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Twilight is fed up having to take care of every threat to Equestria.
Especially since she is way too smart NOT to notice the discrepancy between Celestia's so called 'defeats' and the actual power she knows her mentor possesses.

Therefore, Twilight decides to kick Celestia's royal butt (figuratively) into dealing with all the villains herself again.

After all, the Princess of Friendship deserves some vacation, too.


This is not really a crossover (therefore no tag), nor a ponification.
But I honestly think, that Saitama and Celestia share at least one similarity... when she wants to, that is.

Warning: Contains obvious fanboying and an accurately powered Celestia :trollestia:


Very special thanks to DracoBlair for his thorough help with many details!
Please visit his DeviantArt-page: https://www.deviantart.com/dracoblair

AND also very special thanks to EquestriaStories vor his opinion and constructive criticism!
Please visit his DeviantArt-page, too: https://www.deviantart.com/estories
(Also my sincere apologies to EStories for not putting this credit here right from the beginning :fluttercry: )

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It was a bright sunny day when Princess Celestia was taken from us by three very familiar fillies... Or was she?

Idea from Rated Ponystar and Edited by Jumbled

Chapters (1)

Princess Twilight Sparkle discovers a fact about alicorn reproduction she never expected.

So do the other princesses.

Editors: Pascoite

Image Credit: Twilight Sparkle Play Doh Eggs from Toy Kingdom (Honest! It surprised me a little too.)
Now on Equestria Daily. Those cruel, cruel people.
And a wonderful reading by Pony and Wolf Productions

Chapters (2)

[An idea I had based on Breaking Out to Avoid Being Broken In, written by Justice3442 (story and author are clickable).]

It's breakfast time for Twilight Sparkle, and she finds an unexpected guest at the table.

Chapters (1)

An infiltration attempt goes from ‘wildly successful’ to 'weird and confusing' in record time.

Thanks to Tired Old Man for edits, suggestions, and helping with the title. Also thanks to Nova Quill for her edits and suggestions.

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It's official. Twilight Sparkle is dead.

Better luck next time, I guess.

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This story is a sequel to Celestia's Tiny Student

(Title changed from "Ponyville's Tiny Librarian" for reason pointed in this blog )

Twilight Sparkle is a one-kilogram pony the size of a large rat, shrunken by Princess Celestia following her entrance exam to the Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns to ensure that her power surges would not pose a danger to the ponies around her.

She’s spent thirteen years full of hard training at her new size, facing the life-threatening experiences that came with living in a world of giants. To survive those thirteen years of hardship and joy, of learning and adventure, and of pride and humility, Twilight has challenged herself to be stronger, to overcome any obstacle.

Now that tiny Twilight is on her way to Ponyville to oversee the preparations for the Summer Sun Celebration, how well will this miniature mare fare outside of the confines of the castle? How will the other Element Bearers react to her? How will Nightmare Moon react to the tiny unicorn? Is Twiny prepared to face Ponyville, and, more importantly, is Ponyville prepared to face her?

Art cover - kc day

Top editors: (editing and rewritting for months, hope quality is to your liking).

Nightmare Moon's sentences editor:

Applejack accent editor:
Crimson Star (Chapter 1 - Applejack)
Rebel Brony
The Notebook is grounded

Pinkie sentence's editor:
Plump it UP

Other editors:
Lab (small editing from prologue to chapter 4)

Rated Ponystar

To celebrate the release of this sequel, I created a group called “Twinyverse” for all fans of this story where you can talk about it and track all side stories with ease.
The Twinyverse Group

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This story is a sequel to I'll Always be Here for You

A budding love, a new family.

Rescued from her horrible parents by Twilight and Rainbow, Scootaloo begins a long journey of recovery from the years of mental and physical abuse. Now Rainbow’s and Twilight’s adopted daughter, she looks forward to what the future has in store for her. However, Scootaloo's happiness and her life are at risk now that her parents have escaped from prison, fully intent on revenge.

Meanwhile, Rainbow and Twilight try to make their relationship work as they face the difficulties of raising a filly together. To accomplish their dream of a happy family, they all must face numerous challenges that will test the strength of their love and friendship.

Chapters (21)

Three months can seem like an eternity, but in the timeless nature of hibernation, it passes in a blink. Spring is here, and Tank has awoken, ready to reunite with Rainbow Dash.

However, there's a small complication.

Chapters (1)

Twilight finds out her castle is haunted by an old friend.

Thank you to Foals Errand and Bootsy Slickmane for prereading.

Approved by Nonpareil fiction!

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