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Forged from the eldest fires and cast upon the seething shore, broken and remade, alive and dead. We are killer and monster, savior and saint. Now I am become writer, creator of worlds.

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You cared for me. You always helped me at every turn. Now let me help you.

For you, I will fly…

A chance encounter is sometimes all it takes for dreams to come true...

Only for life to steal them from you the next second.

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A new shady company took Equestria by surprise. Hundreds of local apple farms were going out of business all over Equestria, unable to compete with unrealistically low prices.

The famed Apple family was no different. Their customers started buying less and less, the wealth dried up and the fights started as the family plunged into financial ruin.

Apple Bloom watches her family and life fall apart before her eyes. Argument after argument about selling the farm and having no place to go if they did.

Just as Applejack has done everything for her, Apple Bloom feels it's her turn to do something for Applejack; but what? There's no length she won't go to, to save her family, the farm and everything she holds dearly.

Editors: Pixel Pony, Twilight_Scratch and Pony of Lore.
Proofread by: Mayhew Cullen
Cover art by: Mayhew Cullen

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Finally with a cutie mark and out of school, Scootaloo runs her own shop where she can fix anything as a master mechanic. She lives a simple life, simple but fulfilling. Yet, something is missing... but the mare doesn't want to admit that what's missing is really important.

But someone else can help open her heart.

Huge thanks to Contodaslasganas for editing and Mayhew Cullen for pre reading.

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Sweetie Belle can't sleep at night unless she cuddles her special blanket; which makes her nervous about an upcoming sleepover. She doesn't want her friends to find out and make fun of her. But if she doesn't have her blanket, how will she ever go to sleep? She accidentally cuddles with somepony instead.

Inspired by this picture I found while searching Google.

Rewritten on 12/30/14

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