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Mayhew Cullen

Forged from the eldest fires and cast upon the seething shore, broken and remade, alive and dead. We are killer and monster, savior and saint. Now I am become writer, creator of worlds.


Again? · 6:31pm Aug 31st, 2018

Well true believers and other nonsensical monsters, it has happened again. Okay yeah I've been less active in recent times but-my stories are still somehow getting love.

Love in this case is on specific soul who has made a YouTube reading of "A Mother's Love: The Directors Cut"!

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New Year, New Styles · 2:38am Jan 5th, 2018

Suffice it to say my life is becoming the mess, but all is not lost. I have good friends, a tiny portion of my family still likes me, and Everfree Northwest is going to be great this year.

Great guests, good people, and I, along with many others, get a custom badge. As in 100% custom... sort of. See we get to send a headshot of our OC's to be converted into a one of a kind Badge of awesome. "But wait," I hear some of you all saying, "Mayhew doesn't have the OC."

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As good as it gets... · 3:57am Aug 9th, 2017

My life... seriously, I am not sick, I am not injured I am not in a situation where I need financial assistance to survive... I just can't seem to hold down a job...

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It Comes! · 4:39pm May 8th, 2017

Everfree Northwest 2017! I know, right? Only a few more days, plus for me, only one day of work.

Until that time, I am going to try writing as much as possible. I really want this Luna fic I've been working on to release by the end of May, but between Everfree prep and work trying to kill me I've gotten a little behind, thus the push toward writing this week... after Guardians of the Galaxy later today... Shush, no spoilers.

So, I really got nothing else... Distractions!

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I Live! Sort of... · 3:40am Mar 28th, 2017

Um... yeah. To say the least I am still alive, my story ideas are still fumbling about in my skull, and I will be attending Everfree Northwest with my delightful niece, who is more like a brony than I think she understands. She draws ponies, makes up stories about ponies, and analyzes the show when we watch together... in so much as she asks why things are hapening and what different ponies mean abot certain things... So hooray for the brony niece!

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The things we miss... · 10:12pm Nov 1st, 2016

Like how much fun the original Pokemon games were... until everything got better in gen 2. Okay, I still play the gen one games from time to time... like right now I am playing a Nuzlocke challenge on Blue. Which has brought me no shortage of other thoughts.

The story I'm actively working on now, is going well, aside from one little thing, the ending is too fun.

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Worse than writer's block · 7:56pm Oct 7th, 2016

Or not... who knows...

So I am actually working on a thing... a thing I wanted to write as a little one short shot... shoot thingy... anyway I have about twenty-four hundred words so far and I have yet to reach the end of that insurmountable character and plot introduction.

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Might as well face it, I'm addicted to plush. · 5:15pm Jul 27th, 2016

And Build a Bear Workshop is my greatest enabler. Seriously every time I think I've got enough, Build a Bear has a sale... Two ponies for thirty-five dollars was awesome... So I got a Luna for my niece and a Rarity for my Applejack... also I bought a creeper plush and a Flareon for my Flutterbank... Yeah... so other stuff...

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I really might be worst pony · 2:13am Jun 29th, 2016

So this is a lot of me letting out my little blurbs if self... suck...iness? Also I have big news! also other news... and... Okay I have much news.

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It's over? · 1:08pm May 16th, 2016

Yes... it is over for this year... so lets go over the good, the bad, and the ugly from this year's Everfree Northwest.
First Luna is best at socks!

Lets start with the ugly... um... my empty arsed wallet. Also... my empty stomach for the next week or so...

The Bad!... my empty arsed wallet...and I was too tired to kidnap Foalsy... I mean what?

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