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Everfree Northwest is Seattle's premier My Little Pony fan convention! We hope you'll join us for our eighth annual convention, taking place May 17-19th 2019.

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  • 20 weeks
    Reunions: A Swapped Roles Contest!

    Okay guys here's something fun presented by Nitro Indigo.

    Presented by me, I guess, but I digress.

    Last year, I (Nitro Indigo) noticed that there was a surprising lack of roleswap fanfics on this site. To fix that, I decided to run a roleswap contest over the summer themed around secrets. While it didn’t get many entries, it nevertheless attracted the attention of some big authors and was the origin of two of my favourite fics. Overall, I think it was a success, so I’ve decided to run another one!

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  • 93 weeks
    Minor Rules and Reporting Update

    Hope everyone is enjoying the new year.

    Some small changes have been made to our rules as well as to the reporting process.


    "No attacks directed at individuals or groups due to race, gender, gender identity, religion or sexual identity."

    This better clarifies our previously ill-defined hate speech rule and includes groups as well as individual attacks.

    "No celebration, glorification or encouragement of real life criminal activity."

    This includes past, present and potential future crimes.

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  • 95 weeks
    Jinglemas 2019

    There's truly no time like the holidays. What's better than copious amounts of food, quality time with family and friends, hearing the sweet sound of Trans-Siberian Orchestra on repeat, and unmanagble financial stress from our capitalist overlords?

    Gift exchanges of course!

    Our Own Little Way of bringing Hearth's Warming to Fimfiction

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  • 115 weeks
    "Ponyfic: There Can Be Only One" wrap-up [Royal Canterlot Library]

    We're still recovering this week from the fandom's final Bronycon.  (In some cases literally — a con-crud-ridden Horizon is dragging himself out of bed to write this.)  So in lieu of a Bronycon-week feature, we'd like to talk a little bit about the panel we hosted to find THE FANDOM'S BEST FANFIC™.

    We've got a full writeup on our royalcanterlotlibrary.net website — including the complete bracket of 16 fics in contention for the title; shout-outs to great fics which we couldn't fit on the shortlist; and the full results of audience and curator voting.

    Our hearty congratulations to Monochromatic's "The Enchanted Library" for taking the BEST FANFIC title in an upset victory over our #1 seed!  We'll be running an interview with Monochromatic as soon as possible.

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  • 116 weeks
    Come See Us at Bronycon! [Royal Canterlot Library]

    The run-up to Bronycon has been a mad whirlwind of RCL activity!  Five curators are attending (two for the first time!), and one of us is an official community guest. Several of us are participating in the Golden Oaks Bookstore (as author, author and publisher).  And we're even running a panel!

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  • 147 weeks
    Merry Christmas

    Hope you all have a great Christmas full of lots of food and fun times. Also ponies

    ~From everyone on staff

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  • 169 weeks

    I will be at galacon this weekend so if you see me feel to say hi!

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  • 173 weeks
    MLP BOX T-Shirt Contest

    Hey guys, MLP BOX are doing a competition for a t-shirt design to be included in one of their boxes, and since I know we have a mix of people here including artists, we thought it'd be a good idea to promote them so you guys can get in on it too. Below you can find more information about the contest:

    Brony.com and MLP BOX have launched the first in a series of "Design a MLP T-shirt" contests over on Brony.com.  The winning design, voted on by site visitors,  will not only be featured on a shirt but the winning designer will also win $1000 dollars pending approval of their design by Hasbro.   Second and Third Place will also receive a cash prize.  All winning designs will be printed and be made available in t-shirt form for sale through the Brony website.

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  • 180 weeks
    Patreon & Survey Follow Up

    First of all, reminder that we have a Patreon you can find at https://www.fimfiction.net/patreon . Apparently a lot of people didn't know we had one so there it is. $5 will remove ads on the site for you. I'll be making the Patreon page more prominent in relevant areas of the site soon to make sure people actually know it exists.

    Thanks everyone for filling in the survey last night. We had over 5,000 responses and I did in fact read every single comment left as they were coming in and finished reading them this morning. It seems there are a few features which we would potentially be interested in making premium features (part of the $5+ patreon rewards).

    • Custom emoticons you can upload
    • Custom titles / colours
    • Animated avatars
    • Avatar border frames
    • Extra themes
    • Custom CSS
    • Higher tier patreon rewards that let you “gift” premium?
    • Mass story download
    • Banners
    • Automatic day/night theme selector
    • Free advertising slots?

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  • 194 weeks
    Announcing the Everfree Northwest Scribblefest Official Start!

    Greetings Aspiring Writers!

    Everfree Northwest, Seattle's premier pony convention is known for having one of—if not the—strongest writing tracks in the MLP fandom. As part of that, we run an online writing contest every year: The Everfree NW Scribblefest! Entry is open to everyone, whether or not you attend the convention.

    This year, we’re offering the winners a $10 Amazon gift code, as well as mentions across a bunch of sources of media that Everfree NW utilizes to tell people about your awesome story!

    This year’s prompt is: Family Trees: Roots, Branches, and Leaves


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Site Post » Scribblefest 2016 Winners · 7:59am Apr 14th, 2016

Scribblefest 2016 Winners

Art by Dark Flame

Scribblefest is Everfree Northwest's annual online writing contest. This year, we had some fantastic stories, and our panel of judges had a hard time narrowing the field to our finalists. That said, we're proud to present the final awards below. All of our winners will receive a $20 Amazon gift card.

The Jaw-Dropper Award
a.k.a "The Dash"
We all know the type, the stories that make us go "Holy cow, that just happened!" This would go to the story with the best twist, surprise, or simple moment of hoof-pumping awesomeness!

by HapHazred

"Her name is Windy Weathertop, and she is the only Earth pony in the weatherpony corps."

This story was almost unanimously liked by our entire judging panel. It has action. It has adventure. It has attitude, but it has heart as well. A truly excellent and fun story to read!

The D'aww Award
a.k.a "The Fluttershy"
A staple of ponyfic... the story with the sweetest, most touching moment that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Kidnapping of Twilight Velvet
by Apple Bottoms

Chrysalis attempts to kidnap Twilight Velvet. It does not go as planned.

This story was actually nominated in several categories, as it's funny, and it's sweet. It ended up winning The Fluttershy because the heartfelt moments are what really stood out the most.

The Nasally Ejected Beverage Award
a.k.a. "The Pinkie"
You know, the one that makes you laugh so hard you snort milk out your nose.

Give A Like - Feed A Changeling
by Lise Eclaire

If you're a clever changeling, social media is great!

This one pretty much does what it says on the tin. A changeling uses social media "likes" to feed itself. The premise is clever, and uses the Equestria Girls setting for something that genuinely wouldn't work in the standard Equestria.

The True Fable Award
a.k.a. "The AJ"
The story that is most true to the spirit of the show. By definition, a fable is "a short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral." This goes to the story that best teaches a life lesson, especially using old fashioned, honest-as-apple-pie wisdom.

by BlazzingInferno

Scootaloo learns that even her idols have idols... and problems.

This one was one of my personal favorites, as it does an amazing job of showing how idols can be imperfect, and have their own problems. More importantly, it does it without falling into to the standard cliche of simply showing the idolized one screwing up, and instead gives us a really touching lesson about what's important in life.

The Elegance Award
a.k.a. "The Rarity"
For services to poetic language, beautiful diction, haunting prose, and overall elegance in writing.

The Mare of the Equestrian Eighth
by The 24th Pegasus

An epic poem about an alternate universe and Rainbow Dash's time in the military.

Writing a poem of this length while telling a coherent story is no small feat, and this wins the Rarity for pulling it off with grace and style.

The Checklist-And-Caliper Award
a.k.a. "The Twilight"
The story with the most attention to detail. This could be a puzzle or mystery type plot, stories that rely on actual math/science, or ones that show well thought-out rules underlying the use of magic. Basically, any story that makes you wonder just how much time the author spent on research, calculations, plot diagrams, or anything else that wasn't actually writing.

by SaintChoc

A touching and detailed story about Celestia's oldest assistant and friend.

This story does a fantastic job creating a truly original character. Raven is fleshed out as a character both in the present, and in the details we slowly learn of her past. I applaud the author for not just dropping everything on us at once, but weaving a story through the past and present, letting the reader build up the full picture slowly as more of her past is revealed. By the time you reach the end, Raven feels as solid as any of the canon characters we've known for years.

That wraps up Scribblefest 2016! Congratulations once again to all of our winners, and a big thanks to everyone who entered. There were many amazing stories submitted, and I encourage everyone to check out the full list here.

Don't forget to join us for Everfree Northwest in Seattle this May! We'll have an on-site writing contest called Iron Author and many more writing-focused events, workshops, panels, and games. Check out the EFNW website for more details and to buy passes.

Lastly, I'd like to thank the panel of judges as well as my staff for donating their time to read through all these stories. This wouldn't have happened without their help.

Titanium Dragon
Pen Stroke
Silver Flare

EFNW Writing Track Lead

Comments ( 14 )

I will be contacting winners in the next few days to get the amazon gift codes delivered. Feel free to PM me directly if you won and don't hear from me by next Friday.

Congratulations to the winners! I enjoyed reading all of the winning stories.


I shall now proceed to loudly sing 'Drunk Scotsman' in my flat by way of celebration! Many huzzahs have been had today. At least four huzzahs.

Oh, and so close this year too! ;)

Some great competition in the final round, and deserving stories all around. Congratulations to all of the winners, and thanks to the judges and staff for running the show! :)

Grats to the winners!

Woah, I made it!! :pinkiegasp: Super honored and surprised, I thought for sure I'd be edged out in the end!! (I was worried it might be a situation of "jack of all trades, master of none", after being placed in three very different categories! :rainbowderp:) I was honored to be nominated, and I'm flattered to be chosen again as a prize winner! Thank you very much!! :raritystarry: Congratulations to my fellow writing winners!! (And to everyone who entered, too!)

And an extra-big thank you to all of the judges for all of the time they put in, reading that many fics while preparing for a rapidly-approaching convention can't be easy!! :twilightoops: I really like this "six different prizes" format, I hope we can keep doing that for future contests! :pinkiehappy:

Wow! I didn't think I'd actually win, but I'm not going to complain! Thanks to all the judges who spent countless hours reading through all the entries, and I hope everyone who participated in the event had fun! Until next year!


Now I have to read your story. :trixieshiftright:

Oh wow, awesome! Just being in the running with so many fabulous stories was an honor. Congratulations to the other winners, and to everyone who took the time to participate.

Thank you, everyone who helped organize the contest and judge the entries. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked Raven and thought it worthy of recognition!

Congratulations to all the other winners, as well!

Congratulations to the winners.

Wait, why did such an open contest only garner 40 entries? I'm kind of disappointed.

This story does a fantastic job creating a truly original character.

Raven feels as solid as any of the canon characters we've known for years.

But Raven is a canon character. Sure, SaintChoc immensely fleshed her out, but she still has her origins in canon.
She is in one episode (two more as an Earth Pony), three comics (one more as an Earth Pony), and the CCG.

3873797 As I'm the one that wrote that, I'll defend it. I really can't consider a character to be "canon" if they are not even named in the show. Doubly so if the show can't even decide if they're a unicorn or an earth pony. At least the comics name her, but she still only gets like four throwaway lines across all her appearances. She's just a prop, a set piece, when it comes to canon, not a character.

Yes, plenty of fan-favorite ponies grew from likewise humble background roles, but Doctor Whooves, Button Mash, Derpy, etc. are not canon characters either in my opinion. It's the fans that took some basic appearance an animator copy/pasted and wove a character around it, creating all those characters we love. Now, I feel, SaintChoc has done the same with Raven.

Quick note: All prizes have now been sent via email. If you were expecting one and have not received it, please let me know via PM.

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