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    Long and short, I haves me a laser engraver now.
    Bad news, I can't draw worth a damn
    Worse news, I can't make heads or tails of art programs.

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    EEEEEEeeeee Mangos!

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    Third Herd is live!!!!

    Ok, so far only TikiBat knew about this because we weren't ready to go public until today, but we've a new blog, The Third Herd which will be where any previews to the story, along with Hopeling's reviews and Gavin's work reports will be posted.

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Ode to the Earth Pony · 4:53pm Mar 20th, 2017

Since a poem is far too small to upload here, I figured I should offer it up via a blog post. This is something I wrote back when I first got into MLP:FIM, in fact I don't even recall when I wrote it. I do however remember writing it, considering the oddity of me writing poetry of any sort, since I've never really been interested in poetry.

Ode To The Earth Pony

It has been asked what is special about an earth pony.
Unicorns have their magic,
Pegasi their heads in the clouds and wings to keep them there,
But what of the earth ponies?

Why they have nothing and everything,
You'll never get one to brag,
Those that are the foundation and glue of Equestria,
Who consider themselves but a stitch in the fabric of Equestria.

What's special is not what they have, but what they were given,
They are born with their hoof on Equestria's heart,
They spread her seeds, and she warns them when to tread carefully,
They care for her, and she rewards them with jewels and other valuables.

Earth ponies have no specialty, but rather they care for Equestria so she might care for all of her children, that is their duty and their reward.

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