Retired Special Agent Sweetie Drops has been living in Ponyville as Bon Bon for just over ten years now, and aside from the occasional monster attack or magical mishap, life has been peaceful. She's happily married and has a successful career running a candy shop. Something has been preventing her from properly appreciating the quiet life, however, and that thing's name is Vinyl Scratch. Countless hours of surveillance has convinced Bon Bon of one fact, and it's that whatever Vinyl Scratch is, it's not a pony. Today is the day gets to the bottom of the mystery that has haunted for her so long: What exactly is Vinyl Scratch, and what does she want with Octavia Melody?

A Submission for the 2023 Science Fiction Contest.

Edit: Featured from the 24th to the 26th? Marvelous. Thank you all so very much!

Art commission done by my friend Raph13th, check him out!

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As certain ponies from another world can attest, there’s nothing quite like facing down a dark-winged madwoman’s fell magics to bring a group together. Of course, it wasn’t quite so cut and dry for the Crystal Prep Friendship Games team, not least because their Twilight Sparkle both was said madwoman and left them for greener pastures.

None of them can honestly blame her. Even putting aside all of Twilight’s bad memories at Crystal Prep and the better ones she made during the Games, there’s one argument that might sway even the most die-hard Shadowbolt: Canterlot High has more hotties in its student body than any of them can shake a stick at.

Especially the one who just walked into the diner where they’re having lunch.

So, ladies. Who has first dibs?

Rated T for teenagers being teenagers. Credit to Moproblems Moharmoney for several of the girls' stances on the matter.

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Sunset Shimmer's life was good, she had plenty of friends and greatly enjoyed where she had eventually ended up in life. It's a shame then that reality had a different opinion on where she belonged. Now stuck in the past prior to first leaving for the human world, Sunset will have to figure out what kind of direction she wants to take in life this time around.

After all, the future she herself lived with her friends was not reachable without doing things that she now found appalling. Even so, she knows that staying in Equestria could very well doom the world to a much darker future. If she had time to draft a plan she could probably figure out something that would keep herself out of the way while also not affecting the timeline, it's a shame then that the two princesses of Canterlot would just not leave her alone!

Apparently this thing got feature mere days after publishing... somehow.

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Watching Applejack tend to the orchard, Rainbow Dash thinks stupid, sappy thoughts such as: maybe it wouldn't be so bad to become a tree.

My silly little entry for the Arboreal Yearnings Contest. :yay:

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Story was almost cancelled, but then I realised that I still wanted to keep writing just a little further.
Just some forewarning though. This story is not for everyone. It is a slow-burn slice-of-life which lacks much serious threat. There is no big villain, and the storyline progresses quite slowly and you may get bored.
I am still new-ish to writing, so the writing quality (especially surrounding characters and dialogue) may leave something to be desired.

A story about someone with limited knowledge of the show, (basic facts on a small scale, no timeline stuff) wakes up as an alicorn (early-teen) in Canterlot. He is not happy about this fact.

General info:
No, they do not have OP alicorn powers. Yes, they are sort-of a foal, but not of baby age and this will not affect their personality or emotional-capacity in any way.
Gender swapping? No, I asked in the comments, people want a male alicorn.
Will this impact my other story (Clouds)? Probably, depends on if people want me to continue it or not.

Tags will be updated with story.

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Twilight Sparkle is enjoying a relaxing day at the beach with her friends, but her peace is broken when she hears the cries of a child in distress. Determined to help, she rushes towards the sound, only to be pulled into the air.

As she struggles to regain her bearings, she realises with horror that she is hooked like a fish.

This fic is part of the A New Empathy-series, but can be read on its own as a stand-alone story.

SCP-2468 was written by "Doc_Sanford".

Huge thanks to The Sleepless Beholder for prereading this fic!

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Luna’s entire personality glitches as she gives her newborn daughter Neoma her very first bath, much to the amusement of Celestia and Twilight. The splashing has been doubled!

Obligatory song link here: https://youtu.be/QSA-yHzkvP8

Cover art by vexx

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As part of a teambuilding exercise, the former darklord, Sombra and Cozy Glow go to the carnival. While Sombra is initially unamused by the endeavor, this changes as he learns a little bit more about Cozy.

What sort of crazy things will these two get up to?

Done as part of an art/story trade with Princeling.

Proofread by: NiCkY.

Preread by: Furious Thestral.

The cover art is just something fun that I made in my spare time. :derpytongue2:

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In a magical accident Smarty Pants becomes a filly. Will Twilight turn Smarty back, or will her heart melt as she cares for the filly?

- Special thanks to my editor MidnightBrightBrony
- Special thanks to 1110Soulite for cover art!

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It is early spring in Canterlot, and the winter term for Canterlot High is coming to a close. A two-week half term, is in inbound for all students, and there are two in particular who wish to spend some quality time together over this small spring break. Rarity and Applejack. Of course, they want to spend some time with their friends of the Main 7, as well as their newly reformed friends (The Dazzlings.) But in truth, they both desperately want to spend some quality time together, both hoping, their private feelings will blossom into more than just an obvious crush.

This is a romance fanfiction focusing on the blossoming of Applejack and Rarity's feelings for one another, as their friends cotton on, to their obvious crush for one another. Both friends and especially family, in the form of nosy little sisters, are keen to help. The two are head over heels for one another, hoping to ask the question of 'Be Mine?'

(Art by LooknamTCN on Deviantart!)

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