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Zoetic Zebra

Hello you horse lovers! I'm a pegasister who was forced into the fandom and refuses to leave! You guys all rock!

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    A few things

    Numero Uno, ladies and gents, I'M NOT DEAD.

    Most of my interaction with this site has been via editing fanfiction, although with school and life My Little Pony has taken to the sidelines.

    Fear not, I'm not leaving the fandom. I still like the show (I thought this seasons was really good) and just want to be more casual with the fandom.

    (Spoilers below)

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Humanity · 4:36pm Nov 14th, 2015

Nothing has a shadow without sunshine
And nothing has exhaustion without rest
Humanity, gods greatest disappointment,
Which somehow leaves us existing, at our best.

And though the oceans turn today
The winds are rising, my good friends
It's time to find that balance
Between our beginnings and our ends

we lack that true peace,
Which all of us shall dream
And here within the quiet
There is innocence it seems

A quiet child's laughter
Or the sun after the rain
Gods greatest disappointment
Shall rise up now again

A quick poem inspired by Pedro Handers latest post. Stay hopeful everyone.

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