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Rainbow Dash has big plans for this summer, especially with the new filly friends she's made. They'll learn the value of living life to the fullest, the bonds of friendship, and maybe even romance. [Author: I'm probably going to change a lot of things about this story, including tags....]

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Maybe you should Re-do it. It kinda just runs on, everything happens all at once and it's got some pretty weird grammar in places.

>>Mayojar77 Thanks for the comment, I probably will be redoing the story any way, because I had this great idea for the story that I should've put in earlier. (Sorry, my recommend button thing isn't really working....)

I tried, I really did, but that was impossible to follow. Dash's dreams are connected to Celestia? Does she just imagine that? Her parents died like batman's? At what point in the story did they grow up? What's the plot? Is there a plot?

2579915 It's fine, I totally understand. This chapter does not have a plot at all because it is just supposed to introduce the characters, but I've already heard that I need to rewrite this, and I'm planning on it, because I got a great new idea anyway. It may take a while to rewrite though because I have school. :fluttershysad:Only two more weeks and it'll be over; so I'll have time to write! :twilightsmile:

Oooh I like is so far :rainbowdetermined2::heart::eeyup:

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