Everypony knows the Hearth’s Warming Eve tale of tribal unity and the shared rule which followed. Everypony also knows that alicorns - singular or dual - have sat on Equestria’s throne for well over a thousand years.

Very few have really looked in to what actually happened between those points.

Even Twilight Sparkle, until a chance encounter leads her to an alarming discovery: Neither she, nor any other alicorn, has actually held any legal right to Equestria’s throne. They are technically usurpers, autocrats - even tyrants.

Still struggling with her own personal rule, having the fundamental basis for her authority swept from beneath her leaves Twilight with one simple, yet impossible question: 

Now what?

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Fluttershy. Sweet innocent Fluttershy. She’s so pure and kind. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her. Not a droplet of evil within her heart — to depict her otherwise would be character assassination.

And she’s dead.

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This story is a sequel to What Doesn't Kill You

Anon, fed up with being a handyman for the town, searches for his calling in life. And despite Twilight's assurances that he has no magic, Anon discovers avenues he's yet to explore.

If only he wasn't such an asshole.

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Rainbow Dash and Twilight, the enigmatic mares of Ponyville, stood out from the crowd with their gothic allure, their bond forged in the depths of shared darkness and intrigue. Together, they sought out adventure, delving into the mysteries that lurked in the shadows, their hearts beating as one in the embrace of their shared interests.

Rainbow Dash found herself caught in a struggle of self-expression. While toughness came naturally to her, fashion and accessories were never her strong suits. Yet, since last night, she grappled with an internal conflict, torn between maintaining her tough exterior and revealing the depths of her affection for Twilight. Would she find the courage to break free from her self-imposed constraints and express her love for Twilight in all its darkness and beauty?

I've been fighting with myself, so that this One-Shot doesn't become another Multi-Chapter-Fic. This "Saga", so to speak called "Gothic Twidash“, contains mostly gothic Horror. Not only will there be horror, there is also slice of life like this: A little of everything. :rainbowwild:

Japanese version: https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=21963437

German and Spanish version coming soon.

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Celestia is no longer who she used to be.
With preparations for the inevitable Changeling Invasion requiring more and more sacrifice from Equestria's previously unshakable ethos of pacifism and friendship, Twilight has taken a role as Celestia's, now Daybreaker, closest advisor and assistant.

She had not been prepared for what these tasks would require of her.
No longer able to reconcile her harmonic ideals with her current actions, Twilight has cut off contact with her closest friends to avoid hurting them... and herself.

But, as her unfortunate personal bodyguard is about to find out, Ponies were not meant to carry their burdens alone.

Marked Teen due to mentions of self harm and suicide

This story is based off of an unfinished roleplay arc between me and the owner of the OC featured within, Midnight Lancer. It was part of an EaW Nation Roleplay on Discord. For those of you unaware of what Equestria at War is, it's a Hearts of Iron 4 mod that ports Equestria to a WW2-ish setting.

It was written for a writing contest held in a similar server, which can be found at https://discord.gg/mares.

All credit to Midnight Lancer for letting me use his OC, and to the brilliant EaW mod team for developing the setting. Special thanks to Nico for providing a large part of the roleplaying framework in which this took place.
Disclaimer End

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This story is a sequel to The Enchanted Kingdom


I am completely restarting this story as an entirely new story to go live sometime soon. Go here for more info!

Once upon a time, there was a mare who did not believe in fairytales, and a very different mare who did not believe in herself. Their lives intertwined, weaving together a fairytale like no other, filled with chaos and love, friends and enemies, adventures and tragedies. A fairytale they felt would last forever. But it couldn't.

Be it with a bang or with a whisper, everything eventually must come to an end, whether we like it or not—their story is no different.

With nothing left to lose and everything to gain, all Rarity and Twilight can do is make sure it's an ending worth telling.

Final story in The Enchanted Trilogy.

I have moved on from Fimfiction but The Enchanted Carousel is still actively being written and published over on my personal website TALES FROM HOLLOW SHADES!

If you like my work and can afford it, please consider joining my Patreon! Funds go to paying for the chapter artworks and paying the artists more! And also helping me pay my rent ,,,,

Cover art by the fantastic Dawnfire. Chapter artworks by the incredible Arcticwaters.

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An invitation had been extended and accepted.

Astoria and Daphne takes the floo to the address their friend had given, only to arrive at the Town Hall in the form of Ponies.    Unicorn fillies, to be exact

From there, the adventure is launched.

--- --- ---

Illustrated by: ??
Written by: Kentavritsa
Edited by: Kentavritsa
Re-edited by: ???
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Ps: I may change the tags as the story develops, just as I may have to adjust the description and summary.

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Twilight Sparkle has finally perfected a device allowing ponies to speak to each other over great distances. Unfortunately, the first call she receives is from Pinkie. Things go downhill from there.

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This story is a sequel to Eyes So Dark

In an attempt to relieve her boredom as a prisoner, Rarity convinces Empress Andromeda to let her tag along on a trip to an abandoned town–a town Rarity will discover is a graveyard in more ways than one.

Takes place in an AU by Maximasmac. Artwork is also by Maxima.

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In an alternate universe, Empress Celestia is the sole ruler of Equestria - later to be surpassed by her daughters; her heirs. Princesses Sunset and Twilight had had a cozy life, until one day when their mother decided to reveal just how much truth an old pony's tale may hold - a tale that may be the beginning of a new one.

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