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Luna Cosmic Nightmane

Greetings everypony,thine name is Luna and I am here to read interesting stories.


3 years ago a trainer defeated Team Chaos and they were never seen again
so she continued her journey defeating gyms and eventually became a champion but then she disappeared to go to train her pokemon, her mom tried to call her but never answer or her mom forgot to give her phone number

Now the Neon Chaos are back and stealing more Pokemon but there is another trainers stand in their way
A legend has begun....

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 49 )

Should I choose the fire-type pokemon Cyndaquil?

Should I choose the water-type pokemon Totodile?

Should I choose the grass-type pokemon Chikorita?

Ummm, is this basically ponies replacing humans in the pokemon world?:unsuresweetie:

Should I choose the water-type pokemon Mudkip?

Oh please oh please oh please oh please OH PLEASE pick Chikorita!! Chikorita is ADORABLE!!!

This story needs so much grammatical work, it is insane. Honestly, who's typing this? And why does it sound TOO much like Pokemon? Why, of all ponies, were the Princesses nominated? Couldn't you make up OCs for this matter? Plus, from what I've gathered, this "Rainbow" in the Prologue isn't Rainbow Dash. It's just Rainbow; it clearly states in the summary that there was a legend. Either it really is Rainbow Dash and we're reading about the legend itself, or something is REALLY out of chronological order.

Good luck with this, buddy. Just... good luck.

Oh because its almost exactly the same as the game that's why and I have no ideas for a Oc for the main so yeah....

Dude, how convenient. I'm reading this story, and at the very bottom of the page, there's a Facebook ad about Pokemon.

2861650 If I gave you some names and general descriptions, would you use them instead? I disagree the Princesses should have this role.

Its already too late anyway....and why do you disagree on the role

2861665 The hell it's too late. All you'd have to do is just go back and change where Celestia and Luna was used & replace it with said OC. I guess they'd have to be siblings, for one, and royalty, for two, since the Royal Guard was with Luna that morning. Or you could change that dudes job and name as well...

what if I told you they were fillies cause a right age for adventure?

2861703 I would ask you to put that in the story somewhere then. That is a critical detail.

I just put this up today and something already went wrong like I already have OC names for the gym leaders

2861736 Did you expect it to take off? Well, so did I when I posted my Alicorn OC, but now it's finished with 25 chapters, 11 likes, and 13 dislikes. At least you have a positive count of likes, cry me a river. I'll go rafting on it.

EDIT: For now. Looks like it's getting dangerously close to turning negative.

oh well I'm going to work with the next chapter soon I need a break with this

2861826 I need a permanent break from this story. And here I am, with 8 years of Pokemon experience, thinking I'd give this a chance. *snorts*

I'm not giving up I played Pokemon since gold and I've gone through this before...just give this a little chance it will be good soon

2861862 Let me share with you a little something. A list:

Pokemon Red
Pokemon Stadium
Pokemon Silver
Hey you, Pikachu!
Pokemon Sapphire
Pokemon Ruby
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
Pokemon DIamond
Pokemon Emerald
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness
Pokemon SoulSilver
Pokemon White
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
And I've already preordered Pokemon X.

That's my history of Pokemon, in that order. If you've got a better list than me, then write a better crossover than I can. And I know I already have you beat. I have not just one but two handwritten Human-In-Pokeverse stories, one in 3rd-person about Lily who turns into a Gardevoir, and a role play where my friends and I take roles of our favorite Pokemon such as Raichu, Blaziken, Luxray, Rapidash, Meganium, Charizard, Froslass, and more, where we save Belle Town from a Shadow Pokemon invasion led by Giratina.

Tell you what: I'll put this on my read later list.

I almost have the same list as you upset I didn't played pokemon red or stadium also but did play poke park 1 and 2 wonders beyond also already have the pre order for Y and what you expect something different this is like SoulSilver but have differences
Edit: did play pokemon rumble,pokemon platinum,and battle colosseum also pokemon black 2



I... hope I got my point out, there... Anywho, I wanna stop this. From one Pokemon trainer to another, I wish you luck on your fanfic. As I said, I've put this on my read later list.

Umm... One more thing, if I may? I just visited your home page, where I saw your Black2 team. I suddenly got this urge to tell you my team, between trainers, you know? I don't wanna sound like an ass or anything... May I?

if you want to battle me on wi-fi just give me your friend code and your name I will show you my battling skills
Edit: just for fun and we are the same here right? peace...

2861985 umm, no, I just wanted to share, in a similar way that you have, a couple of my best pokemon. I'm asking for permission first.


I need a permanent break from this story.

I'm sure that if I, as the proofreader for all things grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and suggestive (not that kind), can be willing to proofread this to the end, I'm sure you should be able to simply read a more advanced product. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

2862285 What? Anyone can proofread and edit this, even I could.

2862746 Would you do it without complaints?

2862784 This might sound dumb, but... I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that. Are you asking if I'd take up the role of proofreader/editor without complaining? Well... I could do it, but I'd probably still think them, to be honest.
Unfortunately, I've already done my share of complaining.

2864316 Yes, that was my question.

My retort would be that I have learned the art of the open mind and am using it to help others in the fandom. My reasoning for proofreading is that I want to help others become better writers kinda like how I have.

I've done a ton of papers, whether they are research or creative writing, and I've learned many things from those experiences. I've made it my duty to help others learn these things as well, but with the help of another person, rather than with yourself and a grammar/spelling/punctuation book.

2864584 As you can probably tell with my typing, I also have quite the bit of experience in this field. Not only have I written those two Pokeverse stories, I've also written multiple mini-works in school, and I've got 6 fics published here.
Since Kindergarten I've had a knack for writing. (well, all things, actually: I was the top of my class in every subject up until 3rd grade) I've been writing for a very long time, mostly on my own. All the grammar & spelling classes back in school is what I still go by now, and other than that, I've always been a lone wolf.

If I wanted to teach someone, it would come out in a format of auto-correct. That's why I cant proofread/edit. I don't have the patience for other people.


If I wanted to teach someone, it would come out in a format of auto-correct. That's why I cant proofread/edit. I don't have the patience for other people.

I think that's an understandable reasoning. That's probably the main thing a proofreader needs when working with first-timers: patience to help guide them to the end.
If the person who's writing already knows how to write, but only has a few grammar mistakes, it's only a matter of listing all the mistakes made once every thousand words. The person who wrote the story just needs to correct these as they're just simple errors that were looked over.

A first-timer does not have the experience putting out many stories and, while having knowledge of what to do in general, would not have the experience tied with creating many stories or writing several research papers.

2865347 On this site, (said person) asked me to proofread one chapter of (said story). According to him, I did a very good job. Since this guy was relatively good, I took the offer. I was to look through his rough draft & point out any mistakes or inconsistencies I found.
Since he said I did a good job, I started offering proofreading services, but quickly found it rather tedious, monotonous, and boring.

Therefore, I could do it. I guess I think it's just boring and would rather write my own story.

That said, I wish you luck with this story. And good luck to you too, Princess of the Night.

2865413 That's one of the reasons why I don't have too many proofreading projects happening at the same time. I'm spreading them out as I take my summer vacation.

And thank you, I wish you luck writing as well, Blazing.

Well as soon I get more ideas...then you shall get more....

But thank you very much for the support I'm sure the second chapter will come out very soon hopefully...

3321593 oo I have an idea what if Luna's starter Pokemon is lunastone and Celestia 's was sole rock

Sorry for the late reply....this is exactly like heartgold and soulsilver so I can't do that but I can make Luna catch a Lunastone and Celestia catch a Solrock...

Comment posted by Luna Cosmic Nightmane deleted Nov 8th, 2013
Comment posted by Luna Cosmic Nightmane deleted Jun 18th, 2014
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