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“Pinkie,” Maud asked, “Have you ever thought about something, and then it was real?”

And Pinkie just laughed, endeared by the naivety of the minds of fillies.

Winner of the 'Siblings Contest' in the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group. Written in an hour and presented with minor edits here.
Appropriately edited by my good friend, the amazing wishcometrue, with additional edits made during the contest by my other good friends themoontonite, Red and Zontan. Mistakes are because of edits I made after consulting them, and I thank them all sincerely for the help.
CW: Child abuse, Trauma

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Rarity needs to borrow Rainbow's laptop for a week. Rainbow needs to get her laptop fixed so Rarity can use it. Starlight needs more alcohol before she hangs herself.

Edited by SolidFire.

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Every year, on Hearthswarming, Berry Punch makes a drink for Fluttershy. One perfect drink.

A gift for Shakespearicles.

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