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Forged from the eldest fires and cast upon the seething shore, broken and remade, alive and dead. We are killer and monster, savior and saint. Now I am become writer, creator of worlds.

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Applejack has always struggled to make ends meet at Sweet Apple Acres. After the chaotic events of the Grand Galloping Gala, she returns home to find her farm experiencing a stroke of good luck. Applejack celebrates her fortune with all her friends, all except for one. Rainbow Dash has gone missing, and Applejack decides to find out why.

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It's almost Mother's Day. Scootaloo comes to Rainbow Dash with a startling question, but then backs off, feeling ashamed she asked it. Rainbow Dash, taken off-guard by the question, starts to question both herself, how she feels about Scootaloo, and about her past...

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Derpy Hooves is secretly a changeling.

Nopony particularly notices, or cares.

(New 9/15/19: Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi! Thank you!)

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