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  • 95 weeks
    That one song...

    That gives you enough good vibes to get through the school day

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  • 96 weeks
    Love is...

    When you're in a lot of physical pain, but the thought of that person helps you think straight.

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    Damn. Beautiful

    'Waiting is the harder option, but the thought of her smile makes me want to go through anything just to eventually be with her.'

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    I love how much he loves her.

    A dude I know has to wait for his girlfriend and I asked him how he does it, how he copes with waiting.
    He said:
    Each day I'm one step closer. That's what keeps me going.


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  • 102 weeks
    My dream may seem far fetched.

    But I don't care, I don't care that others doubt me. I'm not gonna sit and complain that it's unachievable. I'm doing my best and keeping all the hope in the world that one day the dream will come true.
    If I fail, I know I tried. If I get it, I know I earned it.

    1 comments · 171 views

Too In Love. A Poem · 11:07pm Nov 6th, 2015

NOTE: I'm not depressed or anything, I'm doing really well, don't think that the poem I am writing is reflecting on my current feelings. Happier one coming later

Your everything I'd want in every single way
But i'm tired of waiting for you each day
Cause I know that you'll never say
"I love you too babe"

I'm just too in love too let you go yet
But one day I will, don't you fret
But right now your the best that I could ever get

Blocking me out of your universe
When your the queen of mine
Too me it's like a curse
Cause your too amazing, too fine

I look around me, different faces
But no matter how I try to forget
As I walk the different places
In my mind, appears a face that I fret

Waving your hair while walking by
I walk next to you, but you never say hi
I can imagine, I'm just not good enough
I'm not full of the stuff
That you want in a guy

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Comments ( 5 )

this is a beautiful poem! It should be a song:twilightsmile:

Me and my best girl friend. (note the space, which I wish didn't have to be there) All for her! To (NAME REDACTED)!

I want to make it one. I suck at singing though.

3526035 Well, if you ever want a singer for it...*raises hand* :twilightsheepish::scootangel:

I cannot really evaluate it as I was not trained to write poetry or write creatively in general. I'm glad to hear you are no longer, or are currently, depressed. And, I appreciate that you are doing something positive to boost your spirits without drinking spirits.

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