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Hollow · 3:47am Mar 27th, 2018

Rain... Darkness... Why must we shun these things? These dichotomies of tranquility and chaos. We carry our own heat, when we bear our own light. Why don't we let our own warmth guide us? To see us through to better days, past momentary misery and inadequacies and sham and the iniquities of the powerful minority? There are so many more of us, all with our aspiring lights, our drives and dedications to do more, to think more, to become more. We stumble, we falter, we question and doubt and

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The Followers' Poem · 1:14pm Jul 19th, 2016

Art thou truly like my art?
art thou a fan of mine?
if thy is true to heart,
i thank thee, you're too kind.

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Poem #1: Summer · 10:34pm Jan 2nd, 2017


Summer days, summer nights,
Too soon they will be gone with the light.
"Come back," you say to them,
Yet too late, they have gone.
Fly away they will, as flies they will,
Like flies, their stay is short,
Spend your time wisely I say,
For, before you know it, it's gone away.

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2017 Goal · 10:32pm Jan 2nd, 2017

I plan to post at least one poem every day from now on and if I miss one (or more) day(s) then I shall fill in when I can.

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Mount Canterlot · 6:08pm Sep 5th, 2018

A book was found,
behind, beneath,
the shelves of mine,
to me, bequeathed.
Upon them sat,
my stories told,
so many lost,
both young and old.

But this one, new -
apparent age.
So old it was,
on inner page.
It's title, blocked,
in stranger verse,
in unknown words,
meaning dispersed.

I grabbed it soft,
in magic held,
with horn alit,
its words it tell'd.
I read it then,
I flipped it through,
Its pages turned,
each one so new.

I read of old,
of Canterlot,

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Black Lie · 2:43am Mar 1st, 2017

Everyone has heard of a white lie
A small little tale that only lasts for a second or two
To keep the trust down for until it's time to explode
A sin that holds no sinner in hell after death
We take a breath and spit in the face of Truth
No depth in our smile
We shutter
Everyone has told a white lie
Whether they said “I’m fine” when they weren't
Or said they hated someone when they don’t
Or even a silent jolt of happiness after dealing with depression

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Ode to the Earth Pony · 4:53pm Mar 20th, 2017

Since a poem is far too small to upload here, I figured I should offer it up via a blog post. This is something I wrote back when I first got into MLP:FIM, in fact I don't even recall when I wrote it. I do however remember writing it, considering the oddity of me writing poetry of any sort, since I've never really been interested in poetry.

Ode To The Earth Pony

It has been asked what is special about an earth pony.
Unicorns have their magic,

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Poem #5 · 4:13pm Jan 17th, 2017

The Cold Heart (Previously: My Heart is Cold) (5)

My heart is cold stone,
Made up of granite, ice, and ash,
Never did it mourn,
And many times did suffer a lash,
My heart cannot break,
It cannot tell love,
Nor does it ache,
And neither does it rove.
My heart is shattered,
It cannot take or give,
And nothing really mattered.
For no reason there was to live.
My heart has been tossed away,
And there (in the ocean) will it ever lay.

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Poem #2: The Wind · 10:35pm Jan 2nd, 2017

The Wind

Oh blow away, go away, I say,
Come back oh please, cool me off,
Then it says, “How am I to please you?"
"How can I answer every whim?"
"Tell me, oh please, the answer,
And please don't change your mind"
I said, "You come on cold days,
And you don't on warm,
Tell me why you change?"
And it said, "I go where needed,
I cannot always be here and there,
For I am bound to nowhere,
Now I must go, do not try to follow,
For you cannot catch the wind."

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Poem #11 · 4:21pm Jan 17th, 2017

The Broken Promise (11)

Oh Fair Maiden, why do you weep?
Why do you shed tears of pain?
Oh why at night can you not sleep?
She said in eager sweet reply,
"My dear sir, I am afraid,
I had a lover this past fall,
And he did promise to come to me by spring,
And I weep for fear he died."
And so I heard her tale,
And I tell it to you,
And I wonder each passing day,
If her lover will return,
For years have passed since,
And if the man is not dead,

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Birthday Poem · 8:30pm Jun 27th, 2018

Dear Bronies and Pegasisters,

Recently Milo_Chalks has written out a sort of late birthday present for me. He has given permission to post it on my blog to share with you all what he has written for me. Personally, this is extraordinary as no one has ever written a poem for me before, much less of how much effort this was put into! I enjoyed this and hopefully you will too.

Signed your fellow Writer and Closeted Brony,

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Poem: The Fall of a Phoenix · 8:04pm Jun 23rd, 2015

Retell the story,
Of fallen glory.
A Phoenix must burn before it can rise,
Costing so many their demise,
Seven long years,
Oh, her little tears...
Put to ease her fears,
Make sure she hears.
A new hero in front of your eyes,
Help him as he tries.
You lost your name,
You're far from the same.
Bring forth a change,
A system re-arrange.
A dark age of law,
You know what you saw.
A final chance,
Put an end to this dance.
Time to enhance!
Will Justice prevail,

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This Is Halloween~! · 2:41pm Oct 31st, 2018

It's Halloween. It's Halloween
The moon is full and bright
And we shall see what can't be seen on any other night

Spirits rising into the night
Werewolves howl to silver blight

Horrors rise onto the scene
Undead corpses are among the hunter's gleam
With fires and laughter to silence the screams
While hauntings arise, and spirits are seen

Let us now ascend as the coming kings
On this frightful night of Halloween!

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2 New Poems · 6:22am Jan 30th, 2018

2 New Poems both on different books on this site can you find them?


Poem #4 · 4:12pm Jan 17th, 2017

Love, Fear, Life, and Death (4)

To speak of love,
Know this to be sure,
It's symbol the dove,
And there is no cure.
To speak of fear,
With its ghastly fright,
Listen with your ear,
And you will hear it in the night.
To speak of life,
It has many great joys,
And many great woes,
Of death now I speak,
It takes young and old,
And the sick and weak,
And often it is a fate kinder that love's hurt,

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Blogs are read, violets are blue, I made this fresh blog just for you. · 9:02am Apr 4th, 2018


Part four is in its final editing stage. I will post it tomorrow, on the 5th.

Thank you for your patience; and, for reading my work. That's my favorite part. :pinkiehappy:



OC Pottery · 10:37pm Feb 16th, 2016

Pear had to stop, to think and wonder
As an alpha wolf tore his ass asunder
How he made such an awful blunder
Underneath the starry sky.

"What say you?" to the wolf, he said
As the beast made his anus spread
Alas, no reply, but growling instead,
Red was dripping down his thigh.

Some time later, the Pear was done.
The Big Bad Wolf had had his fun
No longer in any fit state to run
Stunned, his final hour was nigh.

-Ben "Pear" Pearce, 2016


Gilda: Season One - Poem · 6:56pm Dec 9th, 2016

Friends with ponies,

a Griffon can never be

Lame are the ponies for the pranks that they sortie

But roaring at Fluttershy,

Pinkie Pie could never forgive

Turning Gilda into a jokester

And ruining her friendship with the only pony she considered as great as she


Would You Believe Me... · 12:58am Jun 17th, 2016

If I said that I knew what love was, at age 14 knowing that I won't feel it again soon?

Additional poem:
I met a girl, seems like long ago
It seemed like it would work out
And my heart was screaming, and i had to shout
"I love you"
But it wasn't meant to be
We loved each other, but life didn't like what it had to see
So we went on different paths, never together
And in order, to be happy, we had to forget eachother

I know what love is, so, now, I'll let it find me

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Raining · 9:48pm Feb 15th, 2017

It's raining outside
Maybe inside too
I can't tell though
Inside, I can't feel the rain on my skin

Perhaps it's just the temperature
That would explain the cold
But not why I hear the rain falling
a steady drip-drip down my nose

I'm standing in the rain, you see
It splashes from skin to shirt
And if it's not raining
Then why are my eyes so wet?

It's hailing outside
Maybe inside too
I can't tell though
Inside I can't feel the sting of my skin

Maybe it's just me though

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