playing what looked like her Sonic Rainboom on a shaky camera.

"This footage of what appears to be a Sonic Rainboom, something thought to be a myth, was shot by a hiker in the White Tail woods earlier today," the news mare said with a fake smile.

The stallion next to her smiled a little more naturally. "I tell ya those woods are like the Everfree forest of new age myths. First the Green Giant sightings and now this. Hey maybe that's where Spider-Mare is from," the stallion joked.

"Oh come on. She's on the news enough. Talk about the Rainboom," Rainbow complained.

"Is that really the issue here?" Glory asked rolling her eyes.

"With her, fame is always the problem," T.A.N.K. said wryly.

"It's not the fame, it's the competition," Rainbow defended, still looking at the news.

"Well, I think you should more worried about getting less publicity. Could you imagine what would happen if the public saw you in that armor?" Glory asked, noticing Rainbow had yet to take it off. "Speaking of which, are you going to get out of that? It must be uncomfortable."

Before Rainbow could reply, she was interrupted by the T.V. "Breaking news report from our correspondent in the Saddle Arabian conflict, Lucky Shot. It appears a village just a few miles from an Equestrian Forward Operating Base is under attack. Lucky what's going on over there?" the news mare asked as the screen switched to a green stallion standing in a desert, wearing a bulletproof vest as explosions and gunshots were heard in the distance

Rainbow and Glory looked at the screen intently. "I don't have a lot of details at the moment Scoop, but the attackers appear to be Diamond Dogs," Lucky said, grabbing Rainbows interest when more. "I'm unsure what the reason for this seemingly unprovoked attack is, but the Diamond Dogs are taking hostages in order to keep our military out of the conflict. It's difficult to watch, but I will stay with the story as long as I can," the stallion assured as the pony with the camera panned away from the speaker to the actual conflict.

"As you can see the Saddle Arabians are unable to defend themselves," the stallion's voice could be heard trailing off distractedly. "Hey, hey get a shot of that guy," Lucky said, the camera panning again to another hilltop on the other side of the village. Rainbow could just barely make out a white dot on top of the hill. The picture zoomed in and Rainbow's jaw dropped in shock.

"That's not possible," she said in a low voice.

Glory looked at the armored pony with worry. "Dash, what's wrong?"

"That pony," the pegasus said indicating the white clad figure on the screen. "I killed him when I escaped," she explained.

Glory's eyes widened. "Are you sure?" she asked in disbelief.

"I shot him with a rocket. I'm sure," Rainbow said, anger starting to boil in the pit of her stomach at the sight of Ghost. "T.A.N.K. map a course for Saddle Arabia," Rainbow ordered as she started walking back to the bay doors.

Glory was shocked. "Rainbow the suit needs to recharge. Plus we aren't even sure if it can handle combat," Glory said, trying to get in Rainbow's way.

"Well we're about to find out," Rainbow said, walking past Glory. "Keep an eye on that report. Give me updates as necessary," she continued as she activated the thrusters.

"Rainbow they have hostages. You'll get somepony killed," Glory said, trying to grab the suit with her magic to stop Rainbow.

"Way I see it, those ponies are going to die if nopony steps in to help," Rainbow said, the face mask flipping upwards, revealing the anger in her eyes. "Glory when I said what we'd be doing, did you really think I planned something else for armor that could take a missile to the face and hold up?" Rainbow asked.

Glory looked her boss in the eye, and after a moment released her magic. "I was hoping it wouldn't just be about revenge," she said, lowering her head.

"Every hero has to start somewhere. We don't all get to be saints like Spider-Mare," Rainbow said as she lifted higher off the ground. "I'll be back soon," she told the unicorn before taking off at top speed, following a glowing line on her HUD.


A burly Diamond Dog watched with satisfaction as his unit separated the stallions from the rest of their prisoners. "Put them against the wall. We need to show the Equestrians we're serious," he told his men, who smiled at the order. The stallions were quickly lined up and their families were forced to watch, the foals crying at the thought of losing their fathers.

The lead Dog was about to give the order to fire when a thunderous boom was heard overhead. Everyone looked up to see a prismatic explosion of color in the sky, with a rainbow trail headed their way.

"What is that?" one of the Dogs asked as a silver object came into view.

"It must be the Equestrians responding. Shoot the prisoners," the lead dog ordered.

Just as one dog raised his weapon to shoot, the object from the sky landed on him with a metallic thud, crushing the dog.
The rest of the terrorists and the Saddle Arabians looked on in shock as a pony shaped figure climbed out of the small crater.
It looked around at the attackers and hostages. "You have one chance to surrender," it told them, its voice distorted electronically.

The lead dog pointed his gun at the armored pony and opened fire, his comrades following his example. The pony just stood in place as bullets ricocheted off of the metal plating.

"That's kinda the answer I was hoping for to be honest," it said as it launched forward, propelled by the thrusters on its feet, at the nearest diamond dog, crushing him against a wall. It then picked up its enemies gun and threw it at the next target hitting him square in the head.

As the armored pony attacked his men the lead dog snuck off behind a wall and pulled out a radio. "Sector D is under attack by an unknown enemy. Hostile is heavily armored, but doesn't seem to have any weaponry," he stated, and sat waiting for a response.

"It's about time she showed up. Sit tight we're sending the drones your way," Ghost said from the other end.
Before the diamond dog could respond further a metal hand smashed through the wall he was hiding behind and wrapped around his neck. The pony ripped him through the wall and threw him on the ground. Just as it was about to crush his head under foot a Saddle Arabian stepped forward.

"This Dog murdered my family. Allow me to end his dishonor," he said his eyes filled with anger. The armored pony regarded the interrupter for a moment, before glancing at the dog.

"He's all yours," it said, lowering its foot and walking over to the wall it found him behind. The dog looked away from the armored pony to see the Saddle Arabian pointing a gun at him. He was shot before he could protest.


Ghost watched from his hilltop where a mobile command center had been set up. Five Diamond dogs sat in the back with military laptops in front of them, each one looking like it was meant for video games.

Then he heard the boom. Ghost looked up at the sky, staring in slight shock at the Sonic Rainboom. "That was unexpected," he said as an object hurtled out of the sky and landed somewhere near the center of the village. Gunshots could be heard shortly after and Ghost heard his radio crackle to life.

"Sector D is under attack by an unknown enemy. Hostile is heavily armored, but doesn't seem to have any weaponry," a captain said, the fear evident in his voice.

Ghost smiled. "It's about time she showed up. Sit tight, we're sending the drones your way," he told the Dog, knowing the soldier wouldn't survive. The white clad pony turned to the dogs in the mobile command center. "Bring the Pheonixs around to Sector D. Our guest of honor has arrived," he told them as the dogs activated their laptops and started maneuvering the controls.


Rainbow walked over to where she had found the Diamond Dog hiding and inspected his radio. "Who were you calling?" she asked herself.

"Dash? Can you hear me?" Glory's voice said over the comm system.

"Loud and clear Glory. What's up?" Rainbow asked dropping the radio.

"You aren't going to believe this, but... well look up and tell me you see them," Glory said, worry in her voice.

Rainbow quirked an eyebrow as she turned her head skyward. Her eyes widened at the sight of the five drones headed in her direction. "T.A.N.K. scan those drones. I want the make and model," Rainbow said as she prepared to take off.

"I already did. They are the Phoenix drones you demonstrated before your capture," the A.I. informed.

"Oh, now they're just trying to piss me off," the armored pony said as she launched into the air to intercept the drones.

Just as she got in their sights, Rainbow noticed the rockets and machineguns mounted on her creations. "That's new," she said, changing course right before the guns started spinning up, firing hundreds of bullets. The armor protected Rainbow from what hit her. "Damn. T.A.N.K. keep them on radar, I don't want any surprises," Rainbow said as she watched her radar. Two of the dots following her broke off from the main group and started moving in from the sides.

"Wait for it," Rainbow said to herself, keeping a close eye on the two dots. "Now!" she shouted, propelling herself to the right, colliding with one of the drones. The drone was torn apart as Rainbow crashed through it, the debris knocking a wing off of the other drone, sending both spiraling out of the air.

Rainbow quickly recovered from the collision and looked to her radar to see the remaining Phoenix drones still on her tail.

"Ma'am, the drones are locked on to you," T.A.N.K. warned, as an alert flashed onto Rainbow's HUD.

"Noticed," Rainbow said, as she glanced at the falling wreckage from the destroyed drones and fell into a steep dive to catch up with it. The drones behind her fired their missiles just as Rainbow activated a magnet and grabbed a wing from the debris. She threw it behind herself and was rewarded with the sound of an explosion. "Well that's one," she told herself.

"Two missiles remaining," T.A.N.K. informed.

"Okay let's try something a little trickier," Rainbow said with a smile. She turned herself around and set herself on a crash course with the missiles. Just before she collided with them she rolled out of the way and passed the projectiles, which changed course and followed after her.

"So far so good," Rainbow said as she set herself in the path of the drones. She increased her speed as a smirk formed on her face. "Surprise, assholes," she said as she dropped out of the way and watched from her dive as the missiles collided with the drones.

Rainbow started laughing in her helmet. "Oh man that is classic. Take that Spider-Mare," she celebrated.

"There is one drone remaining," T.A.N.K told her, putting an end to the celebration.

Rainbow turned in the air to see the last Phoenix headed right for her. "Oh, you wanna play? Well then come and get me," Rainbow said as she flew straight at the drone. The armored mare smashed into the drone without blinking. The debris from the drone exploded around her.

"Ha! Nopony beats Rainbow Dash!" she cheered as she tried to correct her flight path again. After a minute of struggling she saw what the problem was. A chunk of the drone had jammed itself into her thruster boot, disconnecting the wiring and disabling the thruster.

"Crapcrapcrap!" Rainbow shouted as she plummeted to the earth for the third time in her life. She hit the ground hard and was a little dazed as she picked herself up out of the crater she had made. "That wasn't my worst landing," she said as she climbed out of the hole, only to be greeted by an army of diamond dogs. As soon as they saw her the terrorists opened fire.


Ghost watched from the ground as the final drone was destroyed and Rainbow dropped out of the sky. Needless to say the masked pony was seething at the constant failure of his men.

"I always have to do everything myself," he said angrily as he drew his sword from beneath his cloak and started walking towards the village. The Diamond Dogs in the command center, simply watched in confusion.


Rainbow had just finished knocking out the last Diamond Dog when she heard a voice behind d her. "Its good to see you've made upgrades to your design. The last one lacked style," Ghost commented, noting that Rainbow's armor looked well worn from her battle up to this point.

"You should have seen it earlier. Looked even better when I started taking out your army," Rainbow said as she turned to face her enemy.

"I think that's enough pleasantries. My employer needs that armor and I don't think you'd be willing to just hand it over," Ghost said as he started walking forward.

"Really Ghost. You think your going to just take it from me?" Rainbow asked as she used a magnet to pick up one of the fallen diamond dogs gun and propelled it at her enemy. She couldn't have been more shocked when the gun seemed to just pass through Ghost as though he weren't even there.

"Ghost? What an appropriate name. I think I'll stick with it," he said as he lunged forward sword first, truing to stab Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow dodged out of instinct and was glad she did. Ghost's sword passed right by her head, shearing off a chunk of her helmet.

How can he do that? she thought, wondering what the sword was made of.

Ghost swept Rainbow’s legs out from underneath her and kicked her onto her back, jumping into the air and stabbing downwards at Rainbow's head. She just barely moved out of the way in time, but noticed what looked like a computer screen on Ghost's left forearm. Her eyes widened

"T.A.N.K. I need the magnets overloaded now," Rainbow said as she kicked a leg upwards, knocking Ghost off of her.

"The power dampeners would prevent an overload," the A.I. informed.

"Of course they would," the mare said annoyed as Ghost lunged at her again. Rainbow stumbled backwards to avoid the stroke, but the blade sheared off a piece of the left shoulder plate.

That's it, Rainbow told herself as she formed a plan in her mind. Rainbow charged into to attack and Ghost responded by swinging his sword upwards at her. Rainbow dodged the stroke, but stuck one of her hands in it's path. The sword readily sheared off the end of a layer of metal and exposed the inner circuitry. Frayed wires stuck out of the glove and Ghost laughed.

"Well that looks important," he said as he stabbed at the wires, cutting through several more inside the armor.

"It was. That was the power dampener to a very powerful magnet," Rainbow said as she charged power into the magnet and swiped her hoof at Ghost's left arm. Ghost jumped back and lunged forward again. Rainbow kicked another gun from her earlier fight at the charging stallion.

Ghost was stunned when the gun collided with his head knocking him off his feet.

"So you use a lot of stealth tech then," Rainbow said approaching Ghost. "Its funny really. I'm pretty sure my dad's company made a system similar to the one strapped to your leg," she said as she stood over the stallion. "So what are you, a disgruntled employee or something?"

Ghost flinched at this. He then rolled away from Rainbow and swung his sword again, aiming at Rainbow's head. The armored mare lifted a hand and charged her stabilizer. She then hit Ghost with a blast of energy that knocked Ghost back into a house.

"Did I forget to mention the dampeners were for my thrusters too?" Rainbow asked, the sarcasm barely noticeable over the exhaustion. "T.A.N.K. scan for a heat signature," Rainbow said as she stood up and started checking her thrusters.

"No signatures detected," T.A.N.K. informed calmly.

"Good cause it's gonna take awhile to get this stabilizer back in working order. I don't really feel like walking home," Rainbow said as she started reconnecting wires. Once she was done she launched into the air and flew home, an unfamiliar feeling in her stomach.


Spitfire arrived at the Air Force base in Cloudsdale. She had received an urgent message about the attack in Saddle Arabia and was curious as to why her bosses wanted to see her about it.

She arrived outside the office of her superior, General Hurricane, and knocked. "Come in," a gruff voice said from within.
Spitfire entered and saluted. "You wanted to see me sir?" she asked.

"Yes. I assume you are aware of the attack earlier today?" Hurricane asked. Spitfire nodded, but kept quiet. "Well there was an interesting development during the attack. Several Phoenix drones and an unknown vehicle were seen by our satellites. We had to shut down a news broadcast to keep things quiet," the General explained.

"What do you need me for sir?" Spitfire asked, more confused than when she had arrived.

"We need you to tell us if Dash Industries is working on any experimental technology. Whatever intervened in the attack was more advanced than anything we have. Is there anything you can tell me Captain?" Hurricane asked, giving Spitfire a searching glare.

Spitfire immediately thought of the project that Rainbow was working on, but she didn't think it was possible that something so small could be so dangerous. "Nothing comes to mind sir. Is there anything else I can do to help?" she asked in her most official voice.

The General stared at her for a few more moments. "No, that's all. You are dismissed," he said. Spitfire saluted and departed, a destination in mind. Rainbow you have some explaining to do, she thought to herself.


Hours after his defeat Ghost pulled himself from the wreckage of the home and looked at his left arm where the fried controls were. Most of it was fine, but Rainbow had rendered the intangibility drive useless "She is getting more and more infuriating each time we meet," he said to himself as he pulled out a radio from beneath his cloak. "I need immediate evac," he ordered to the Diamond Dog on the other end.

"Yes sir," the dog replied without question.

Ghost sighed. "Well this is going to be an unpleasant week," he said as he started shimmering. After a few seconds all traces that a pony had been in the village a moment ago were gone.

Author's Note:

Holy Shit. Excuse my language. I've just spent a good half hour just on making sure this chapter is formatted for its release correctly. My advice if any of you plan to switch to just a tablet for your writing... GET A FREAKING KEYBOARD!!! The one touchscreen I'm using sucks. Anyways here we are again thank you all for reading and sorry this took so long. Stay Tuned.

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