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Mayhew Cullen

Forged from the eldest fires and cast upon the seething shore, broken and remade, alive and dead. We are killer and monster, savior and saint. Now I am become writer, creator of worlds.


That twisted flaming ball in the sky is driving Luna crazy with heat exhaustion. Celestia smiles as she turns up the heat just a little more.

After being freed from Nightmare Moon only a few weeks ago, Luna is having trouble adjusting to the modern language, lifestyles, fashion, cuisine, and manners. But more than those she is failing beautifully to adjust to the development of a blistering heatwave.

Can Celestia be trusted to help her end the unbearable days of restless sleep and sweat soaked bedsheets?


Okay I had this idea yesterday morning, because of fans... and other stuff but yeah I had fun. See I’m not completely hopeless when it comes to writing.

The cover art is from the show, so all props go to the animators and other lovely folks who make our pony show for us.

Oh and behold my ribbon of office!

I'll see you at the next chapter.

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Fluttershy likes being alone. She has friends, but they both know her well enough to not be too loud when she's caring for small easily frightened animals.

Pinkie Pie is of course not the kind of pony to understand what kind of effect her actions have on baby animals and nervous mares.

It will take a collision of worlds for these ponies to even stay in the same room for more than a minute. So what world ending event will bring them together as friends?


Okay this is my entry for the Everfree Northwest writing contest... yay?

Anyway big props go to Twi-Fi for telling me where to put about a dozen commas also other awesome prereading and editing stuff.

I don't really have time to make cover art for this one right now, but I will try to add some in a few weeks or so.

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Luna has spent the few months since her return waging a war against the nightmares that plague those who she protects. Upon reaching the dreams of one particularly little unicorn Luna has discovered the greatest deception she could imagine at the heart of the coming holidays.


Okay I had a lot of fun writing this. It will actually happily fit into two different contests. One on Nonpareil Fiction and one of Luna has the best Contests. So this will be fun, I haven't entered a contest since "A Mother's Love" Anyway on to the cover art shout out.

I found a picture of Luna wearing a Santa hat... HERE

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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During a pleasantly uneventful day in Ponyville, Princess Twilight Sparkle is surprised to discover that her day is about to become far more interesting.

Old enemies will reappear, old teachers will suggest murder as a form of diplomacy, and old cheese will never be the same again.

Join Twilight as she decides for herself whether pure evil can be friendly or if it just needs to die, cold and alone.


Okay I'm not gonna say much other than, I had fun with this. I will admit first and foremost I was inspired by other stories, but I have no intention of copying them... much.

(Currently on hiatus until season five)

Now here are the end credits.

The Alicorn Filly was partially made by me but mostly made HERE
Twilight was found HERE
and the Background was found HERE

I'll see you all at the next chapter.

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Rainbow Dash loves flying more than anything else in Equestria. At least that is what her friends think. In truth she loves Fluttershy more than anything and would even trade her wings for a chance to snuggle with the mare of her dreams... but of course that would never happen, after all...cool ponies didn't cuddle. Cuddling was for mushy romance novels and a criminally adorable yellow Pegasus. A Pegasus who had a long mane and tail and smelled like wild flowers. An aromatically inciting mare who should be arrested immediately if she ever wore those pink socks that matched her mane again. Then if Rainbow got into the Wonderbolts she could be the arresting officer and use all the latest interrogation snuggles and tickling implements to get Fluttershy to confess to her crimes of being twenty percent cuter than Equestrian law would allow... but no... Cool ponies didn't love cute things... cool ponies didn't like hugging shy mares in pink socks... and most of all, cool ponies didn't cuddle...


Well here it is everyone! I had this whole description written out, but when I woke up this morning, it was gone. So I can't remember everything so I'll just tell y'all about the cover art.

The Flutterdash was HERE
The background was HERE

Since I can't think of anything else, I'll see you at the next chapter.

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After a thousand years of exile, Princess Luna settles in for what she hopes will be the first of many peaceful nights after an eon of mental “self” torture. Though pleasant dreams evade her, it is not her own screams of terror that torment her.

This is a story that is strongly influenced by my headcanon about Luna’s dream-walking ability as well as other bits of my headcanon. Not the least of which being my headcanon as to why Luna’s appearance changes from season one to season two. Yes I realize it was an animation decision, but I’m still allowed to have headcanon on the subject.

Okay it is now the part of the show where we give shout outs.

One, to my wonderful editor/proofreader/person who promised to not make fun of me and ended up telling the truth... Twi-Fi. Follow that link and you will find some fun stories.

Two, the vectors used in the cover art.
The Nightmare Moon... moon is from HERE
Um... Season Two and beyond Luna was found HERE
And the Season one Luna is right over... HERE

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Queen Chrysalis has been taking care with her hive, but when her most faithful soldier is injured in the line of duty she finds she must throw her old laws to the side in order to keep her protégé alive. All is not as it seems however. What will she find looking back at her from the mirror after she has raised the sun?


Okay one little thing. In spite of the title this is not a first person story... it is in the third person. I just thought I should say that so people don't go into it thinking it will be something it isn't and end up disapointing them.

I haven't got much else to say... so here are the rolling credits for the vectors I used to make the cover art... Yay!

Twilight Sparkle Vector
Twilight Changeling Vector
Chrysalis and Celestia Vectors

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Months of planning and preparation have steeled Twilight and her friends for this day. All that they need now is Celestia's permission to proceed.

After being granted their request almost all the girls are ready to help Sombra become their friend, however those five can only hope that Fluttershy will find the courage to show kindness to the tyrant. The yellow Pegasus could only hope that kindness and friendship will be enough to save her from the most horrifying pony she had ever known. As for Sombra, his only desire would be the chance to take vengeance upon the ponies that stole his empire in the most horrible ways he can imagine. Celestia as always happily watches from afar keeping her hooves clean of the silliness her little ponies.


This one is a bit odd... in a good way. I had a ton of fun writing it to the point that I almost wrote the epilogue before I wrote the main body. I laughed almost the whole time writing this and I hope that I can make other people laugh with it... until the laughing time is over and it is time to be sad... then you can laugh again, but then be sad, then happy... then laugh once more... not necessarily in that order.

The credits now will roll.
The Fluttershy Vector came from here
The Sombra Vector/background was found here
The inspiration comes from that old idea that one should face their enemies with kindness, thus "Killing them with Kindness"

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This story is a sequel to A Mother's Love...

Even at the lively young age of five young Crystal Dream has more than her share of inner turmoil as the daughter of Celestia, Princess of the sun. With three princesses for aunts, one of whom seems Pony Hell bent on giving her a lifelong speech impediment and a multitude of other aunts and uncles that includes a fire breathing dragon, a pet phoenix(which is actually her mother’s), one of the worst given names in the history of ever(even if it really isn’t that bad), the deceased former ruler of the changelings for a biological mother, and a god of chaos who cringes every time she calls him daddy, she will have as much fun spending a day at the library as Pinkie Pie would have riding a roller coaster made of cake into a mountain of chocolate frosting... well maybe not that much fun, but she will certainly have no shortage of filly sized adventures.


Well due to popular demand… and the fact that I really really wanted to write this… here it is folks… sort of. This is part one of a series of continuations for my most successful story, “A Mother’s Love…”. I say part one because while this will be a collection of short stories, it will only be dealing with a small portion of Crystal’s life. I have about three other planned collections in this continuity each for different parts of her life.

This one being about Crystal at or around the age of five. Meaning this one basically gets to be plain Jane trashy cuteness(It really won’t be that trashy and it certainly won’t be plain). As for the other collections… I still haven’t decided what I’ll do. Part of me wants to release them all at once and just add stories as I write them fitting them in to wherever they fit. Another part of me wants to only release the next collection after the current set is finished.

I’m always happy to hear feedback and any opinions on that matter.

Oh and most importantly of all, I feel the need to thank everyone who read “A Mother’s Love…”… again. All the feedback I received is what has truly inspired me to create this. I don’t know if it will be as well received, but suffice to say I am happy to be writing it. So because I don’t really have the time and energy to provide a shout out to each and every one of the folks who Faved and Commented I just have to hope all of you get to read this so you can know how amazing I think all of you are. So here it goes, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all for showing support to an unknown author such as myself. I hope to prove I can continue to produce stories that you will enjoy.

Now on to our feature presentation... or out presentation of features? Okay these are the lovely people who created the vectors I used for the cover art.
The background was found Here... that said I did add one star to the night sky...
The Celestia Vector was from Here
The Filly Art is a bit complicated. Since she is an OC of my own design there isn't any art of her... so I found this vector and then I performed some cosmetic surgery. I altered the eyes obviously, and then I altered the coat and mane color and flipped her around to face in the other direction. Still I am in no way responsible for the original art so send the real artist some love.

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Chrysalis is dying and she has but one thought on her mind. When she is gone from the world, who will care for the one thing in the world she values above life itself?

What will she sacrifice? How much of her pride will be thrown aside? To what lengths will she go to ensure her daughter's life? Will she beg a mortal enemy for mercy, not for herself but for an innocent foal? She is already willing to die for her child so what else could she give to be certain of the filly's sustained happiness?


This is my entry for the EFNW 2014 Writing Contest. I'm really happy with it so it doesn't matter whether I win or not. Seriously I'm glad I got to tell this story.

Alright big shout out time. As of March 13, 2014 the impeccable Goombasa has posted this... HERE ... Now that a YouTube fanfiction reader has read one of my stories I am one step closer to world domination!

New big shout out time! As of August 28, 2018 the lovely CountessRose has posted this HERE ... Now that a second YouTube fanfiction reader has read the same story as last time, I am yet another step closer to worlds domination!

Now on to the important details, the shout outs to the artists responsible for the vectors and background I used to make the cover art.
The Chrysalis Vector
The Celestia Vector
The Background
Many thanks to them.

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