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"You're not a burden, my love" Simon comforted his partner, Prince Lucian. "You're all 7,634,420,069,142,002,387,487,862,912 stars in my sky, Luce. And I love how brightly you shine"

Sidelight Saga 2 stories
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    Created by Sky Blue CMC
    - April, 2017
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This is the story of a lone orphan, unloved by society, who made a deal with pre-reformation Discord to become lovable... this is also the story of how this orphan repaid Discord for his deed... and the story of how this orphan became the next CMC...

...and the first CMC to be a Changeling. This is the story of Meteora, known to her friends as Sky Blue, and how she became the first reformed Changeling... and how she made Chrysalis become their new Queen in her stead.

Will Meteora be happy with being disguised as a pony for potentially the rest of her life, as long as it means being loved? Will she ever find a soulmate? Will she ever become more than just a pony?

I might say more later... or remove more from the description.

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