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"You're not a burden, my love" Simon comforted his partner, Prince Lucian. "You're all 7,634,420,069,142,002,387,487,862,912 stars in my sky, Luce. And I love how brightly you shine"

The Lynchpin Quintet 5 stories
  • The Lynchpin Quintet 5 stories - 0 unread chapters My favourite Doctor Whooves fanfic series, penned by LightOfTriumph and his editors. (whose names {or at least usernames} I wish I had learned.)
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This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: You Are Not Alone

Part 4 of the Lynchpin Quintet

Weird things happen in Dodge Junction. This is common knowledge. It's been going on for years.

When the Equestrian Doctor and his companions land however, they meet up with a certain Raggedy Man, who says that he's here to help.

Things are disappearing. No one can remember the town preacher. There is no town doctor.

And Discord himself is present, warning AJ and the Crusaders that the Doctors might be the most dangerous beings alive.

The Doctor must be careful here, a Silence has fallen over Dodge Junction

Edited by Ephraim Blue

Cover Art By: CogWing

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: Birth of the Doctor

Part Two of the Lynchpin Quintet.

The Doctor, Applejack, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders land in Minos, the Nation of the Minotaur, three thousand years in Equestria's future. They find the country embroiled in a war that could threaten to destroy both factions.

One Minotaur has an idea. An idea all to familiar to the Doctor.

Does he have a right to interfere? Does he have the right to stop them if they go to their fate willingly?

And what does this mean that it happened almost the same way in three different Universes.

Proofread by Ephraim Blue

Cover Art by Sweetstrokes

Chapters (9)

This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: The Ultimate Upgrade

The Doctor lands in Canterlot on a certain Alicorn's wedding day.

Now he must find a way to accomplish his goal without breaking the first law of time. Which is even more difficult when he realizes that he isn't sure what his goal is...

And to complicate things even more....

The Master has come to Canterlot

Proofread by Ephraim Blue

Art by Fonypan

Chapters (10)

Part One of the Lynchpin Quintet.

Time Turner is a watchmaker in Ponyville, but he's always dreamed of adventure.

His prayers are answered in the form of a strange being known as The Doctor. But what could his appearance and that the strange machines that he followed here, mean?

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to Doctor Whooves: Silence Will Fall

The Lynchpin Quintet Part 5 of 5.

The Doctor has been called back to present day Ponyville, and it's in ruins. The Black Guardian has provided the Master with an army of his deadliest enemies. The Master has kidnapped Applejack's friends. All in a relentless search for one thing. The final Lynchpin of the Multiverse. The Key to Time.

The Doctor knows what will happen if the Master gets his hands on it. A doomsday that will make not only this universe, but all others, perish in flames.

He knows something else as well.

His time is coming to a close.

Edited By: Ephraim Blue

Chapters (10)