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The Chronicles? of Symphony 2 stories
  • The Chronicles? of Symphony 2 stories A trilogy of stories involving Doctor Whooves and his companions (Whom I collectively call the Tail Six) as they save Equestria from a loss of symphony by searching for and protecting artifacts called the Fragments of Symphony.
    Created by Sky Blue CMC
    - October, 2014
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This story is a sequel to The Fragments of Symphony

A sequel to "The Fragments of Symphony" that takes place in the Everfree Forest. Docteur Onze, the Eleventh Doctor, hears of the advent of Discord's twin brother Dyschord, Soul of Confusion and Dyssymphony. With the Mane Six busy in Canterlot preparing for the wedding of Princess Midnight Twinkle and Flaire Sentinel, (Or at least what le Docteur calls them.) it's up to the Tail Six to defeat him with the Fragments of Symphony! But along the way, Dyschord's evil spells corrupt them. Can le Docteur decorrupt his friends, or will the kingdom of Equestria remain forever in Confusion?

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When Doctor Whooves travels to Canterlot in the TARDIS and sees Octavia acting like a DJ, the Doctor realises that he mixed up the Fragments of Symphony! Can he return his friends to normal in time for the big event? To do so, he'll have to change Derpy back from cellist to muffin-chef/mailmare, Lyra from muffin-chef/mailmare to lyrist, Bon Bon from lyrist to confectioner, Vinyl from confectioner to DJ P0N3, and Octavia from DJ T4V3 to cellist. Why did the Doctor have to test that equation? Credit goes to Techno Shock on Deviantart for making the picture.

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