This story is a sequel to The Open Road

Morning Glisten isn't really a good filly. She fights with other foals, and she doesn't really trust adults. Nopony would want to adopt somepony like her. So when Princesses Sunset, Fluttershy, and Twilight take an interest in her, she'll need to become someone else to win their love.

A story set in the Who We Become series.

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This story wouldn’t be what it is without workshopping help from Wendy Gowak and Sapphire.
Proofread by Gowak, Sapphire, Moonlight, Krixwell, Eddie Grammar, and w_brown7

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Pinkie Pie loves her friends.

She's very good at showing this, too.

Even if it seems like there's nothing anypony can do—least of all her—she'll be there for you.

In memory of CoffeeBean.

Originally written for the April 2020 Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Candy Contest.

Preread by darf and r5h.

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The Elements of Harmony have become heroes in the eyes of the general populace of Equestria.

So when Twilight gets a letter from the Make-A-Wish foundation, asking her and her friends to come visit a dying colt before he passes on, it should be no issue...


Featured October 25th, 2020!

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Sunset always knew that she was destined for greatness, but she never dreamed of how great she could become. Not until she had seen it – the mirror had shown her as an alicorn. Ignoring Celestia’s warnings, Sunset goes looking for answers.

When she learns that the mirror is also a portal to another world, well, what else was she supposed to do? But it seems that she hadn’t considered every possibility. She hadn’t, for example, considered that she might get herself trapped on the other side. Nor did she think she’d find herself transformed into a child again.

(Also available in print, as an audiobook, and in Russian!)

A story set in the Who We Become series (earliest story, so a great starting point :raritywink:)

Many muches of thanks go out to ArchAngelsWings, Dessert, Mind Jack, Pasu-Chan,
CharCharChan, w_brown7, and eton975 for proofreading.
Additionally, thanks to Pasu-Chan for providing the glorious cover art :scootangel:

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In the beginning, The Great Weaver brought together the world, from the mountains to the forests. Stitching it together, the Great Tapestry connects all living and nonliving things.

The Changlings found themselves especially connected to this Tapestry. Legend says that the first Changelings fell through the world as it was woven together, only to be caught on the First Weave beneath it all.

But what happens when something else is caught in the Weave?

Prince Phasmatodea, son of Queen Chrysalis, remembers what is was like before he hatched. He remembers being a human. He remembers dying. And he fully intends on avoiding another death.

But being gifted a new life does not matter when one failure, one false step, will lead to your untimely demise in the Changling hive; for Prince Phasma must survive his toughest adversary from the start: Mother Dearest.

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Mortality is truly the bane of happiness, as Luna soon comes to find out. Time is no longer on her side—it never truly was. As such, she finds that the time she has is now limited and she doesn't know how to spend it.

Luckily for her, she has the best sister anypony could ever ask for to help her make the most of it.

Posted at the behest of Jubal.

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You ever just have one of those kind of nerve wracking conversations where you have to explain your job to some other pony that might not understand it?

Yeah, that's what I went through when I met one of my good friends, and believe me, it's never easy to explain why me, a stallion, is wearing a maid's dress to work, especially to a new friend that you're trying to make a good first impression with.

Just a silly one shot inspired by a picture drawn by lRUSU, which was in turn inspired by something I made in response to my passion project picking up comments more regularly. I told someone I'd draw my OC wearing a maid's dress if it ever picked up regular comments, and lo and behold it managed to do that shortly after as if he universe had willed it into existence.

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Rainbow Dash is many things. Mainly awesome. But romantic, certainly not. Of all the ponies who would attempt a forbidden romance, nopony would have thought she would.

Now she finds herself head over hooves in love with a mortal enemy of the country. On top of that, she has to face the one group of ponies she's terrified of rejecting her new found romance: her best friends.

[Tales of the Carnageverse]

Note: This story was created as a prompt from the RD Random Shipping Game. The game required you to roll a dice and depending on the number, you would then write a 100-500 word ship with a corresponding character. I got number 13 which was a male changeling. The rest of the story is a continuation from the prompt.

Cover Art: The Maiah

Editors: DemonRykuKyuubi, mikemeiers, Cerulean Starlight.

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A couple of friends sat around a table to discuss something surprising. Dandy tells them of a fun conspiracy, a top-secret society only known to the most elite of unicorns. In fact, he might know someone who can get them in. An old friend of theirs. How will this conversation end? Will they get into this society? Is getting in the most important thing?

For the quills and sofas speedwriting theme: high society. It also had to include unicorns.

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It's been about a year since the friendship games. The fall formal is coming up and Sugarcoat is wearing the same plain blue dress she always does. That shall not stand! Sour Sweet insists she help her pick a new one, but does she have an ulterior motive? Even if she does it's unlikely Sugarcoat will pick up on it. Subtly isn't her strong suit.

Please note that the humor of this story is very much based in dry wit and sarcasm.

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