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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


This story is a sequel to Mega Mare Dash

Three Months pass since the defeat of the Chaos Soldiers. Now they have return and Rainbow Dash must take up her armor once more to stop them. It the return of Mega Mare Dash!

Here is the second Mega Mare Dash story. I sticking to the Mavericks from the game, and the story will be around Rainbow Dash fighting them. Last time, I base Rainbow upgrades for armor base off the picture, this time I might use the armor from the game. However, if any one wants they can send me a piece of their own armor for Rainbow. I'll place them in the same areas as the game.

And yes Night Star returns but, like before she doesn't show until near the end. Oh, and same cast as before.

Cover belongs to Danmakuman. Not a bad drawing don't ya think?

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 29 )

So... if this is a story sequel, why not put in the prequel code? :rainbowhuh:

You spelled Rainbow wrong in the short description.

3799101 Not sure how it works.:rainbowhuh:
3799152 Oops! I'll fix that.:twilightoops:

3799261 Thanks, I'll give it a try.

first things first. i love the idea behind your Mega Mare stories, they're pretty solid.

but in all honesty, its becasue of that that i cant let this slide.

3880244 Ok, first thing first, I'm glad you like the story, it make me what to write more of it, but in honesty, :flutterrage: CAN PEOPLE STOP TELLING ME ABOUT MY GRAMMAR!!! I know it bad, I know I should get a editor but they, either, are not online or got busy with other things. I know there should be some words in place of others but the problem is, even though I'm 23, I can't spell them. I know them, I can say them, I just can't spell them.: :fluttershbad: Sorry, I just get relay tried of hearing about my grammar. Thanks for reviewing my story. Did you read the question blog about what I should do for the next chapter for Wheel Gater stage?

3880303 I havent read it, so i'll check it out in a sec.

also, if you have problems getting your editors online, try using a word programs spell checker, as its what i do for my stories, to do some basic changes.

3881099 By the way, I went ahead and started Mega Mare Zero. It a little different then the Mega Mare Dash Stories, but I was trying something new. It still has Zerofire, one of the main characters from the Mega Mare Dash stories, but a lot different then the one in these stories. Like with Mega Mare Dash, it in the Megaman Fanbase. Check it out when you get the chance.

Cool. I'd say the cheat would be a good way to go. ^^ Will there be other Megamare stories in the future? Like BN and SF based ones? Cause that'd be so awesome.

4114300 Yes, BN and SF will appear but they are in a different timeline of the Mega Mare Stories. This timeline is following the X, Zero and ZX games. The other timeline is following Mega Man, BN, and SF.

4114507 I made two blogs for each Timeline telling them the ideas I have for them. Just look for Mega Mare Timeline and Mega Mare Dash Timeline and you should see them.

continue the story and add more chapters 4 me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase:raritystarry:

I cant wait any longer I want to see how the story continues

5496768 I having a small bit of trouble with Bubble Crab. Just mostly his stage.

5496796 never give up my friend

5503357 So how was that preview of Mega Mare Dash 3?

6912005 Don't worry, it not. I'm having trouble with Bubble Crab stage.

6912484 Oh thank God... thanks. Take your time :pinkiesmile:

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