• Published 26th Apr 2013
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Blissful Dream - kalash93

Fluttershy and her lover enjoy the evening and each other.

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I exceeded expectations, no?

In a good way.:yay:
The closest I ever came to that was Chapter 10 of my HiE fic.

Very nicely done. Fluttershy seemed a little more aggressive then normal but good all the same.
A thumbs up And a falsely innocent looking fluttershy. :fluttershbad:

2487587 My my, I did not expect this at all. Nice job though, one of the better clops I've read.

Amazing I loved it!

That picture is kinda freaking me.out :applecry:

I hit the front page for the first time in over a week (I normally go straight to dashboard), planning to head over to “browse” and start looking for some nice, happy Flutterclop. This story was sitting at the top of the page. Clearly Fate has declared I must read it.

Yo,kalash, I want a spike and fluttershy clop, pwease? PLEASE! ANd I want twilight to walk in, if you did this, i'd owe you big time.:twilightsheepish::fluttershysad:

Very nicely done and :yay: Fluttershy!


Almost 1500 views! W00T! Thank you all so much for reading!


BookWyrm01, I'm glad that you liked it.


TheTownCrier, I always put effort into my works.


LilRainbowShy, be careful about entering into bargains with me, especially if you try to back out of them. Offer?


adavies42, does this meant that is was featured, in popular stories, or what? Thanks for reading and liking.


lugia, now imagine all the pictures that I rejected...


Zanytiger6, I aim to please.


Prince Solstice, you flatter me. I'm good, but not be that good. It's probably one of the better HiE clops.


WIWWM, that was the point. Somepony wanted to see Fluttershy being dominant. I liked the idea, so I wrote it.


ADRNEL, that's what I like to hear! I'm glad that you like my finished product. IDK if it's geting you traffic.

I'm not sure either.
I am close to 2,000 views though.


In any case, I just gave your story a plug and a link in the A.N. at the bottom.


Um. One of the two, presumably. At this point, I really don't remember, sorry. :twilightsheepish:

Name of Story: Blissful Dream

Grammar: 7

Very descriptive.

Good English.

Grasp on what sex really is.

There's barely any show at all, only tell.

The characterisation.

Lack of explanations.

Notes: To start off with the negative. Who are these characters? They have names, but those can easily be switched out and it would make no difference for the story. The characterisation is quite lacking, and the biggest flaw of this story.

The story lacks explanation of who the human characters are and why the sex is happening. Half of it get cleared up in the end as a dream, but you just end up adding a similarly confusing character. I always felt like I had missed reading a chapter. It didn't exactly help that everything in the story was being told to me.

Some positives. You have a really good sense of grammar and could build your story up through descriptions. Although, it does become quite repitive at times.

You do manage to put words to the sex in a good and believeable way. That's not something many authors are capable of doing.

As a final note; this story was sadly not for me.

IF you do make my story, I will specify a story to your specific wants, post it, and I promise ANYTHING would be in that story (as long as it follows the rules of the site)Example:scootaloo walked in and suddenly took a shit. Now. I accept your offer. If you do not exept my offer you are allowed to object.


I'm not turning down your request. I just don't know when I'm going to do it. Yoy may have to wait a while.

Okay Dokey Smokey :pinkiehappy:

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